Princess Kate, UK, pregnant again after 10 weeks of abortion

China Network Entertainment September 1st According to the US website, the United States, Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William of Britain, was rumored to be pregnant again after an accidental abortion.

In the spring and early summer, various news about Princess Kate’s second child had occupied major news headlines for several weeks, but more than two months ago, some news reports that Princess Kate was unfortunately miscarriage.

Now, the British "Globe" reported that Princess Kate was actually pregnant again.This explosive news will be published on the "Global" on September 8th, and "Global" has now released news on the Internet:

"Extraordinary good news! Prince William’s wife, Kate, re -pregnant after 10 weeks of miscarriage. The news comes from a insider who is closely related to Princess Kate. If you want to know more details, read the excitement of this coupleLove —- Please look forward to exclusive reports of "Global" about "Miracle Babies".

This report does not provide too much evidence, which is exactly the same as rumors about Princess Kate’s pregnancy in recent months.The report mainly relies on the news of anonymous people.

The rumors of pregnancy did confirm other reports about Princess Kate: Princess Kate was very eager to want to have more children.A source told the Sunday Express that Princess Kate had said that two children were not enough for her:

"Princess Kate has always said that there are at least three children, which is why she wants to get pregnant again. Prince William is likely to be satisfied with two children, but because Kate has a close relationship with her brother and sister, she is very close to her brother and sister., So in her consciousness, she is one of the three sisters, so she wants to have three children. "

Princess Kate comes from a family with three children. Her brother is James, and her sister is Pippa. The source said that she would have at least three children.

Although "Global" reported that the news about "miracle babies" is official, Princess Kate has not responded to whether she really pregnant.(Compilation: He Liang)

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