Rabbit rabbit technology | The reasons and preventive measures for the long -term infertility of female rabbits

The female rabbit has matched many times but it is not pregnant. It is a common situation. In production practice, the female rabbit should be grasped in time.Stable, like to use chin to grind cages, etc. These are all the performances of female rabbits.Mainly based on the color changes of the pussy of the female rabbit, the most suitable time period was the most suitable time period with "big red".Just as people concluded "Pink Early, Purple and Red, Big Red At the time".However, some female rabbits do not have obvious redness and swelling, they have a lot of water content in the pussy, and the most suitable time period for breeding when moist and swelling.There are the following reasons for the unsuccessful matching:

1. Management factors

There are many mating times, too heavy burdens, or poor ventilation and light transmission, etc., which reduces the quality of the male rabbit semen; at the time, the management of female rabbits can be reduced, which can reduce the ovulation rate and affect the conception.Therefore, the proportion of male and female rabbits should be properly matched, and the proportion of male and female should be about 1:10. At the same time, it should be noted that: Gongshen (1.5 ~ 2.5 years old) and female rabbits are the best effect.; Young male rabbits (under 1.5 years old) are paired with elderly female rabbits (over 2.5 years old) or husband rabbits with young female rabbits.Secondly, the cage should be kept hygienic and clean, the air is fresh, the ventilation is transmitted, and the back of the air is directed.

Second, nutritional factors

Due to the high or low fat content of protein, low fat content, and lack of minerals or vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D and other reasons, the quality of male rabbit semen is reduced, the function of the mother rabbit’s pituitary body is suppressed, and even ovarian fat infiltration or degeneration.Normally produce egg cells without pregnancy.Therefore, the protein content in the meat rabbit diet is 14%to 15%, and the rabbits should be higher. Pay special attention to supplement vitamin E, vitamin A, B vitamin and minerals, trace element zinc, etc.The nutritional supplement of the rabbit should feed more high -quality green, green juicy feed and a small amount of mixed feed according to the physical condition, so that it will maintain a medium -sized feeling of not fat or thin.

Third, temperature effect

If the temperature exceeds 30 ° C, the testicular of the male rabbit will be reduced, the quality of semen decreases, the vitality of sperm will be reduced, and a summer infertility will occur.It takes at least 40 to 50 days to restore the vitality of sperm, and some of them are 90 days. High temperature will also extend the estrus cycle of the female rabbit.If the temperature drops below 5 ° C, the female rabbit is not obvious or stops estrus.

Fourth, disease factors

1. A loss of ovarian machines.Mainly ovarian dysplasia or decreased function, causing hormone secretion disorders, causing lack of affection or ovulation.Prevention method: First, injecting hormones.Entry internal injection of follicle 5 to 10 international units, once a day, 2 to 3 days in a row; or intramuscular injection of estradiol injection, wait twice to be in estrus before matching;Gonad hormones, pregnant horses serum.The second is to strengthen breeding management.Diverse feed, replenish green feed, exercise more, and maintain the upper and upper primer.

2. Fillet cysts.Due to the lack of green feed, insufficient vitamin A and vitamin E, or the mother rabbits are stress during ovarian development, or the lack of lutein -promoting the macroscopic germidine secreted by the mother rabbit’s pituitary gland, or the lack of progesterone, long -term estrus, repeated infertility in infertilityEssenceIt can improve management, supplement carrots in the lack of green feed season, or feed some barley; secondly, in -muscle injections to promote luteal formation, 1 or 2 times the next day, or alternate or mixed with luteum ketone;Or intramuscular injection placenta tissue liquid; or intramuscular injection human chorionic gonadotropin.

3. Specific luteal.The female rabbit was stimulated by bad factors during ovulation. It was beaten, frightened, and gangsters.Entryinosteropatinone or human chorionic gonadotropin is performed, 50 international units per muscle injection each time, or intramuscular injection of lutein to release hormone analog A3, 2 to 5 micrograms each time, each time, each timeEither healne estradhenol, or injecting 5 units of oxytocin.

4. Diseases of the delivery.Including uterineitis, ovarianitis, fallopian tubeitis, vaginitis and cystitis and urethritis can all affect the fetal rate.If you have infertility multiple times, you can remove the mother rabbit and cancel the inflammatory needle a few days before the breeding.

5. Other factors

1. Gong and mother -in -law planted rabbits are only mature, and their sex is not mature.This is closely related to the variety and related to the age of breeding.

2. Gong Rabbit’s semen is poor, and the male rabbit is too old.

3. The male rabbit has not been matched for more than seven days, and this mating is basically invalid.

4. The mating mating is insufficient, and the ovulation is not ovulated before and after mating.

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