Rumor: Eat more grapes during pregnancy, can you give birth to big -eyed babies?Expert explained like this

Many pregnant mothers heard that they eat more grapes during pregnancy, and the baby’s eyes have large eyes, so during pregnancy, they buy grapes hard to eat.Is it true as a pregnant mother saying that eating more grapes during pregnancy can give birth to a baby with "Kazilan" big eyes.Medical experts give an explanation here!

Eating grapes during pregnancy does not have big eyes. The size of the baby’s eyes is determined by genetic genes.If both the husband and wife are big eyes, the baby’s eyes are mostly big eyes.If both husbands and wives have small eyes, the probability of giving birth to a big -eyed baby will be small.Although eating grapes does not have a big eye effect, 3 months before pregnancy are the critical period of fetal vision development. Moms eat more foods that promote development, such as fish, bird’s nest, fruit, etc., which will make the baby’s eyes brighter after birth, and the vision will be more visually more effective.good.

The benefits of eating grapes during pregnancy

Prevention of pregnancy

During pregnancy, mothers’ demand for various nutrients will increase, especially iron elements. If iron deficiency in the body will cause mothers to have anemia and lack of qi and blood.Grapes contain a large amount of iron. Eating grapes often can effectively improve the anemia of pregnant mothers.

Can relieve fatigue during pregnancy

As the mother’s belly continues to increase, the body and mind are more likely to become nervous and fatigue.Grapes are rich in calcium and phosphorus, and the various amino acids required by the human body. Pregnant mothers often eat grapes, which can not only provide nutrients for themselves and fetuses, but also effectively alleviate the nervous nerves and fatigue during pregnancy, so that the pregnancy is passed during pregnancy.More comfortable.

Enhance immunity

According to scientific proofs, eating grapes often can help pregnant mothers to enhance their own immunity and better resist the invasion of germs.Especially grape seeds have a very important role in promoting the improvement of the immune system of pregnant mothers, so when pregnant mothers eat grapes, they can swallow with grape seeds.

Precautions for eating grapes during pregnancy

Grape must be cleaned

During pregnancy, the mother’s physical resistance will be weak, so before eating grapes, be sure to clean it and remove the dirty things and bacteria on the surface of the grape skin, so as to make the pregnant mother’s stomach healthier, good stomach, natural fetus nutritional nutritionThere is a guarantee.

Can’t drink water immediately after eating grapes

After the pregnant mother eats grapes, do not drink water immediately, otherwise there may be diarrhea.Because the grapes are fruits moisturizing, if you drink water after eating, the gastrointestinal has not digested the grapes, and the water will dilute the stomach acid, which will accelerate gastrointestinal motility and cause diarrhea.

Pay attention to eating grapes in moderation

Although grapes are a good fruit raising fruit, it also contains a lot of sugar. If the pregnant mother eats too much, it can easily lead to increased blood sugar, which will affect the health of themselves and the fetus.Therefore, pregnant mothers must control the amount of grapes, and they must hold back even if they like to eat.

The size of the baby’s eyes is controlled by the parents’ genes. Eating grapes during pregnancy does not make the baby’s eyes larger, so the mother should not be fooled anymore.However, grapes are very rich in nutrition, and they can still be eaten appropriately during pregnancy.

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