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As we all know, men can not get pregnant without ejaculation, so it is critical.There are many reasons for non -ejaculation in childcare age, and there are psychological reasons for physiological reasons.Under normal circumstances, as long as it is not ejaculated, it will improve as long as it is conditioned by itself.Today, learn to learn to prevent ejaculation with Xiaobian.

The reason why men do not ejaculate

It may be due to the history of genetic history, lack of knowledge of sexual knowledge, or psychological factors, and ejaculation symptoms.

Psychiatric reasons, such as lack of self -confidence, depression, and bad sexual habits and high ideological pressure.

Reproductive organs and organ lesions, such as the sympathetic nerve section injury of the chest and waist, the developmental malformation of the congenital urology organs, and spinal trauma. These can affect the sexual stimulus information transmission of men, and the ejaculation center instruction is issued, which leads to non -ejaculation disease.

Due to inflammation of the urogenital system, such as prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis.

Endocrine disorders, such as hyperthyroidism, low pituitary dysfunction, low limb hyperaminity, etc.

Drugs are caused by improper use.

So, how to avoid ejaculation?

Men’s prevention method of non -ejaculation

Maintain an optimistic attitude and overcome the impact of psychological factors on non -ejaculation, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention.

To prevent non -ejaculation, we must develop good living habits, avoid masturbation and bad sexual behavior, and control houses, which helps prevent the occurrence of non -ejaculation.Secondly, men should avoid taking drugs that may induce ejaculation, such as stability and certain antihypertensive drugs to cut off the inducement in time to avoid non -ejaculation.

Avoid masturbation and bad sexual behaviors, and controlling houses, helping prevent the occurrence of non -ejaculation.

Strengthen sexual knowledge education for patients with ejaculation and help them establish good sexual moral concepts.

Avoid taking drugs that may induce ejaculation, and timely remove the incentives to avoid non -ejaculation.

Active treatment may cause primary diseases that do not ejaculate, such as impotence and nocturnal emission.

Adjust sexual life, give sexual function a chance to "rest", and avoid bad sexual stimuli.

Men should be actively prevent.Source: Family Doctor Online

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