Rural taboos, old, weak, sick, young, pregnant women and routine holidays go to the grave. It is not nonsense.

Rural people are more concerned about funeral, sacrifice and other things, and there are many rules.

What I want to share with you today is some rules for rural areas for the grave.

Are there three types of people who are required not to participate in the grave? Which three types of people are reasonable?Let’s talk about it!

Everyone’s constitution is different, and some children are indeed accompanied by various diseases as soon as they are born.

In the past, the medical treatment in the countryside was not well developed, and it was not convenient to see a doctor. You could only rely on some of the advice from Lao Lang in the village to take some Chinese medicine to slowly condition it, or just find some goddesses to see and make a ceremony.

For those who are born from birth to big and accompanied by diseases all year round, rural areas are not allowed to participate in the grave sacrifice.

According to rural areas, these people are poor in their bodies, weakened in the positive yang, and the graveyard is a place where Y Qi is relatively heavy. These people participate in worrying about being upper body, aggravating the condition, and having physical discomfort.

Of course, this is relatively logical.

Personally, it is because we do not allow fragile and sick people to participate in the grave because of safety.

Most of the graves in the countryside are on the hillside or in the woods. The mountain roads are bumpy, and people with bad health cannot stand it.

In case you encounter a sliding or a breath that cannot recover, or a sudden heart disease, causing accidents, etc., it is not good.

Most of the people in the countryside are very good. Many people can still carry a basket of corn uphill and downhill at the age of 40 or 50, but people with bad health can not stand it a few more steps, let alone the mountain Yueling goes to the grave.It’s right.

Although many elderly people in the countryside are in good health, they are old, just like the machine has used for a long time, and there are some problems with parts or less parts.

To go to the grave, you need to go to a relatively far place, and you need to climb the mountain road. Most of the older people are all the problems such as joints, high blood pressure, and unstable breath. In case of accidents, they will be very fatal.

In order to avoid fatal injuries, the elderly will not participate in the grave as much as possible.

Children are also very understandable. Although rural children’s body sticks, especially when we were young, we often climbed trees, played on the hillside, jumped up and down every day, running and making troubles, good health, and eating.

But if you want to go to the graveyard, the children say that the courage is relatively small. In case the grave is scared, there is a shadow in the heart, often having nightmares or something, and it is not good for children’s physical and mental development.

Therefore, do not bring children as much as possible, especially if the body is not very good, children are too young, and older people with older body are all for safety.

Pregnant women can not be understood by the grave, because the pregnant woman’s pregnancy will be very exhausted and weak. On the grave on the grave, you must go to the mountain slope and the hillside. The pregnant woman is inconvenient to move. Of courseIn serious things, the consequences are unimaginable.

Therefore, pregnant women still have as much as possible to raise their fetus as much as possible, and they can go out for a walk, but go to place as few people as much as possible to avoid crowded.

The cemetery is not only distant, but also heavier in Y Qi, which is not suitable for pregnant women in all aspects.

As for women who come to the holiday, not only are it suitable for grave, but participation in commemoration is not allowed.

On the one hand, not going to the grave is also considered that the body and fake people are weak, and there is often a possibility of stunning in insufficient blood supply. Many people have dysmenorrhea discomfort, so they should pay more attention to rest and recuperation.

Moreover, the body of the holiday is not good to go to the cemetery and funeral with a heavy Y Qi. The countryside believes that this will be popular, and it is not very good for the deceased and the crowd.

Of course, whether it is a frail, or the elderly and a child, or a pregnant woman or a case, do not let go to the grave, and participate in the funeral, to avoid bad effects on the body and mind.

But if the deceased is the relative, naturally will not be absent from the funeral because of such a holiday.

Of course, some should pay attention to it.

So what similar customs do you know?Welcome to leave a message to communicate!

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