Remember: The 52 -year -old woman suddenly had abdominal pain and was unbearable.

Ms. Wu, 52, has not been menstruation for more than a month. She thought she was menopause. After going to the toilet the day before yesterday, severe abdominal pain appeared after working hard.Knowing that his wife was undergoing surgery because of pregnancy.

That day, Ms. Wu’s husband helped her to the front of the emergency department: "Say my wife’s stomach pain, do you have a doctor to take a look."

The emergency department Dr. Corin saw Ms. Wu covered her belly with her hands, her body was curved, her upper lip bit her lower lip, and her face was painful. She quickly pushed the wheelchair and sent Ms. Wu to the 6th clinic.

The doctor asked: "Where are you uncomfortable, you said, now in the hospital, don’t be afraid, let’s solve it."

Ms. Wu opened her clothes and touched her stomach and said, "My stomach hurts on the right, and there is a feeling of being pulled. Hurry up and give me an painstick."

Asked Ms. Wu’s husband, Ms. Wu told her husband that her stomach was uncomfortable and wanted to go to the toilet. As a result, she stayed in the toilet for more than 30 minutes.The lady was sitting on the toilet, and she was unwilling to stand up.

Ms. Wu’s husband asked: "Did you eat the wrong thing? At night, I eat the leftovers and eat it. Will it be related to this?"

The doctor put his hand on Ms. Wu’s lower abdomen and pressed hard. Ms. Wu shouted, "Don’t press the stomach, it hurts."

The doctor also considered may be appendicitis. After all, the pain in the whole right lower abdomen is obvious, and then the emergency department does a color Doppler ultrasound. Soon the color Doppler ultrasound room called: "It’s not appendicitis, there are many blood accumulation in the stomach.Hold on my hand. "

Her husband handed the report to Dr. Lin, which wrote in the report: There were no abnormalities in the appendix area, and there was an echo group with rich blood flow signals next to the right ovary.

Dr. Lin then called the obstetrician and gynecologist. I came to the emergency room and saw Ms. Wu lying curled up on her side. I took a report to see: there is blood in my belly, and there is an echo group next to the ovaries.

Immediately asked Ms. Wu: "How long have you not come to menstruation, have you had the same room recently?"

Ms. Wu nodded and answered: "I haven’t had menstruation for more than a month, and I thought it was a menopause."

After analysis, Ms. Wu should have an ectopic pregnancy icon, and the pregnancy sac is broken, which can cause severe abdominal pain and blood in the stomach.

This unstable condition must stop bleeding as soon as possible to remove the lesion. Ms. Wu’s husband just wants to solve the problem quickly, and he promised the operation without vagueness. I held my hand before the operation and said, "The doctor rely on you to rely on you.It’s. "

The operation quickly carried out the accumulation of blood, found the right ovary, and then a ray of beside it. When I saw a block of the fallopian tube, there was a break.Cut off the right fallopian tube decisively and cut into sewing incision, and the blood stopped immediately.

I told Ms. Wu’s husband after surgery: "Fortunately, you found early, the blood in the stomach is not particularly many. If you come to the hospital a few hours later, it is estimated that life is dangerous. Your wife is okay now, and soon it will be possibleBack to the ward to rest. "

Looking back at Ms. Wu’s experience, there are a few points that are really worth thinking and worthy of sharing with everyone.

1. After the age of 50, will it definitely go menstruation? Is there any risk of pregnancy?

Women are generally about 55 years old. Everyone is different. Generally, they will experience the menopausal period before menopause.It’s really menopause.

In addition, if there is no contraception in sexual life, as long as there is no menstruation, ovulation will still be ovulated, there will be risk of getting pregnant again.

2. What are the special performances of ectopic pregnancy worth noting?

1. Unilateral lower abdominal pain: Once the fallopian tube pregnancy is mentioned here, once the lower abdomen pain occurs, there will be severe pain in the lower abdomen, and even tear -like pain will occur.

2. Feeling a sense of heavyness: This is not easy to be followed. Many people think that the bowel movement caused by eating the wrong thing is actually the sense of defecation caused by blood accumulation and compressing the rectum in the stomach.

3. vaginal bleeding: Ectopic pregnancy rupture can cause vaginal bleeding or no. When the rupture is not close to the uterine cavity, the amount is not long, and there will be no vaginal bleeding.

After the age of 50, if you do not want to get pregnant, you must actively prepare for pregnancy. It is best to use a condom, otherwise it may cause pregnancy and even ectopic pregnancy.

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