Preserved eggs are the top of the "most disgusting food" by the United States.The truth is here

As a loyal fan of preserved eggs, Aunt Wang often makes preserved eggs at home.On this day, her new preserved eggs can be eaten, so she took part of them to her friends.

"My new preserved eggs are delicious recently. Take it for cooking soup. Porridge or cold mixing is delicious, give you some try."

However, I did not expect that my friend exported was not gratitude but refused. I also said, "I dare not eat it. The preserved egg contains lead, and it will be poisoned after eating. Do you do n’t read the news? Many people eat preserved egg poisoning to the hospital.You eat less. "

My friend was afraid that Aunt Wang would not believe it, and specifically found a few preserved egg poisoning news to see her.At a glance, Aunt Wang really!There are really many people who eat preserved egg poisoning, which makes her egg lovers at a loss.

Preserved eggs are also known as Songhua eggs, which are flavored foods with Chinese characteristics.Although the top of the United States CNN was the top of the "Top Ten Foods in the World", both the south and the north are loved by the Chinese.It is such a small egg that has been rumored in recent years that it has high lead content, and it is easy to poison and even cause cancer.This makes many preserved egg lovers discouraged, so is preserved eggs really as rumored?Today, Xiaojiu came to talk to you about the preserved eggs.

Preserved eggs are made of duck eggs and lime, salt, plant ash, yellow san powder, and tea. It is made of thin mud and wrapped in the marinating for about 100 days.The taste is delicious, rich in protein, sodium, calcium and other nutrients.Does the preserved egg really contain lead?

In traditional craftsmanship, an important auxiliary material -Huang Dan powder will be used. The main component is lead oxide. Some lead will penetrate into the egg during the marinating process.Slowly accumulate.Eating too much may damage the human immune system, nervous system and kidney function.

but!Considering the problem of harmful to the human body.In 2014, my country has revised the national standard of preserved egg production, stipulating that the lead content of preserved eggs must not be greater than 0.5mg/kg.In addition, modern preserved eggs are mostly leading leading processes. Although it is not completely unsuccessful, as long as it is made of preserved eggs produced by national standards, it will generally not harm the human body, and there will be adverse reactions such as lead poisoning.

It is recommended to buy regular channels such as large commercial supermarkets when buying preserved eggs. Generally, those who meet national standards can be rest assured.

There are many types of news that eat preserved egg poisoning to medical treatment every year, and there are no poison on it. Why are there so many cases of poisoning?

Li He, deputy director of the Emergency Department of Chengdu Second People’s Hospital, pointed out that most of the preserved egg poisoning occurred in summer, and most of them were triggered by Salmonella. Preserved eggs were easily contaminated by bacteria.Eat it in one or two hours.Common symptoms of preserved egg poisoning include abdominal pain, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, continuous high fever, etc. If you eat preserved eggs, it is best to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

1. Why are the preserved eggs weird and delicious?

This is because preserved eggs are made in alkaline environments. It has a kind of alkali flavor. In addition, protein hydrolysis occurs when marinated, which produces volatile substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, so the taste is a bit strange.However, there are some flavor peptides and umami amino acids during protein hydrolysis, so the preserved egg tastes delicious.

2. How is the beautiful lines on the preserved eggs formed?

Because the surface of the preserved egg has a beautiful pattern like pine branches, it is also called pine flower eggs. In fact, the preserved eggs on the surface of the preserved egg are fibrous hydroxide hydroxide water compounds formed by the combination of magnesium ions in the protein and the degradation produced by the protein in the egg white.The different color of the preserved eggs is related to the marinating time. The longer the color of the marinated time, the darker the color.

3. Which of preserved eggs, eggs, or duck eggs is higher?

Due to the loss of moisture, although the content of fat and protein in preserved eggs has increased, the sodium content of preserved eggs is much higher than that of eggs and duck eggs, and the vitamin B1 and B2 after making preserved eggs have significantly reduced.Therefore, in general, eggs and duck eggs are more nutritious than preserved eggs.

The incident of preserved egg poisoning continues to occur. In order to avoid post -troubles, how can preserved eggs eat healthy?Regular manufacturer Buy

Some small workshops may still use traditional preserved eggs, which may have the possibility of excessive lead content. It is recommended to buy preserved eggs. It is best to choose regular brand manufacturers. These brand manufacturers have lead content within the standard range and can generally be eaten with confidence.3 types of people try to eat less or not

Children, elderly people with poor digestive ability, patients with hypertension or pregnant women with hypertension with pregnancy are best to eat less or not preserved eggs. Ordinary eggs or duck eggs can be selected.Clean and disinfection before eating

Before eating preserved eggs, you must clean your hands and preserved eggs to avoid the infection of Salmonella, and it is best to choose to eat preserved eggs after high temperature disinfection, so that even Salmonella is killed at high temperature.Observation before eating is different

After the preserved eggs are peeled, you have to smell it to see if there is a odor, and see if the shape is sparse, it is likely to be broken, it is best not to eat it.

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