Pregnant women’s anemia, what should I eat for blood?

We all know that women are prone to symptoms of anemia during pregnancy, which is a common phenomenon.Anemia for pregnant women is not conducive to the health of the fetus, but it is not possible to take medicine during pregnancy. Eating supplement has become the best choice for blood supplement. So, what are the foods for pregnant women with blood?

1. Lean meat

The iron content of lean meat and animal liver is particularly high. Among them, iron is easily absorbed and used by the human body. Pregnant women eat animal blood and liver twice a week, which is better than eating jujube blood.

2. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is hailed as "nourishing blood", rich in plant protein, carotene, vitamins, and essential amino acids, calcium, iron, Lin, etc. in the human body.Zinc will directly affect the function of mature red blood cells. Iron is the basic trace element of hemoglobin, and it is an excellent nutrient for blood supplement.

3, daylily

The iron content of daylily is particularly large, which is 20 times higher than spinach. It is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, B1, C, and protein, as well as diuretic and healthy stomach.The nutritional ingredients of daylily can also help fetal development, and can be regarded as pregnant women’s health food.

4. Guiyuan

Every summer, fresh laurel circles are listed, and longan contains vitamin A and B, glucose and sucrose, which are rich in iron.Pregnant women can use longan to make soup, which can effectively replenish blood.

5. Dried radish

The vitamin B and iron content of radish are very high. It is a good health food, and it also has a flavor.

6. Black rice

Black rice has the effects of clearing blood circulation, warming the stomach, clearing the liver and intestines, and wet bone and essence. It can be used as medicine, which is the best effect on dizziness, anemia white hair, soft waist and knees, and night -blind tinnitus.Taking a long time can extend life, which is called "longevity rice" by the world.

7. Carrot

Carrots are called "ginseng", which contain vitamin B and C, and contain a special nutrient carotene, which is extremely beneficial to blood supplement. It is best to use carrot soup to cook blood.

8. Black beans

There are many benefits to eating black beans, especially black beans can produce blood and black hair. Black beans can cook black chickens and let pregnant women eat.

9. Grape

There are calcium, phosphorus and iron in grapes, as well as a variety of vitamins and amino acids. They are nourishing products for elderly, women and weak anemia and excessive fatigue.Women who are pregnant can eat more, have great nutrition for the fetus, and make pregnant women look better.

10. Spinach

Poor vegetables are blood supplement foods that everyone knows. The iron containing carotene is quite rich. It is a very important food in blood supplement. Hyaluronic acid is rich in folic acid, which is greatly helpful for the baby’s health.

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