Red dates are just right, but don’t eat it like this, you may have life!After reading it, I know how dangerous it is

This week, many "Yangkang" people have returned to normal study and work, but the first feeling of many people is "virtual" – "feel the body is hollowed out", "I feel tired if nothing do,"," Gas breathe in a little movement "," I can’t afford the spirit "…

Many people want to make up for themselves. Red dates have become the choice of many people -stewed red dates for moisturizing their throats, boiled red dates octagonal porridge, nourishing black chicken soup, and replenishing qi and blood;Jiexue ~

However, some people may not be in good health, but they almost die because of a red dates.


Uncle Zhang usually likes to make red dates. Half a month ago, Uncle Zhang drank two bowls of red dates and black rice porridge in the morning.

I did not expect to start abdominal pain and bloating on the third day after eating. At that time, I thought it was uncomfortable with the gastrointestinal and intestines, but after two days, there was a situation of worsening and fever, so I went to the hospital for medical treatment.

The inspection found that the small intestine can be seen in the dates of the jujube, which has pierced the intestinal wall, the intestinal wall has obvious edema, and the surrounding area has been pus.The doctor said that due to the long perforation time, the patient’s small intestine had obviously necrosis and could not be sutured. To prevent the disease from further deteriorating, a small intestine of 20 cm was needed!

There are many cases of such cases:

*First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University has shared a case. The citizen Mr. Li was unfortunately pierced into the stomach wall due to the red dates and longan millet porridge.

*The general surgery department of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has taken two consecutive elderly patients. Both are caused by the "swallowing jujube" and the sharp jujube nucleus pierced the intestine, causing peritonitis to endanger life …

The small jujube nucleus is pointed because both ends. When they accidentally enter the digestive tract, they easily become "hidden weapons" to scratch various organ organizations, which is extremely dangerous!


A jujube nucleus may bring 5 major risks

The jujube nucleus starts from the moment of the mouth, and it can be called "shocking step by step."


When the red dates are stuck in the esophagus, it will cause foreign objects in the esophagus, and symptoms of sore throat and dyspnea occur.At the same time, it may also scratch the esophagus to cause symptoms such as vomiting and black stool.

In particular, the esophagus is close to the aorta. In case of deeper, foreign bodies are likely to directly pierce the aorta, causing the aortic rupture to bleed, which is fatal.

Gastric perforation

If the dates are successfully passed through the esophagus, they will enter the stomach without being stuck.

The sharp jujube nucleus can stab the gastrointestinal wall, forming a limited small abscess or granuloma; it may also penetrate the gastric and intestinal walls and cause gastric perforation. If the stomach content logistics enters the abdominal cavity, it will also cause chemical or bacterial peritonitis, as well asToxic shock, once the rescue is not timely, there may be worries of life.

Patients with gastric perforation can be accompanied by severe abdominal pain, like a knife -like, starting pain from the upper abdomen, and quickly expand to the whole abdomen. Be sure to seek medical treatment immediately.


The pylorus is the most outlet of the stomach, connecting the duodenum.When the red dates are blocked at the pylorus door, it will affect the emptiness function of food, leading to the accumulation and fermentation of food in the stomach, which will not only cause abdominal pain, but also cause nausea and vomiting due to food fermentation.

Intestinal perforation, intestinal obstruction

After the dates are through the stomach, they will enter the small intestine and may be pierced by the dates.Small intestine perforation is similar to gastric perforation, and its digestive solution will enter the abdominal cavity, causing infection and purulent.

In addition, the red dates may also block the intestinal system, causing intestinal obstruction.After intestinal obstruction, the contents of the intestine cannot be dredged and excreted, and they will accumulate above the obstruction. At this time, patients will have abdominal distension, abdominal pain, vomiting, and difficulty in defecation.


Eat red dates safely, keep in mind these three points

Go to the nuclear

Porridge and cooking rice or desserts are best removed before the jujube nucleus, so as not to cause unnecessary damage due to accidental swallowing.

[Method of simply removing the dates] Take a straw, insert the position of the nuclear position, insert half of one end, then remove, then insert it from the other end, and then push forward to remove the dates, and the red dates are still complete.

Concentrate and chew slowly slowly

In fact, it is not only red dates, but also some foods with nuclear, thorns, shells, or relatively hard foods. Be sure to chew slowly and do not eat too fast.

If you encounter a foreign body card throat, it is useless to drink vinegar, swallow rice balls, steamed buns and other remedies. Don’t try it easily, or hurry to the hospital for help.

Don’t eat too much

Many people take red dates as snacks, and they eat half a bag once without knowing it, but in fact, eating too much at one time is not only easy to get angry, but also increases the burden on the stomach, causing flatulence and indigestion.

Experts suggest that each person can eat a few daily, no more than 3 jujube, and no more than 5 jujube.

And if there is a problem with the spleen and stomach and the people of diabetes, they should eat less or not.


The "recovery period" after the yang, eat red dates like this, the effect is good

After turning to the overcast, many people will also have problems such as fatigue, qi deficiency, and poor sleep. Red dates are indeed good nourishing products.Smooth and nourishing, in fact, the effect is better:

Qi and blood deficiency, eat Ejiao red dates cake

Even if Yang Kang is, it is accompanied by mental exhaustion, physical weakness, laziness, dizziness, palpitations and dreams. This is mostly qi and blood loss.

Materials: Ejiao is a flesh and bloody product. It has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing yin and moisturizing. It has fun for blood deficiency and yellowing, dizziness, palpitations, muscle weakness, upset and sleeping, and dry cough.Moisturize the intestines; dates with both blood and blood; wolfberry nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the liver and eyes;


① 250 grams of Ejiao knocked into small pieces, put in 500 rice wine for three days;

② After the fire is boiled until the flag is hung;

③ Put jujube, yellow rock sugar, walnut kernels, black sesame, wolfberry, roses;

④ Put another layer of roses at the bottom of the mold, pour the stirred gelatin into the mold (the fresh -keeping box is paved with oil paper);

⑤ Put it in the refrigerator for 1 day, you can take it out to cut it into small pieces.

Eat each morning and evening.

I ca n’t sleep well, drink Erzao An Shen Soup

Recently, many fans friends also left a message saying: Obviously they are tired, but they can’t sleep well, especially when they fall asleep, they are very difficult to wake up.At this time, try to drink an Erzao An Shen soup:

Method: Take 10g of jujube kernels, 3 jujube, add water to boil soup, drink half an hour before going to bed every night, half a cup.

Sour jujube kernels are called "Oriental Sleeping Fruit", which can nourish heart yin, nourish liver and blood, and clear the heart to remove annoyance; jujube can also nourish qi and nourish blood, soothe the gods to help sleep.The combination of the two is suitable for insomnia caused by heart and spleen deficiency and insufficient heart.

Dry cough, drink pepper, ginger jujube tea

After experiencing the new crown infection, the trachea and bronchus of the lungs were damaged to a certain extent. In a short period of time, it was not fully recovered. Therefore, cough may occur. In addition, the spleen and stomach are still weak.It will accompany diarrhea.This kind of people can try to drink pepper and ginger jujube tea:

Materials: 6 grams of skin ginger, 2 jujube, 10 capsules.

Method: Ginger slices, jujube go for nuclear, add the pot with peppercorns, and cook on low heat; wait until the soup is fried until the soup can be used.Drink a drink every morning.

Pepper can warm the spleen and stomach, relieve vomiting and prevent diarrhea; jujube supplement qi; ginger warmth to stop vomiting, phlegm and cough.People with dry cough and diarrhea can drink this tea.

Part of the picture comes from the Internet

(I am a big doctor official)

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