Reproductive doctor sharing: semen non -liquefied self -improvement manual v1.0

The little king couple was not pregnant for more than a year, so she came to the hospital for examination.Semen examination prompts "liquefaction abnormalities".Xiao Wang wondered why semen still liquefy?Is this "liquefied abnormal" impact on pregnancy?

01 What is semen liquefaction?

In an ejaculation of adult men, sperm only accounts for 7%, and the rest are sperm.Under normal circumstances, the newly ejected semen will solidify into thick jelly -like, which is easy to fly into the deep part of the female vagina like "bullets".Then the jelly -like semen gradually became a liquid state, and the ability of sperm obtained activity. From the middle reaches, it began to travel through the journey of female uterus and fallopian tubes.This process is called semen liquefaction, which is essential for male fertility.

02 Diagnostic standard for semen liquefaction abnormalities

LPG time is one of the important criteria for evaluating sperm quality.Normal semen specimen is liquefied within 60 minutes after ejaculation, and is usually completed within 15-20 minutes.If the sperm sperm is not liquefied for more than 60 minutes, it is called semen liquefaction abnormalities.

Sperm condensation can be seen in liquefied semen, which is low in vitality and is one of the causes of male infertility.

03 Common causes of semen liquefied abnormalities?

The liquefied process of semen is adjusted by coagulation and liquefaction factors in the semen.Semen solidifies into jelly -like, adjusted by solidifice factors secreted by seminal gland, including semen solidifies, fibrous connection proteins and collagen.The liquefaction of semen is mainly responsible for the liquefaction factors secreted by prostate, including prostate special -specific antigen, prostate acid phosphatase and lymic iconic.

If the semen is not solidified, there may be problems with seminal vesicles, such as congenital seminal vesicular gland defects or ejaculation tubular defects.If semen is abnormal, it is often a problem with prostate, and the most common is prostatitis.

04 How to treat semen liquefaction abnormalities?

Treatment of genital tract infections

For semen liquefied abnormalities caused by semen, chronic prostatitis, branches/chlamydia infections, can be selected for targeted treatment.

Correct endocrine disorders

Testosterone deficiency can also cause semen liquefaction abnormalities. It can adjust the gonad secretion of gonad hormone gonad hormone by proper testosterone or injection of chorionic gonad.

Supplement trace elements, regulate life and rest

Modern people’s life is fast, stressful, irregular life and trace element deficiency can also affect semen liquefaction.Avoid staying up late, and replenish trace elements zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E also have certain effects.

Artificial insemination in the uterine cavity (IUI)

If the liquefied abnormalities of semen are still not correct after conventional treatment, you can consider choosing an artificial insemination (IUI) for pregnancy in the uterine cavity.IUI will treat semen specimens during pregnancy, remove cell fragments in semen, immune substances, prostaglandin, etc. in semen, screening high -vibrant sperm directly to the uterine cavity, which increases the concentration of sperm in the uterine cavity.It is one of the important means of treating semen liquefaction abnormalities.

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