Prepare these changes in the body of the pregnant mother. Congratulations, you may give birth to a baby pig

The Year of the Pig is here. At noon, many young couples are in a hurry to prepare for pregnancy, hoping to give birth to a cute pig baby.But do you know what symptoms do women have after pregnancy?Don’t even know if you are pregnant!

If the female body appears below 10 days in the same room, then congratulations, you may have conceived a pig baby:

1. Breasts become bigger and softened

One to 2 weeks after conception, women’s breasts will begin to soften, and the pain will begin to appear. Usually, when wearing clothes, it will not hurt.This is because after pregnancy, women’s bodies will secrete many estrogen and progesterone, which prompts breast glands to begin to grow, so that breasts can save more liquids, prepare for postpartum breastfeeding, so they will become prepared, so they will become becoming possibleSoft pain.

Second, mild bleeding

About 10 days after the same room, the fertilized eggs were bed in the uterus. Some women would have bed bleeding, and the lower body had a small amount of bleeding, but the amount was not large. It was accompanied by slightly abdomen and there were no other discomfort symptoms.

Bleeding from fertilized eggs is a normal physiological phenomenon, but not all women have it. You must pay attention to distinguish between menstruation.

Third, easy to be trapped

After pregnancy, because of the changes in body hormones, women will be more likely to feel tired and sleepy, similar to the symptoms of colds. At this time, do n’t take a cold medicine. In case of pregnancy, it ’s time to take medicine.It hurts the fetus!

Four, frequent urination

In many people’s cognition, urine will not appear too fast after pregnancy, and it will not appear until the fetus grows up to the bladder.In fact, this is not the case. The symptoms of frequent urination in the early pregnancy have already appeared. This is due to the changes in the level of female body hormones and increased kidney pressure, which will cause frequent symptoms of urinary frequent urination.After entering the second trimester, the frequent urination symptoms can be relieved, until the fetal decline in the third trimester of pregnancy and compress the bladder will reappear again.

5. Pregnancy

After about one month of pregnancy, expectant mothers began to have a pregnancy reaction of nausea and vomiting, that is, pregnancy vomiting.There is no uniform statement for the cause of pregnancy, but the data shows that it may be related to the chorionic gonadine (HCG) in the human body.

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