Professional bodybuilders are pregnant and daily. Those who say that their chests are harder than men …

If a man is pregnant, men’s breasts will become larger.Men also have breasts, so I am very simple.

Everyone speaks with this. Before that, I haven’t learned from high school physics?It doesn’t matter, anyway, my Chinese science is not good.So the word reading includes everyone.

In fact, everyone reads my name for a while, and it is called MU Cong.I will tell you that you can call me casually, you can call me Mou from whether it is good or Mu.But tell you a lot of truth, no matter how much your muscles are, you can remove the breasts as long as you do not go through the surgery of the outside world. Your body still has a breast. You are in your pregnancy.When you secrete it, your breast will become larger, and you have the ability to breastfeed.But the lactation ability means that your breastfeeding ability is high and low, which is the same as the high and low male hormones of your man.Understand, right?I do n’t know if I have it now. I do n’t have much milk, but I want breast milk, right?I want me to be a professional player.

I want to have children again, I have breast milk again.I do everything that women can do.This is that I think I am the pinnacle of life. I can have all the lives I want to have.I think this is the pinnacle of life.I am very happy to do what women can do.

This is what I said it is for myself. I have accumulated for my fitness for so many years. You will not be questioned by many people, because many people think that you can still have children?You can only look like that, you are superficial. We are curiously. In fact, this is not that this is the ability and cannot, but because you have accumulated more and less.It depends on your others buying money to buy villas, where does your money come from?Is it a rich second generation?I never thought of others, and people who got their own business in scratch their own business came.right?What accumulation is this?When you see that others have money to buy this, think about this money to invest in your body. Your body cannot be exchanged for money.So the foundation of training in 18 years and 20 years is given.I can go now, you can go to pregnancy, you can go to show your muscles, you can get weight training, which is heavier than the general training.This is accumulation, thin.Have you ever heard of the camel Bama?Right?

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