Pregnant women’s constipation, this is really not a trivial matter, pay attention to it

Pregnancy will make women more beautiful, and life becomes more complete. I believe that every pregnant woman is extremely happy and sweet, but during the process of pregnancy, we can always encounter some such problemsSuch as constipation.Constipation is one of the most common troubles of expectant mothers during pregnancy, and it is also a common negligence during pregnancy. Constipation generally occurs after 4 to 5 months of pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, constipation will become more and more serious.Constipation will have some impact on pregnant women and babies. The constipation is heavy and difficult to defecate. If the stool cannot be discharged, some toxic substances will be absorbed by the intestine. These absorbed things are definitely not good for the body, which may increase the child.Unhealthy opportunity.What cannot be ignored is that severe constipation can lead to abdominal pain and bloating in pregnant women. In severe cases, it can cause intestinal obstruction, cause premature birth, and endanger maternal and infant safety.

Why is it prone to constipation during pregnancy?First of all, the cause of physiology is that women’s rectum is located behind the uterus. As the uterus slowly increases during pregnancy, it will compress the rectum, resulting in unscrupulous stools and constipation.Secondly, starting from the fourth month of pregnancy, the time of food through the gastrointestinal tract will be significantly extended. This is mainly because the gastrointestinal motility of the pregnant woman will slow down, which is related to the weakening of colon movement or weakening the tension of the pelvic bottom muscle group tension., Resulting in the emergence of constipation.Furthermore, lack of exercise is also the reason why constipation cannot be ignored during pregnancy. After many women are pregnant, people in the family will take care of them.Sports less intestinal peristalsis will slow down and induce constipation.In fact, improper diet during pregnancy is also one of the reasons for constipation.Pregnant women and families often worry about insufficient nutritional intake during pregnancy, so they start to eat large fish and meat, eat a lot of high protein and high -fat foods. For high -fiber foods, vegetables and fruits, they often eat less., Eat the less foods of crude fiber, and the peristalsis of the intestine will slow down, causing constipation.

How to prevent constipation during pregnancy?As the saying goes, the first day of the plan is in the morning. It is recommended that the first thing that pregnant women get up every morning is to drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach to help the intestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to the discharge of the stool.Drinking water is also good for defecation.Secondly, pregnant women must develop a good habit of timing defecation. They can be carried out after breakfast or before going to bed every day. Whether there is any intention or not, they must go to the toilet on time.Three meals a day should appropriately increase the intake of crude fiber foods, such as green leafy vegetables, oats, buckwheat, corn, sweet potatoes, yam, taro, etc., which is conducive to preventing the symptoms of improving constipation.Properly perform some lightweight activities, such as walking, yoga, etc., which can help promote intestinal peristalsis and shorten the time of food through the intestinal tract, which can increase defecation.

It is worth mentioning that: cautious laxatives during pregnancy, especially irritating laxatives. Although this type of laxative can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and make it strongly peristals, at the same time, strong peristalsis can also easily leadMaternal abortion also easily causes disorders of hydrophilic and alkali balance, and endanger the health of the baby and mother.

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