Repeat 2 pounds of chicken inner gold, help the neighbor’s daughter, and successfully conceive the fallopian tube

After using 2 pounds of chicken in the chicken, after successful conception for the girl in the village, I deeply understood that the word of the doctor often became a shame cloth.

It was a year ago, chatting with her mother’s daily video, she accidentally said that the Liu family’s daughter had returned recently and had been living in her mother’s house. She didn’t see it. She heard that she was divorced.I continued to ask for curiosity, because I knew that I was going to school with her at the time, and I played well when I was young.

"Why? The two have not been married for 3 years. I was quite happy to see her at first."

"Can’t be pregnant, don’t say it, can not urge contradictions, who you don’t know if the mother’s family is good, the child is good, no opinion, and all listened to the parents.","

"Didn’t you go to see it, can’t you all be a way."

"Look, what kind of medicine to take all kinds of medicine, listened to Liu Yan said, and did 2 test tubes, took 7 or 8 eggs, and it took more than 100,000 people.It’s better to marry again. "

I dare not squeak, just say that I can go to see Chinese medicine, I have read so much, so many cases.

My mother immediately said, "I said you at that time, look at this, and let you prescribe some medicine. You Liu Ye didn’t believe it, and said that I found a lot of doctors to see a lot.Spend money. "

I didn’t dare to say anymore. They said that the people in the neighborhood didn’t trust you, afraid of you, and afraid that money would enter your pocket."Besides, if this matter is not good, you will not be complained, and you are not far away. So don’t mix it."

I sent a WeChat to Liu’s daughter the next day. She said: Originally, the left fallopian tube was blocked and the right side was smooth, but there was no ovulation on the right side and I couldn’t be pregnant.It is recommended to perform two dredging surgery, but it is not pregnant. As a result, the right side is also blocked. Usually there are very few menstrual flow, but there are also black blood clots.It is often sore when it is!

I think her: the tongue is dark red, the moss is thin, and the bottom of the tongue is dark and purple, which is a typical stasis.

After reading the situation, I asked her: Do you know that I see this, why don’t you come to me?

She made a cry and complained to me, saying that she couldn’t see her child in her mother -in -law, and her husband even began to suspect that she was caused by her pre -marital style.For this child, the money saved in the early years was thrown inside.My mother was also afraid that everyone in Zhangcun knew it and was shameful.

I sighed: I will help you when I know, rest assured, believe me.I do n’t want to prescribe the medicine. You do n’t have to worry about everyone. You do n’t have to worry about the cost of medicine. It ’s not expensive when you have it.

So he opened the party:

Liu Jiannu, Verk Grass, Chicken Internal Gold, Zhejiang Fritillaria, Tulip, Golden and Silver Flowers, Forsythia, Ninoshita, Sichuan Skinzi, Peony Skin, Yanhu Mo, Sapgorn (Bao Fried), Guizhi, Antlers, Antlers, Antlers, Antlers, Antlers, AntlersFrost,

She was instructed to take it on time and stop it during menstruation. After taking the method I said for a while, she told me that she felt that she had a lot recently, the menstrual flow was very good, and her mood was much more comfortable.Then continue to adjust the prescription for medication.

Later, after more than a month of persistence, she called me, saying that it felt like a good condition recently, and the symptoms were completely gone, so I told her that she could conceive in the same room.

She hesitated: I have been there for so long, and my husband came to pick me up. I didn’t pull my lower son back.I laughed, what is this, the timing is here, grasp the trial of trying to get pregnant quickly.

At the end of May, I received a call from the sky, Liu Ye, I was surprised, she told me.I was pregnant, I came to thank me for me, and I apologized to say that I didn’t see it before, and didn’t believe me.

After talking about it, I cried, and said that this daughter thought that they would marry well. As a result, they suffered so many grievances over the years, and others saw so many jokes.

I said Liu Ye, this is nothing, what jokes.It’s normal, it’s all right now, don’t think about it anymore.

I am very happy for a few days. In fact, infertility caused by the obstruction of the fallopian tube is very simple, that is, to remove the qi qi in the body’s depression, and then eliminate phlegm and dampness. Naturally, there will be no blood stasis., I can conceive naturally.

Therefore, the chicken is used as the king medicine to help the soft and stubborn knot, and to clear the stasis in the body.The liver qi, solve the source of the blockage of blocked, and then use Guizhi and Antlers Cream Drums to dancing the aircraft to do a good job of Wentong in the body. Finally, forsythia, honeysuckle, Sichuan sister -in -law, honeystering vines, and Yanhu Mo.Cleaning heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to clean up blood poisoning, prevent stagnant water, and cause clogging again!

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