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Many students have asked me "dreams", and I also want me to talk about the knowledge related to dreams in psychological classes. It has not been realized. It happened that Luo Jiaxu in "Spring" and me.Come to "solve" dreams, thanks to Luo Jiaxu.

Written at the beginning:

Psychology is a science, researching human psychological phenomena and behavior; a psychological and physiological phenomenon of dreams has been studied by many researchers. As a psychological teacher, all I can do is real sharing andReporting some research results. In order to facilitate the continuous reading of everyone, I do n’t consciously be boring. I will popularize the subsequent text and storytelling. I do n’t remember the research source. I pay attention to this, and I would like to respect the researchers.The following is a reference book or article for research results and related information: "Best Introduction to Psychology""(Translation of Roger Hawke Bai Xuejun and other translations)," Introduction to Psychology "(John O • Mitterer • Zheng Gang and other translations);Volume 63, Issue 1: 22 ~ 31); "Cognitive Neurology Theory and Mechanism of Dreams" (Zheng Jing Taozheng China Clinical Psychology Magazine, 2016, Vol. 24, No. 6); "Research on Dream Content of College Students" (Anxian Lihua East Normal University [D] 2005); "Weird Psychology" (Richard Wasmani translated with Jiang Tao), "Three Kingdoms" (Chen Shou’s note at Pei Songzhi).

Cao Cao once told the general that he could get up and kill when he dreamed, so that others did not approach him while he was sleeping, and performed a dream to kill a close servant. After awakening, he blamed himself, ordered the burial, but he couldn’t do anything;It was confirmed that he could kill people in his sleep, and everyone dared not make it.

The interpretation of Cao Cao’s "Murder in Dream" is about protecting his own political means and keeping others away from him.He may have dreamed of killing himself, just like we dreamed, he just had such a dream.As for why he has such a dream, everyone should have analyzed. For example, because he is in a troubled world, he is scamming, the war is constantly, and such things often happen in reality, so he will naturally dream.If you think so, congratulations, if you learn psychology, you will be the admirable neurology school.The school believes that dreams are a reflection of daily incidents, because the brain areas that move when they are awake during the day still maintain activity in their sleep.Our dream expresses the process of classification and storage of the daytime experience of the brain. Therefore, a student who is dissatisfied with the teacher may dream of making the teacher embarrassed in the classroom.And hungry we dream of being delicious when dreaming.Maybe some students will have other analysis and explanations. For the time being, let’s talk about what is going on first.

Most of the dreams appear in fast eye movement sleep.After falling asleep, people will go through four stages and a fast eye movement phase. The four stages will be from shallow to deep. You can use EEG (EEG) to record the brain waves of the person’s sleep process.In the first stage of falling asleep, our heart rate will be reduced, the breathing is irregular, and the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body may cause reflected muscle contraction, and the sleeping twitching. This is a very normal phenomenon.Hand -kicked activities.If we are awakened at this time, we may say that we are asleep, or they may not be asleep.Often, at this stage, we are relatively easy to be awakened; then the second stage, the sleep deepen, the body temperature further decreases, the mound brain will produce a unique brain waves, which makes the brain in the sleep from being disturbed by the external stimulus.It is also the real boundaries of sleep and awakening. If 4 minutes after this brain waves appear, most of them wake up, most of them will indicate that they are asleep.Entering the third stage, the sleep is further deepened. At this time, the brain waves show a small amount of wave waves, and the consciousness gradually blurred; when the brain waves appear a lot of wave waves, the sleep enters the fourth stage (deep sleep). At this timeAt that time, we were awakened by a lot of noise, and we generally felt the chaos in our heads, and we might not remember noise.After we experienced these four stages, we did not enter the stage 1 again, but entered the fast eye movement stage, and dreams would appear very actively at this stage.It is called the fast eye movement stage (REM) or fast eye movement sleep (Rem sleep), because the EEG of the sleeping person at this stage will show very fast waves.Turn, if you are curious, you can observe your roommate, or the eyes of your family’s eyes in the sleep stage.Of course, if the eyelids are closed when he sleeps, you don’t need to support the eyelids in order to verify.

