Preparation of pregnancy and pregnancy supplement folic acid, these problems must be figured out, do not enter the misunderstanding

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Supplementing folic acid 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months after pregnancy can prevent neural tube deformities in the fetus. This is common sense that most expectant mothers who prepare for pregnancy.However, many expectant mothers still have many problems when they operate.To this end, Fu Dad wrote this essay to answer several common questions that are prepared for pregnancy.

The biggest risk of lack of folic acid to give birth to children is that it is prone to fetal nerve tube malformations.Nervous malformations, also known as neural tube defects, are a serious congenital nervous system malformation.The nervous system of the human body is developed from the neural tube of early fetuses.If the nerve tube occurs abnormal during development, fetal nerve tube deformities will be formed, including brain -free, brain swelling, cerebral spinal membrane swelling, spinal bifida, recessive spinal bifida, lip cracks and cleft palate.

There are many reasons for causing neurotic dysfunction. The main reason is the lack of folic acid.Supplementing folic acid can greatly reduce the incidence of nerve tube deformities.The United States, Canada, the European Union, and our China have confirmed a large number of studies that within 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months of pregnancy, supplementing folic acid can reduce the probability of newborn neural tube deformities by 50%to 70%.

In addition to neural tube malformations, lack of folic acid may also aggravate pregnancy, aggravate pregnant women’s anemia, increase the risk of premature eclampsia, and increase the incidence of autism children.Therefore, it is important to supplement folic acid before and after pregnancy.

So how to supplement folic acid?In nutritional consultation, many expectant mothers will have such problems.I answer the common questions one by one.

This is really not necessarily.There are many reasons for causing neurotomal malformations. Cop acid tablets can reduce most of neural tube malformations, but it is not to say that it can completely prevent the emergence of neural tube malformations.

Folic acid exists in various foods, especially green leafy vegetables, fruits, and animal liver containing a lot of folic acid.Do you eat more foods rich in folic acid to ensure sufficient folic acid?

Theoretically, folic acid can be supplemented through food supplement.But in fact, food supplements are likely to not guarantee the supply of folic acid.The main reason is that folic acid has poor stability. It loses up to 50%to 90%during food storage and processing. Especially the typical Chinese -style dishes are greatly damaged to folic acid.This makes it difficult to get enough folic acid through normal diet.

According to the results of the relevant survey, the average intake of folic acid in childcare women in my country is 0.27 mg per day, which is far lower than 0.4 mg recommended per day recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society and the World Health Organization.Therefore, in order to ensure a healthy baby as much as possible, expectant mothers to supplement folic acid through folic acid tablets are necessary.

Different from vitamin C, the concentration of folic acid in the body is relatively slow.If folic acid is lacking, it takes a long time to supplement the folic acid in the body.If you eat a piece of 0.4 mg folic acid every day and take 3 months in a row, the level of folic acid in the body can reach the level of effectively preventing neural tube malformation.If you are in a hurry to prepare for pregnancy, it takes 1 month to eat 5mg of folic acid daily.Therefore, it is generally recommended to start with small dose of folic acid from 3 months before pregnancy.If you are not sure when you are pregnant, you will always keep a 0.4 mg folic acid every day.

In theory, excessive folic acid will indeed have some side effects, such as covering side effects such as covering vitamin B12 deficiency and affecting zinc absorption.However, the safety range of folic acid is large. Only if the folic acid is added with more than 10 mg for a long time can there be adverse reactions.Therefore, there are almost no cases of folic acid in clinical practice. At least for at least 20 years of work experience in Fu Dad, I have not seen a real excessive excessive folic acid.Preparation mothers usually take 0.4 mg of folic acid every day, which is a small dose for long -term supplement. There is no need to worry about excessive side effects.

It should be noted that there are two specifications of folic acid on the market, one is 0.4 mg, and the other is 5 mg.5 mg is generally used to treat giant red blood cell anemia and emergency pregnancy, and take a maximum of 1 month.The kind of 0.4 mg is the conventional replenishment dose.Everyone must look at the dosage marked on the packaging.In addition, most of the composite vitamin B tablets do not have folic acid, and only composite vitamin B of some high -end health products contain small dose of folic acid.

As long as it is a formal brand, folic acid is not a gold -precious supplement, not the more expensive the better.Father Fu recommends buying pharmaceutical folic acid. The quality is guaranteed and the price is super cheap.Of course, the folic acid of big brands of health products is also more expensive.

Fu Dad’s personal point of view is to continue to supplement.Folic acid is supplemented from 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months of pregnancy. The main purpose of doing so is to prevent reducing neurophastin deformities.But folic acid has other functions.Just now, the average folic acid intake of Chinese women is only 0.27 mg per day, which is far from reaching the standard.So how can you ensure that your body does not lack folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy?Besides, long -term small doses have no side effects.Folic acid is not expensive.Why not continue to add?You know, the main food flour in the United States has enhanced folic acid, and there is no enhanced folic acid among Chinese staple foods.Therefore, Fu Dad recommends to continue to add 0.4 mg of folic acid every day.

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