Psychological interpretation of dreams, what do you dream of the specific part of your body?

Each of us dreams. Different dreams actually reflect different signs and meanings, and most of the things we dream have the relationship with life. Learn the analysis of dreams, and you can bring you more about your own subconscious consciousness., Explore the signals brought to you in the inner world.

Let’s analyze today, what do you dream about the specific parts of the body?This article refers to Freud’s "Analysis of Dreams".

Principles to explain to the body:

1 If you are your own body and wear clothes: represent your self

2 If you do n’t wear clothes, the significance is determined by the dream, what are you doing with your body or what you feel

3 If it is someone else’s body, it may represent one of your own.If it is the body of the opposite sex, it represents the opposite sex in your soul

4 The corpse represents the depressed part of your own, or your hostility to someone; maybe it is anxiety about death.

Specific body parts have their own symbols:

(1) The lower part of the body: representative, instinct or subconscious;

(2) chest: symbolic emotions (women’s breasts are also symbolic or mothers)

(3) head: symbolize intelligence and reason.

Note: If a certain part of the above part is highlighted, it means that you have overlooked or paid too much attention to the functions of this or it represent.

Dreamed of belly

1 symbolize a new life, or a potential possibility of new development.

2 The desire to liberate from the hardship of life from the hardship of life

3 Maybe you feel when you re -appreciate your feelings in your mother’s stomach, and experience the kind of calm and peaceful feeling.: It means that the outsights of the subconscious want to make you pay attention to your own irrational attitude or the source of behavior, or it means that the subconscious is inviting you to find "your original and real yourself"

Dreaming chest and breast

1 Representative and love wishes

2 Represents his mother (if an adult dreams of his mother’s breasts many times: it means that he or she has not "weaning, that is, too dependence on mother, too lack of independence")

3 The source of the mother of the earth, the source of new life (dream reminds you to find the source of new life.)

Dreamed of vagina

Male dream: sex dream.

If the vagina in the dream seems to grab you tightly: symbolizing a woman is very powerful and always controls you.

Dreaming of a beard

1 represents the sex of men or men

2 Men’s dream, a hairy man: symbolize the performance of the dreamer’s own performance or primitive psychological energy.

3 Old man in the dream in the dream: wisdom

Dreamed of blood

1 symbol of life or death.

2 Blood in hand: symbol of sin

3 symbolize emotions, especially love or anger

4 Blood replacement (no matter where the blood).If it is a female dreamer: expressing anxiety related to sex (if you are afraid of getting pregnant, look forward to the holiday as soon as possible.); If it is a man: it may express your fear of sex or woman.

5 Drinking blood: means getting new or energy.

6 vomit some blood or some blood: indicate (painful) pull out money to give others

Dreaming of hands or feet:

1 symbol of relationship

2 Dreaming of the arms or legs and heads are cut off: afraid of being chopped or too short to be chopped or worried about the other parts of the body.

3 Left hand: Represents losses, underdeveloped parts, the right hand represents a developed part, and other parts have the same situation.

4 support forces

Dreaming under the body:

Representative instincts (the upper body represents the spirit)

Well, let’s introduce here today, follow me, and learn more about psychological expertise.

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