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Chasing wife literature.So he came to reunite with me again.I asked him: If she didn’t leave, I was pregnant, would you come to remarry with me?

When the dog man wants to pretend to be affectionate, he can even cheat him. I won’t be a substitute for anyone in my life.The regular holiday was postponed. When I took the test report, I met Song Yanzhi when I turned around. He glanced at him with a heavy eyes. I was not a medicine. I didn’t know the test results on the report form.

Song Yanzhi is that I hid the test sheet behind me, and by the way, I hid the campaign in my heart.I wanted to go over him, but he pushed the backbar on the glasses on the bridge of my nose.He looked up, would you like to remarry me with me?I suddenly stiffed my body, and the divorce was suddenly very sudden, but I could not be fascinated by a woman from beginning to end.Since I know that I have fell in love with Song Yanzhi, she also appeared in my world.We got married and divorced. When I was shopping with my girlfriend, I saw Zhao Shuyao in the mall. Half an hour later, I saw the pictures of Zhao Shuyao and Song Yanzhi in the western restaurant in the mall.Song Yanzhi refused. I went to the words of dinner tonight, and I filled it from the beginning to the foot. The air -conditioning in the mall was full. I stood outside the restaurant’s glass door. I used to think that some people could slowly cover the heat by time.

But it turns out that I am really naive. If Song Yanzhi cares about our marriage a little bit, then he should know that today is our wedding anniversary, and he will never care about this anniversary day.And I have to care, I always want to find various opportunities to improve the relationship between husband and wife.This time, he just wanted to find a chance to go shopping with him.But he returned: something happened at night, he never said much to me, his girlfriend Xiao Ya pulled my arm and turned to worry.

For the last time, he held a message to Song Yanzhi holding his mobile phone.Today is our third anniversary of marriage. When you come back, bring me a memorial gift.When he looked up, Zhao Shuyao covered his mouth and laughed, and he was moving.

Second, I never took out my mobile phone to see the message.

Third, Song Yanzhi didn’t bring gifts when he returned. I had taken a bath. I was waiting for him in the living room. He changed his shoes and came in. Seeing that I gave me a look in the living room, I went directly to the bathroom.handwashing.

The first thing to enter the door was to wash his hands and disinfect. He went to the bathroom door and asked him with a smile. He shook his hands, his fingers were fair and slender, too late.I said: Then we divorce, and he stopped his hands.

I asked again: Isn’t it in a mall?There is no kung fu on the restaurant.Song Yanzhi threw the paper towel into the trash can, his eyes were not shocked, so he didn’t care about the divorce I mentioned.Seeing, he reached out and supported the mirror frame, and the bottom of his eyes-the flashed basket was caught by me.For so long with him, every time he did this action because he had considered it, he did not ask me why I divorced, but was concerned about what was related to Zhao Shuyao.The smile on my face could no longer be kept.

Song Yanzhi has always been indifferent and calm, but also in my expectations. Whether it is particularly uninterested, life is the happiest thing to live with people you like.Song Yanzhi’s heart was not hot. I gave up. I fists. He paused on the side of his side, and didn’t consider how long it took me to give me two short words.I moved my steps, took my body on the door frame, and worked hard to gain stability. He turned around and entered the bathroom again. When he closed the door, he jumped out of the phone when the mobile phone on the table came.Intuition told me that it was Zhao Shuyao. For the first time, I read his mobile phone news. I was afraid of provoking him angry, and I was divorced anyway.

I ordered the news box of Zhao Shu’s rumors. It turned out that they had never had a contact in these years, and the greetings on holidays did not fall, and sometimes they even said sooner and off.He should sleep on me.The latest two news was in front of Song Yanzhi.

Zhao Shuyao: If I didn’t leave, would you marry me?Song Yanzhi: Yes.Zhao Shuyao: Then Qin Qing is just asymptomatic. This sentence was just sent by Zhao Shuyao. Song Yanzhi had no time to answer.Zhao Shuyao gave me a perfect summary for Song Yanzhi over the years.I am just Song Yanzhi.3 Song Yan and I met the seal the next day, but he applauded.He said there was a tight surgery.This is countless times in the past three years. He put me pigeons. In fact, I can understand because of work, but I decided to wait for him.I leave him a message: I am waiting for you.You came over as soon as possible, he didn’t return to me again, and received the news from the department leader Liang He in the middle.In order to divorce Song Yanzhi, I asked for leave.Back to Lianghe: Women’s routine operation.He sent four words for a while and drank more hot water.

The leader of our department, the ability to do things well, is calm and calm, and there are not many leaders of the leadership, so I usually have a good job with him, and Liang He and the department are good.I didn’t return to Lianghe anymore, and waited until the Civil Affairs Bureau closed.Song Yanzhi did not appear, but ten minutes after closing the door.He came over. He raised his hand and looked at the time, and then looked at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau’s closed door, and said: Go home first.When I followed him, I found that the co -pilot was actually occupied. It was not someone else, it was Zhao Shuyao.

So the reason why Song Yanzhi was late was Zhao Shuyao.Zhao Shuyao was sitting in the co -pilot, and even very politely took the initiative to move me.I can’t be polite to those who intend to become a third party. I ignore her and point to the co -pilot she occupied.

Song Yanzhi, the co -driver is my special seat.Song Yanzhi couldn’t hang on his face.Q: What are you making trouble?I smiled at him, even if I was making trouble.I mean I want to sit on the co -driver, Zhao Shuyao still has a mild smile on his face, looking at me.She is watching the show.Looking at Song Yanzhi’s decision, he was betting on his position in Song Yanzhi.Song Yanzhi was not blind, but he was definitely unknown.He said: Yao Yao was a little uncomfortable today. When I went to the hospital for examination, I sent her back along the way, but, just in one position, I couldn’t grab the position in his heart, and suddenly I felt that it was implicitly to grab it.

To Zhao Shuyao: Miss Zhao is really tired, you want.After I finished this, Zhao Shuyao’s smile suddenly froze.Song Yanzhi whispered and was too lazy to talk nonsense with them.Say: I suddenly remembered that I had an appointment with Xiaoya for dinner, so I won’t go back. It eases the tone. I first sent Yaoyao to go home.It’s really considerate, turning around, turning around the city for half a circle, and finally decided to go-drunk.

Song Zhiyan is two years older than me, and when he was in college, he was the representative of Gao Leng’s male god.In order to chase him, I played a lot of little cleverness.Later, I heard that he had a girlfriend, and that person was Zhao Shuyao.They are classmates in the same class, and they are the goddess in our school.Male goddess, I hid like Song Yanzhi.Just when I planned to hide, Song Zhiyan agreed to me. He even asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend. I was happy at the time, and I forgot what the reason was.I fainted.Later, I learned that it was because Zhao Shuyao gave up him to go abroad, probably for Zhao Shuyao.I am really just a general of Song Yanzhi. If the person who is brave in pursuing him at that time, everything, he would also ask her if she wanted to be his girlfriend.Think of what he paid for Song Yanzhi in the past.The glass I was irrigated in my mouth was even more fierce, and a arm suddenly stretched out of my body. The fist buckled at the bar and knocked on the bar. I looked up. I asked for a sick leave.Manager Liang lowered his eyes and police glanced at the wine glass in my hand.Question: Drinking can cure stomach pain.Say: Yes.Question: I encountered something at work.Say: How can you?Under the leadership of Manager Liang, my work was particularly smooth.Liang He smiled and shook his head.

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