Rumor!Can’t you really exercise during pregnancy?

A few days ago, my friend sent me WeChat and said; I was pregnant, I wanted to exercise, but can I exercise?

For such a question, what I want to say is in the current society. This is a novel topic, because our culture does not attach great importance to this problem. I never thought how to use our bodies correctly, soIt seems that the physical problems are all given to the doctor.In fact, this is a pity.We can exercise during pregnancy.

Fitness and placenta

The medium -intensity fitness exercise promotes the growth of the placenta and helps the placenta to transport blood, nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.In this way, even when expectant mothers do prenatal fitness, the fetus can still get sufficient oxygen and blood supply.And this means that even when the expectant mother rests.The fetus can still get new blood, oxygen and nutrient supply within 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.Some studies have also found that increased oxygen supply helps to protect the fetus during contractions and childbirth.

Fitness and fetus

The latest research shows that when the prospective maternal group has a medium -strength prenatal fitness exercise, the blood volume of the fetus is stable.Unless the expectant mothers do high -strength prenatal fitness exercises (the fastest heart rate exceeds 80%, or the exercise time exceeds 90 minutes), the blood supply to the fetus will change.Because of this, it is recommended to control the maximum heart rate at 70%-75%.Within the scope of the heart, the time before giving birth is 30-70 minutes.It should be noted that these pregnant women who are suitable for regular fitness.

Fitness and weight

What we need to know is that the weight gain during pregnancy is not the usual weight gain.This is a change in the process of fetal breeding.At this time, some parts of expectant mothers are particularly willing to accumulate fat.This is also a special physiological reason for the body.What our expectant mother has to do is to prevent excessive weight growth.Perseverance of prenatal fitness during pregnancy can help prevent excess weight from increasing weight.Preparatory fitness can not maintain weight and does not increase, but it will help prevent excess weight gain.

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy can reduce the pain in the lower back, enhance the internal force, stabilize the spine, and help expectant mothers to nurture the fetus.Prevent excessive muscle tension or relaxation to improve body circulation and blood flow to promote calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis

We understand that the benefits of fitness exercise during pregnancy and the relationship between the fetus and the weight of the fetus are important.

In fact, now everyone still has some misunderstandings about exercise during pregnancy. Let’s take a look.

1. The aerobic movement will cause squeezing and cause amniotic fluid to rupture.

Unless amniotic fluid rupture before giving birth, aerobic exercise does not break it in advance.Specific mothers who usually run often can run easily throughout pregnancy. If you do n’t exercise before, do n’t try to jump or run during pregnancy.

2. The aerobic exercise will transform the fetal nutrients into the energy of expectant mothers, so that the fetus will be affected.

Increased blood during pregnancy, providing more nutrition, can increase multiple protection to the fetus. Exercise will actually enhance the motivation of the placenta and promote good nutritional supply.

It is also important to increase diet during pregnancy.To understand some simple nutritional knowledge, you will benefit a lot.

3. Exercise will cause abortion

Studies have found that pregnant women who frequently exercise are less likely to cause problems and complications during pregnancy and childbirth than pregnant women who do not often exercise. Over the aerobic exercise, it will not increase and reduce the rate of abortion.Therefore, training must be scientific, safe and efficient.

4. If I choose to have abdomen, do I need to exercise?

In ACO 2002 in the American Society of Preparation of the United States, if there is no medical condition or complications, pregnant women can do more medium -intensity exercise for more than 3 minutes a day.The correct exercise of pregnant women can reduce the complications that may occur during pregnancy.

Summary: We know the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and some common sense misunderstandings.Therefore, in fact, you can exercise during pregnancy, provided that your doctor can let you exercise. Do not exercise blindly during exercise. You must exercise scientific and safely.This will get better and better.

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