Therefore, dreaming is an activity that everyone will experience when sleeping normally.Of course, some students may protest, and I have never dreamed.If you think so, congratulations, if you are born 70 years ago, you will be the trial of Teacher Eugene Arthurisky.Because he has done related experiments.In 1953, Arthuriski called 20 normal adults as trial.Link the electrode device on the muscles around the audition. The other end of the electrode is linking with a sensitive electronic measuring instrument with a wire. The wires are extended to the next room. The researchers monitor the subject’s sleep.Then the subject can fall asleep normally (each subject participated in the observation more than one night).Throughout the night, the researchers would wake it up when the subject entered the fast eye movement and asked it. In the number of 27 people awakened, 20 people reported in detail a very vivid dream.dream.Of course, you can also verify it yourself, for example, let others wake you up when you enter the fast eyes and sleep; you can also set a alarm clock about 1 hour and 10 minutes before falling asleep. In this case, you will know that you dream of dreaming.Essence

So, is it possible not to dream?There are still some people with brain injury.For ordinary people, it can also use objective reasons such as drugs, alcohol to suppress fast eye movement sleep.But this is not conducive to health.William Dimetter at Stanford University has performed a deprivation of dreams.He brought the eight tests to his sleep laboratory and connected the small electrode around the scalp and eye of the tested to experiment with the records.

The research program is like this: Starting stage, the subject is allowed to sleep normally overnight in order to determine and record the number of dreams and sleep mode under normal circumstances; then to deprive the test of the test REM sleep or dream of sleep.At the following time, when the information of the electrode conducting showed that the subject began to dream, the researchers awakened the test and asked him to sit up in bed until there were signs that he was completely awake and allowed them to fall asleep again after a few minutes.After completing the deprivation of dreams, it is allowed to try to fall asleep and not be disturbed, "recovery", and record research data.

The results show that people need to dream.If you are not allowed to dream, and after a few consecutive nights of deprivation of dreaming, you will increase the pressure of people’s dreams.After experiencing the deprivation of dreams, the number of dreamers has increased, and the time of dreaming is significantly extended. This growth will last for several nights to compensate for the deprivation of dreams in the number.This phenomenon is called "Rem rebound" by researchers. It is for this reason that many people cannot quit the habit of taking sleeping pills or alcohol products for sleep, because once they stop using these things, the over -strong REM rebound will hinder them hinders them.Sleep, which caused them to be afraid of sleeping and start taking these drugs or alcohol to avoid dreaming.If your father is like alcohol, he may have been depriving his ReM sleep. Once he stops drinking, the ReM rebounds is extremely strong, so that he will also dream when he is awake.Phantom.Of course, the subsequent in -depth research of the researchers also clarified that dreaming will not only appear in the fast eye movement, but also appear in the entire sleep process, and everyone will dream under normal circumstances.

You may ask, since everyone dreams, what does the content of the dream mean?Many researchers have explored this problem. Some say that dreams are hidden desires and emotions in their hearts. Because they are in a "rest" state because they dream, they will be released in unconscious desires and emotions; some sayDreams are to indicate that life events in reality, such as the legend of foreseeing assassination in the dream of very famous President Lincoln’s dream; others think that the dream is the process of sorting out the information received during the day and the process of re -combining and innovating;That is to say, dreams can help us solve problems.For example, the researcher of the benzene structure, Kaikler, had a dream and dreamed that a snake plate became round. Then he thought that the carbon atomic was arranged into a ring, and the structural problem of benzene was solved.Such a story, historically abound, the sewing machine inventor Elias Harvey; Dr. Loewi’s chemical transmission of neurological activity is solving the problem of troubled himself by dreaming creatively.Students may experience supporting different research results because of their different dreams, but there is a phenomenon that students will recognize it, that is, we will be familiar with something or even a sentence in life.It seems that I have known each other, as if I have dreamed of it in my dreams, especially real, but I can’t remember it.Next, we use a small experiment to solve this same "dream".

First of all, please remember the words below in 3s in 3s to remember all as much as possible.

Table lamp rock banana worm clock

Baby steed sword bird desk

Secondly, for this experiment, we can fully perform this experiment, and we will insert another topic for the time being to teach students how to capture our dreams.

1. Before going to bed, do a plan to remember your dreams.Put the pen, paper or recorder next to it;

2. If possible, it is best to wake yourself slowly without the alarm clock, and you naturally wake up and almost always follow ReM to sleep;

3. If you rarely remember your dreams, you can set a alarm clock, and wake you up at about 10 minutes before you wake up.Although this is not as good as the natural awakening, it can help you capture your dreams;

4. Do not open your eyes after waking up, lie quietly, recall your dreams, and remember as many details as possible;

5. If possible, record your first dream with your eyes (such as recording or writing).Because opening your eyes will destroy the memories of dreams.

6. Recall the dreams again and record the details you can remember as much as possible.The memory of dreams disappears quickly.Remember the plot, role, activity, and accompanying emotions of dreams;

7. Record dreams in the diary of the same dream, write in the order of the date, and review regularly.This process can reveal periodic themes, conflicts and emotions.This almost always gives you valuable inspiration.

Well, let’s go back to the experiment above. Please recall the students. There are five related words below the ten words that have just been remembered. I hope to give you some tips.

