Raiders to eat melon in summer

It is said that "eating buds in spring, eating melon in summer, eating fruit in autumn, and eating roots in winter" is now a good time to eat melon.Melon can help the human body to replenish water in the hot summer, clear heat and heat, so there is a saying that "always eat melon in summer, Chinese medicine does not need to catch".But melon is mostly cold, so many parents are worried about whether their children can eat melon.What melon is suitable for children in summer?How to eat?Today I will bring you a period of summer eating melon.

Winter melon to remove dampness and diuretic relieving heat

Winter melon is sweet and light, and it is slightly cold. It returns to the lungs, large intestines, small intestines, and bladder meridians.In "Success and Disciples", Winter melon "nourish the stomach and reinforce, remove the foil and remove annoyance, eliminate water and water. Treatment of bloating, diarrhea, cholera, relieving fish and alcohol."" ".The biggest effect of winter melon is to remove dampness, and mainly removes wetness.When the child has yellow urination, frequent number of times, but not much, there is pain when urinating; the stool is sparse, smelly, quality, or the secret of the secrets, which means that the child’s middle coke and spleen and stomach are heavier.Wet and hot bets affect the focus.At this time, it is very suitable for children to eat winter melon.

In addition to winter melon meat, winter melon skin and winter melon kernels also have medicinal value. Winter melon is diuretic and swelling. Winter melon kernels can moisturize the lungs, reduce phlegm, eliminate dysentery, and benefit water.When parents cook winter melon soup, it is recommended that the strap seeds cook together to relieve the heat and diuretic effect.

The weather is hot. When the child is digested well and has no pain, you can eat some winter melon and wolfberry steaming lean meat appropriately. Here are the methods and effects of this dietary therapy.

Materials: 60g of winter melon, 20g of pork lean meat, 5 to 10 wolfberry, an appropriate amount of oil and salt.

Method: Wash and slice the melon, be freezing for wolfberry.Put the winter melon slices into the steamer, put the pork skin in the middle, put it on the wolfberry, and season with a small amount of oil and salt.Add water in the steamer, put it in a steamer, steam for 10 ~ 20 minutes over high heat until the ingredients are cooked.

Efficacy: clearing heat and lowering fire, nourishing the spleen and stomach.

Applicable age: When you have a good digestion and painless pain over 2 years old, you will be divided into a small amount and a small amount.

The "Little Winter Gourd" of Jiangua Pinghe Stomach

The melon is sweet, light, flat, and returns to the lungs, stomach, and bladder meridians.Jianlou is a variant under the gourd family. The fruit is small, so it is also called "small winter melon".If parents want to give their children some winter melon to relieve heat, but they are afraid of cold, they may wish to try "Little Winter Gourd"."Materia Medica Seeking to the Yuan" preached: Jianmeli "Gong and Winter melon, without cold and profit. Gan, light, nourish the stomach, longer than the qi to dispel water."It means that the effect of Jianlou and winter melon is similar, but it is more peaceful and can nourish the stomach."Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud: "A small one in the melon is a small person in the winter melon … the most water and gas are the most water and gas.

Jianlou itself does not have obvious taste. It is best to choose some umami ingredients to match it. Jiangua oyster soup is a good choice. The method and effect of this soup are introduced below.

Material: 500g of melon, 50g of oyster stains, 500g of lean meat, 10g of ginger, 400g spine, an appropriate amount of salt.

Method: Wash the oyster stain for 2 hours, cut the melon, peel the ginger, lean meat, spine block, and simmered water.The ingredients are put on the pot, and about 8 bowls of water are added.

Efficacy: zinc supplementation calcium and supplementation to enhance physical fitness.

Applicable age: When digestion and painlessness of the age of 3, it is divided into a small amount and a small amount.

"Natural White Tiger Soup" with watermelon clearing heat

Summer inflammation, the happiest thing is to eat watermelon in the air -conditioned room.However, many parents report that children are prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea and even cough after eating watermelon. What is going on?

Watermelon is sweet, cold, and returns to heart, stomach, and bladder meridians. It has the effects of clearing heat and relieving heat, removing annoyance and quenching thirst, and imposing urination. It is similar to the effect of the white tiger soup in the theory of typhoid. It is known as the "natural white tiger soup".Because of its cold, children who belong to the following situations should be eaten with caution: little babies within 10 months should not be eaten, and watermelon juice should not be added to supplementary food; children with deficiency of spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and loose stool should not be eaten; children with allergies areCareful consumption; children with heavy moisture should not be eaten; children with diabetes and inconvenience should not be eaten.Doesn’t it belong to the above situation, can the child eat watermelon?Naturally, it is not, but also pay attention to the method of eating.

The first must be appropriate.In the case of children’s digestion and painless pain, they can eat watermelon 1-2 times a week.Babies from 1 to 3 years old can eat 3 to 5 spoons; babies over 3 years old can eat 6 to 10 spoons; children over the age of 10, the digestive system has tended to adults, and can eat more.

The second must be timely.Watermelon contains a lot of water. Eating before or after meals may dilute stomach acid and affect digestion. Therefore, it is best to eat between two meals. After eating water, rinse your mouth to prevent dental caries.

In addition, every year, the disease is sick because of eating improperly preserved watermelon, so pay attention to the following points: First of all, when you buy it, it is best to buy fresh and complete watermelons.Watermelon.Secondly, when cutting watermelon, it is best to cut it with a special fruit knife. Before cutting, pay attention to clean the cutting board and tool.Third, it is best to cut watermelon. If you ca n’t eat it, cover the plastic wrap as soon as possible and put it in the refrigerator, but it is best not to exceed 24 hours.Before taking it out again, it is best to cut the epidermis for about 2cm, soak it with hot water and then eat it for the child.

Many people threw watermelon peel after taking watermelon. I do n’t know that this is also a blind medicine. Chinese medicine is called watermelon Cuiyi.Watermelon green coats have the effects of relieving heat, reinforcement, and calmness, and they are not as cold as watermelon meat and more suitable for children.When the weather is hot, parents can cook Cui Yi to relieve the spleen porridge and relieve the heat of the children. The following introduces the practice and efficacy of this porridge.

Materials: 25g of watermelon green clothes, 50g of japonica rice, 15g white lentils, 15g yam.

Method: The ingredients are put on the pot, add about 5 bowls of water, turn to low heat after boiling the high heat, and cook for 30 minutes.

Efficacy: Lifting the heat of the heat, strengthening the spleen and appetizing.

Applicable age: more than 3 years old and or above, and a small amount of multiple times.

Source: China Traditional Chinese Medicine Newspaper

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