Raising knowledge: Why do cats like to sleep so much?The reason is far more complicated than we think

Wang Dano’s Cat -No. 43

Text/Wang Dano


When we are in elementary school

Introduce the cat in the textbook:

"Sleeping during the day, catch mice at night"

So everyone knows very early

They almost keep sleeping during the day

It is very active at night


How long can a cat sleep a day?

Why do cats like to sleep so much?

Will the cat dream like a person to sleep?

Few people know about these cold knowledge

Let’s talk today

Two-thirds of the cat’s day is sleeping, about 13-16 hours.Cats’ sleep time will also be affected by age, and young or old cats can sometimes even reach 18-20 hours.

First, cats are carnivores.The carnivores can save their physical strength at the time other than prey, so they sleep for a long time.In contrast, herbivorous animals must consume a lot of low -calorie foods, so spend a lot of time on feeding, and it is likely to become the goal of meat foods in sleep. All of them only have little time to sleep.

Whether it is carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous mammals, the larger the body shape, the shorter the sleep time.This is because the large animal base metabolic rate is lower, that is, the unit weight consumption is less energy. It does not take long to make the body and brain take a break.

For example, the mammalians are about 22 hours a day, and the sleeping time of wild elephants is only about 2.5 hours.Of course, this statement is not absolutely accurate. For example, a small bat that lives in North America is up to 20 hours a day.

The cat’s sleep time also changes with the season. The colder the weather, the longer you sleep.Moreover, cats who are completely raised indoors are more comfortable and sufficiently sense of security, so they have been sleeping longer than cats living outside.

The cat’s 1 sleep cycle consists of a fast eye movement and a non -fast eye movement sleep.

Cat’s fast eye movement sleeps lasts very short, about 5-10 minutes; non-fast eye movement sleep includes sleep (about 15 minutes) and deep sleep (5-10 minutes).A total of about 30 minutes.The sleep cycle cycle of sleep must be performed several times a day.The person’s sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, and it usually cycles 4-6 times a night, which is 6-9 hours.

The manifestation of the cat’s shallow sleep: The head is slightly lifted, and the two front legs are bent up and lying on it, dazed, beating, muscles are not completely relaxed, and the response to the outside world is relatively fast, such as small sounds or very fragrant.Foods can wake them up.If nothing can make them interesting, they often fall asleep on their stomachs and enter shallow sleep.

The manifestation of the cat’s deep sleep: In a peaceful environment, you will lie down with your stomach and sleep, almost the muscles of the whole body are in a relaxed state, no response to the surrounding stimulus, and enter a relaxed sleeping state.As the frequency of Electric Power and Electrical Placks and the amount of metabolism have begun to decrease, thereby maintaining calories, that is to say, the brain drinks the body and removes tiredness and is resting.

Cats may dream: fast eye movement sleep is related to the mechanism of dreaming.When you move your eyes quickly, the cat’s limbs, tails, and beards are sometimes shake, and sometimes you can say dreams. Occasionally, you can sleep with the third layer of eyelids. At this time, the cat may be dreaming.The phenomenon of cats is very interesting, I believe many shit officials have seen it.

Like humans, if cats continue to be under pressure, sometimes sleep time is shorter than usual and sometimes longer.Hey, is it amazing?

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