President wrongly treats green tea as a girlfriend#总 总

Xiaomei presented her body to save her family.

Pay attention to the girl because her mother and their younger brother are sick, and give their bodies for changing money to treat them, only ask them to recover.I did not expect that when the man woke up, he forgot who it was last night, and a green tea emerged in the middle. The man thought it had a relationship with the woman in front of him.

After Xiaomei got the money, she hurried back to the hospital to save her mother and brother, but did not expect that the doctor told her that she could only save her mother.My brother’s condition has been delayed for too long.

Three months later, a bad news came, and the girl was pregnant.She couldn’t believe this fact, crazy knocking the child in her belly.At this time, the father who abandoned them for eight years was back.Unexpectedly, he did not look at his family, but forced Xiaomei to marry a disabled person.

Xiaomei’s mother came out to stop, and her father pushed her mother directly to the side, but she hit the wall.After entering the hospital, the doctor told Xiaomei’s surgical fee of 1 million.At this time, my father said to kneel down, I saved him, and I had to marry him.

Xiaomei is reluctant, but to save my mother, I have to compromise: I beg you, I ask you to save me!I, I, I am married.After returning home, the president was paralyzed. As soon as she was degraded, Xiaomei was degraded. In order to please the president, her father was slapped by the assistant.Then he took the girl to the room. She thought that Xiaomei was for their home property, so she always wanted to marry herself.Girls can only say that she is also suffering.

But the president didn’t believe it at all. The president knows that she is to save her mother. The woman who sleeps together that night is that this person will not be like this.I wore a mask that night, and the next day I couldn’t remember it, which caused both people to know without knowing it.After they discussed it, the president promised to pretend to be married for a month, but did not expect that after the marriage, the president of the cave house was going to accompany the woman.

Then he didn’t go back.The man was drunk and lay on the bed as soon as he returned home.I woke up the next day that the woman’s taste seemed to be similar to the girl who was sleeping last time.When I thought that everything would improve, the president turned to Xiaomei’s pregnancy certificate. Xiaomei intends to disperse and suddenly came a green tea: "Miss Lin, I am your husband’s lover." Bai Xiaoxue, you don’t need to give me this soGreat obligation.Don’t think I don’t know if I don’t know, what’s wrong with my brother, I tell you that the person you love love is only me."That’s it in the future.

I tell you that this slap is just an excuse. If I let me see you again, I want your life.Do you walk in every world.At this time, Green Tea just saw that the president came over to make a good look. It seemed that Xiaomei beat her. Brother You was my fault. It had nothing to do with his sister. It was his first hand to explain to me.There is a wild species in my stomach and dare to marry me. What do you want to do?Immediately we know who this wild species is, the child’s father is … Due to the time, you can click on the lower left corner to watch the follow -up.

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