Pure love novels | His lifetime wish is to hope that one day can be realized in his lover’s arms


Dog attacking the United States YYDS

Fleming giant rabbit -one of the largest bunny varieties in the world.

The body can reach 1.8 meters long, a well -deserved giant in the rabbit.

No matter how giant rabbits are rabbits.The body is several times larger, and the big rabbit’s demand for security is several times.

Wen Ming, a rabbit teacher who is ready to get off work outside the kindergarten, is a typical leader.

Born in a multi -child family, he was taller than children of the same age, and Wen Ming could not be divided into coquettish characters.

The need for care is not satisfied. When Wen Ming grew up, he went to work to become a kindergarten education for others.

His life is very simple, and he hopes that one day he can realize his wish in his lover’s arms.

Today, Wen Ming still ran on the Kangzhuang Avenue on the blind date.

* Barbarian attack x beauty, giant wolf x giant rabbit, double first love

[Gao Liang Lai: There is no three views.There are no three views.There are no three views..

After Wen Ming encountered Jiang Rui:

Wen Ming: Hello.

Jiang Rui: How do you know me 196?

Wen Ming: … I don’t know.

Jiang Rui: Oh (196)

Wen Ming:?

Jiang Rui: Do you have a meal together tonight?I don’t know what the 196 boys are suitable for eating.

Wen Ming: …


Lu Lan was rated as the Milky Way’s most unwilling to associate Alpha, none, and the most wild wilderness anchor.The disfigured face scared away countless OMEGA, but a drop of sweat was collected and made into perfumes, selling sky -high prices.

The Galaxy recognizes the first wastewood Omega Kehka, what is not done, the first place in the humanoid pendant, but has a beautiful face and countless money.

One day, Lu Liran survived the Wilderness of Death Valley, and suddenly appeared in the first wastewood face in the live broadcast.

Lu Liran stared at Ke Ji coldly: "What are you doing? I don’t bring waste to survive in the wild."

"Don’t be so fierce." Ke Ji hung on Lu Liran’s body with a smile. "You’re looking for my cub, it’s not normal for me to come to the door?"

On the same day, Lu Liran’s live broadcast room burst.

Seeing all the lively audiences, I saw Keji hanging on the pregnant man who scared away countless Omega.

"Although Ke Ji is abandoned, but anyway, you have money and money! I can!"

"How can I see such a terrible anchor … It’s a pity."

Later, during a live broadcast survival, a heavy rain rushed off the scars on Lu Liran’s face.

“What god -level makeup, so terrible scars are makeup?Intersection” “

“My mother, this alpha is so good and handsome, want to marry”

“, That’s omega”

Later, I heard that the planet was going to hold a grand century wedding. The protagonist was the federal commander who never appeared in front of the public media, as well as a real -rich country entrepreneur.

On the wedding day, everyone saw Ke Ji and Lu Liran appearing in the picture through live broadcast.

The whole interstellar was shocked.

“The first commander in the federal legend is actually waste Chai Kochi”

“My mother, how can everyone have a vest?”


Qiao Ga: "Fuck! I do a line man but eat rice noodles without providing line newspapers!

Guo Lin: "I said you can do a low -key point that you can do?"

Guo Lin: "Are you so afraid of going to jail?"

Qiao Jia: "I told you that I can die, but I can’t go to jail."

Guo Lin: "Jaga!"

Qiao Jia: "Guo Lin, I can go to jail, but you can’t die …"

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