Light fruit time Mercedes -Benz feathers

Please take out a piece of paper and get down the words you can remember, please don’t look forward to the answer, unless you have tried your best to remember.

How about, how many do you remember?Maybe the words you remember are "table lamps, bananas, clocks, horses, birds".Students should be able to detect that these five words are easy to remember because they just saw the prompts "light, fruit, time, Mercedes -Benz, feathers", they played a prompting role.This experiment does not show that your memory is poor, but these words have entered your subconscious. As long as there are a little clue, you can recall or become familiar.The same principle is also suitable for dreams.When you are awake, something that happens is likely to make you dream of your dream as a clue.In life, we may have done a lot of dreams, and we have encountered a lot of things.Most of the dreams do have nothing to do with what they encounter, so forget it very quickly.However, once something is related to dreams, or what happens in our dreams happen in reality, we will quickly search for dreams, remember, or feel familiar, and even persuadeThis dream predicts the future.We prefer to believe this because about 80%of dreams are far from sweet and concentrated in negative events. Our memory is more inclined to remember negative things. Bad news triggers dream memory is much greater than good news.This is why many dream predictions are death and disaster.In fact, in the study and life, we are also more sensitive to negative information. Everyone thinks about whether it is particularly easy to recall the teacher’s mantra (say it is negative because it can bring irritability), mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors, and mouth errors and mouth errors and mouth errors.Some embarrassing events and so on.

Talking here, I believe that students have a certain understanding of dreams. In the end, what we want to talk about is that everyone is particularly interested -as in "Dreaming Space", can you control your dreams and plant dreams (memory).

The answer is yes, but not everyone is as rich and drama as performers in the movie.I do not repeat the specific research. If you are interested, you can search for the "rebound effect" experiment of Harvard psychologist Daniel Wigner.What I want to share with you is two experimental research that proves the existence of "sober dream".This stems from the study of dreams. There is a dream, and individuals will feel that they are completely awakened in their dreams and can think and move normally.This dream is a sober dream.

At the end of the 1970s, researchers Case Henne verified a sober dream with experiments.He tested the brain activity of some people who claimed to have a sober dream experience. During the test, Herne asked the subject to turn the eyeballs eight times when he had a sober dream.Like a dream, there is no abnormal brain activity.In 2000, Stephen Laberge and his colleagues at the Stanford University Sleep Research Center also proved that the sober dream really existed with experiments.In the experiment, I was tested. When I realized that when I was dreaming, I issued a predetermined signal: one of the signals suddenly looked up in the dream, and there was obvious movement of the eyes; the other signal was (in the dream) left hand (in the dream) left handHold the fist with the right hand in advance.The experimental results also showed a sober dream.

Speaking of this, the students will be surprised. As the above research, Cao Cao’s dream at the beginning of the article is true. He can really kill people in his dreams.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceDon’t scare yourself, classmates, this is dreaming, not reality.Do not believe?After reading this report, please follow the steps below to experience the control of our dreams. Maybe you can also have a sober dream and control it.

1. Give the alarm clock time, and let the alarm clock wake you up in the fourth, sixth, and seventh hours after you fall asleep.In theory, at these points, you are likely to be dreaming, and the alarm clock will directly evoke you from the dream;

2. If you are awakened by the alarm clock in your dreams, please take 10 minutes to record the dream you make, or walk around.Before going to bed, think about the dreams you have before being awakened.Tell yourself that I want to continue to have the same dream, so this time you will have a sober dream.

3. Write a letter "A" in one hand (indicating AWAKE, Sober), and write the letter "D" on the other hand (representing Dream, dreaming).Then, no matter which letter you see, ask yourself if you are sober or sleep.This helps you get used to this routine. When you are doing a sober dream, you will ask yourself the same question when you see your hand.Before you sleep, you lie on the bed, take 1 minute to see your hands, and silently tell yourself, you will also look at your hands in your dreams.

4. In this way, when you have a sober dream, you will find that you will involuntarily think of asking your question, whether you are in your dreams or reality.The good news is that there are many ways to make you judge whether it is a dream or a reality.First look in the mirror. If it is just an extremely clear dream, the image in the mirror will gradually blur and disappear; if it is reality, the image in the mirror will become clearer.Secondly, bite a bite on your arm, if you are dreaming, you can’t do it; if it is reality, you will feel pain and unbearable.Finally, find a way to lean against the wall. If you dream, you will pass through the wall; in reality, if it is not a critical wall, nothing will happen.

Write at the tail:

If you want to perform the above experience, please say hello to the roommates in the dormitory in advance, otherwise you may be considered nervous.

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