Rumor: Is the boy’s belly button protruding the boy?These 4 points are the key factor

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After Xiaowang was pregnant, her mother -in -law moved over to live with her just to take care of her more conveniently.When the water was stopped at home, Xiaowang and her mother -in -law went out to take a bath. The mother -in -law found that Xiaowang’s navel was protruding, so she was very happy to ask her that she was like this before, but she was protruding after pregnancy.Xiaowang said that she was protruding after pregnancy, and she was still wondering why the navel would protrude.The mother -in -law couldn’t get together, saying "Stupid girl, this shows that the boy is pregnant, and he can have a big fat boy." Xiaowang doubtful, muttering, "The navel protruding is a boy? Is this superstition?" So pregnant womenIs the navel protruding or recess is related to the gender of the fetus?In fact, the real reason is these 4 points.

1. The position of the placenta

It is also pregnant, but the placenta is different in the stomach of the pregnant woman.If the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus, this shows that the presence of the pregnant woman’s belly will be under pressure from the uterus, and under the action of stress, the pregnant woman’s navel will be "squeezed out", and what we see is protruding.On the contrary, if the placenta is on the back wall of the uterus, it means that the pressure on the stomach of the pregnant woman is relatively small, and the navel will not protrude.

2. The skin condition of pregnant women

The state of the skin of a pregnant woman has a lot to do with the protruding of the navel or the recess. If the skin of the pregnant woman is relatively firm, the pregnant woman’s belly will be supported to the extreme with the development of the fetus.Squeeze out.If the skin of the pregnant woman is relatively loose, the skin on the belly has enough telescopic tension.Even if the belly is large, the navel eyes are not easy to protrude.

3. The frequency of fetal movement

At about 4 months of pregnancy, pregnant women can feel the fetal movement, but at this time the fetal movement is not many, and the range is not very large.With the development of the fetus, the fetal movement will gradually increase, and the amplitude will become larger. In 7 months, it will become regular, and it will reach the peak period in 8 months.If the fetal movement is more frequent, the number of pressure on the stomach of the pregnant woman is more pressured, and the navel will easily highlight.Of course, if the fetal movement belongs to abnormal frequency, the pregnant woman must go to the hospital in time.

4. The degree of labor of pregnant women

Many pregnant women still insist on work during pregnancy, or they can’t live at home. They have to do a lot of housework.For a long time, pregnant women are prone to too tired.If pregnant women are overworked, they will not only affect their health, but also not good for the development of the fetus.Moreover, pregnant women are too tired, and the pressure on the belly is relatively high, and the navel is easy to protrude.

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