rare!Women are pregnant with twins, and the fetus is bed in the abdomen: In this case, children can’t keep it

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A recent news reminds the pregnant mother’s words that I have seen:

"The uterus is used to protect the mother. The fetus can survive in many places in the mother’s body. Only in the uterus can the mother survive."

That’s right, the fetus only bed in the mother’s uterus, the mother is safe, otherwise, it is very dangerous.

The content of the news is like this. Hubei Wuhan No. 1 middle -aged woman unexpectedly conceives twins. Surprisingly, the fetus is not in the uterus.

Where did the fetus go?

After examination, the fetus was bed in the abdominal cavity and finally settled on the rectum.

Still, the fetus can only be safe in the mother’s uterus.

This rare abdominal pregnancy can easily cause major bleeding. Once he bleeds, the mother will be very dangerous and must surgery to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible.

Fortunately, after surgery, this fertilized egg was taken out. At present, the woman’s life signs are stable.

This news caused heated discussion on the Internet, because the news title wrote that the fertilized egg escaped into the women’s abdominal cavity.

But as netizens said: This is an ectopic pregnancy, it will be born, and it is not advisable to use fertilized eggs to "escape" to decorate danger.

"Do you not understand a little medical knowledge about this title? You can visit the doctor and write the manuscript.

"Isn’t this an ectopic pregnancy? My colleague is then hemorrhagic, and I did n’t save it a little slower. Fortunately, I was sent to the hospital in time.

"Unfortunately, twins, there is no peace to the home."

"Outreach pregnancy is really dangerous. My cousin was hospitalized on the first year of the year the year before the year. The doctor said that he would be dead for an hour later, scaring us to death."

"This is an ectopic pregnancy. It is very dangerous. If it is not treated in time, it may be severe in the abdominal cavity, and severe life will be life -threatening."

That’s right, abdominal pregnancy is also ectopic pregnancy. The most common is the fallopian tube bed. Abdominal pregnancy is very rare, and the incidence rate is about 1/25,000.

The danger of ectopic pregnancy must be paid attention to!

Because ectopic pregnancy

I really retrieved a life in the nine dead life

Why do pregnant mothers go to the hospital to check after testing?

Just to exclude — ectopic pregnancy!

Because once ectopic pregnancy occurs, the risk coefficient is the direction of UP, UP, and UP. If it is not discovered in time and intervene in time, ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous.

The danger is like a timing bomb buried in the body, which will detonate at any time.

On social platforms, many mothers share the dangerous experience of ectopic pregnancy.

"The fallopian tubes have ruptured, and it is really a life of nine deaths."

"Outreach pregnancy was dragged for half a month before going to the hospital, and it was almost dangerous to life!"

"Suddenly bleeding thought it was a big aunt, but it was found that it was ectopic pregnancy!"

"The first pregnancy was bleeding with ectopic pregnancy, and that feeling really memorized!"

"Because the extrateriole is cut off the fallopian tube, it is too uncomfortable. The first child is so gone!"

For mothers, ectopic pregnancy, whether it is in their hearts or body, is a heavy creation. Some people have left the ghost door, and some people can’t let go because they have lost their long for a long time!

Then why is ectopic pregnancy?How dangerous is ectopic pregnancy?Today’s pregnant mother come to talk about it in detail.

Ectopic pregnancy

Dangerous bombs that may be detonated at any time!

We all know that normal pregnancy must be bed in the uterus, and other places are not good.

Ectopic pregnancy is that the fertilized egg runs the wrong position and takes root in other places. This is also called ectopic pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at the difference between normal pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy with the help of a set of animation.

In normal pregnancy, the ovary releases eggs (EGG refers to eggs):

Eggs enter the fallopian tube:

Sperm entering from the vagina, running forward to the eggs:

The first place with full vitality and energetic will compete with the eggs, and the combination of the two becomes fertilized eggs:

The fertilized eggs are transferred from a narrow tubal to the uterus. If the road is smooth, the fertilized eggs will enter the uterus to find a suitable place to bed. This is normal pregnancy.

Extrace The fertilized eggs are deviated from the normal walking route halfway, and the bed is in other places.

The most common is the fallopian tube pregnancy, which accounts for 95%of the ectopic pregnancy market share.

The rest are ovarian pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy, cervical pregnancy, and cesarean section of pregnancy.

The ectopic pregnancy caused by fertilized eggs is one of the few obstetrics and gynecology sections, and there are about one time in about 50 pregnancy.

Once an ectopic pregnancy is encountered, it is very dangerous, and the pregnancy must be terminated in time, otherwise it will cause:

① Dangerous bleeding: Ectopic pregnancy will bleed due to the rupture of the bed. A large number of internal bleeding can cause mothers to shock or even die.

② Removal fallopian tube: Take the most common fallopian tubal pregnancy as an example. The fertilized eggs that are constantly growing up are always a day of breaking the fallopian tube. This may cause the fallopian tube to completely rupture and lose the ability to transmit the fertilized eggs to the uterus.The ability to represent natural conception is lost.

Therefore, for ectopic pregnancy, early intervention can be discovered to reduce risks and avoid serious complications!

Why is there an ectopic pregnancy?

Why do you get lost?

Let’s talk about the most common fallopian tube pregnancy.

There are four main causes of tubal ectopic pregnancy:

① There is inflammation of tubal tube.Under normal circumstances, the fallopian tube sends the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity through the cilia swinging and the smooth and smooth muscle of the fallopian tube.

If the fallopian tubes have inflammation and lesions, it will cause the fallopian tube lumen to narrow, which hinders the normal traffic of the fertilized eggs.

② There is a history of extraterritical pregnancy: If there is a history of fallopian tube pregnancy, whether it is naturally absorbed after conservative treatment, or undergoing conservative surgery of fallopian tubes, the probability of re -pregnancy tubal pregnancy will reach 10 %.

③ Breakthrough ring, endometriosis, etc.These will also increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy.

If the internal in -the -uterus condemis fails, ectopic pregnancy may occur.

If the endometrium of the endometrium is in the endometrium of the partial part of the fallopian tube, it will also make the lumen narrow or block, and it is difficult to pass the pregnancy eggs.

④ After the fallopian tube ligation.Regardless of whether it is natural or performed, the fallopian tubes are not as smooth as before, and then the tubes are relatively narrow, and the pregnancy eggs are easily kept in a stenosis and settled.

After understanding the cause of ectopic pregnancy, you must also know the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. If you have the following situations, you must pay attention:

① The strong colic and tenderness of the lower abdomen, cough, and movement will be more painful.

② Abnormal bleeding, brown blood stains or mild bleeding accompanied by pain.

③ Poor nausea, vomiting, and rectum.

(Fallopian tube rupture caused by ectopic pregnancy)

Be sure to pay attention to early pregnancy bleeding and be alert to ectopic pregnancy. Because the blood vessels of the muscle layer are rich, a large number of abdominal bleeding occurs in the short term when rupture, and then causes acute abdomen. In severe cases, people will shock, which is very dangerous.

What should I do if I encounter ectopic pregnancy?

The only way to encounter ectopic pregnancy is to treat immediately.

The better the treatment, the better the treatment method.

Because ectopic pregnancy is impossible to survive, that is to say, the fetus cannot survive anyway, and the termination of pregnancy as soon as possible can prevent complications.

The longer the time is delayed, the increasingly increasing fetus may cause complications of life.

For the treatment of ectopic pregnancy, everything follows the doctor’s order.

If there are no internal bleeding or only a small amount of bleeding, no shock, and mild disease, you can use drug treatment or surgical treatment.

If the amount of internal bleeding is large, it should be quickly treated with anti -shock treatment and surgery as soon as possible.

What kind of treatment method is selected, all listening to the doctor.

For mothers who have a history of off -the -palace pregnancy, we must pay special attention to their own conditions during pregnancy, and actively do the following points to reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy again:

① Scientific contraception.It is recommended to use condoms or contraceptives without contraceptives or repeated abortion, which can easily cause gynecological inflammation such as fallopian tubeitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, thereby increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

If you take emergency contraceptives, the risk of ectopic pregnancy will also be increased when the contraceptive failure. The condom can prevent infection and also effectively contraception.

② Actively treat gynecological diseases.Gynecological inflammation should be actively treated, especially fallopianitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometriosis.

③ Do your personal hygiene.Including daily hygiene and sexual hygiene, do daily cleanliness and change their underwear.

④ Do a good pre -pregnancy examination.If you are pregnant again, you must do a good job of healthy examinations and make your body prepare for pregnancy in a healthy state.

⑤ Keep good living habits.Diet should be healthy, and smoking and alcohol must be prohibited.

In the end, the mother of pregnancy emphasizes one more emphasis: For ectopic pregnancy, early treatment and early treatment can reduce danger!

Therefore, after experimenting with pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to exclude ectopic pregnancy and protect yourself.

I hope all mothers can go well!

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