Sailor Prime Minister Xuan was pregnant, and the child’s father was Ultraman!

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A few days ago, the Japanese media reported that the Japanese actress Kitagawa Moriko reported good news, and the relevant personnel of the affiliated firm also revealed that the due date is this fall.

Netizens commented in the comment area, "In the future, children can proudly say that my father is Ultraman and my mother is a beautiful lady!", "The child’s first voice: GO!"Intersection

Japan’s most beautiful face

Kitagawa Moriko is the goddess of temperament in many people. It has been rated as "the most beautiful face in Japan" by Japanese netizens for three consecutive years. It will also take the top spot in the "Most Face" voting activity held by Oricon each year.

In the selection of the "Most Beautiful Artists" held in 2017, almost the first age was won at almost every age, surpassing many other Japanese goddesses who were familiar with.

In 2003, Kitagawa Jingzi, with the corner of "Sailor Moon", officially made his debut as an actress, and God restored the role of the anime.

Male god harvester

Because of playing a cute and reborn peach in "Lanjong Girl", from time to time, the cute exaggerated expression, Beichuan Jingzi was affectionately called "囧 子".

And she is also a famous male god harvester.In 2009, he co -starred with Yamashita Tomohisa in "Zero Said", and the two also came out a lot of scandals, thinking that they had been together.

In 2014, she and Jinchuang starred in the movie "I Want to Hug you" adapted from the real thing. The rotating Trojan KISS was one of the votes for voting.

Perhaps the audience was too deep, and then she and Jincumon also had a scandal.

She is also the domineering "House Queen" in "The Woman selling the house" of "Ann", which allows many people to know her again.The phrase "no house that I can’t sell" and the "GO!" Of the super brainwashing will be excited when you hear it!

In the "First Love", which was about to be released in 2021, was also challenged for the first time in 2021, which was full of temperament ~

Short -haired, she is beautiful and has a sharp contrast with her previous cute image.

The happy life of princess and prince

Speaking of the exemplary couples in the Japanese entertainment industry, DAIGO and Kitagawa Moriko will definitely be mentioned by countless people.The two met when they filmed the Japanese drama "Lady" in 2011. They were tightly settled in the dating photo in 2014, and then officially announced the news of the marriage on January 10, 2016.

Daigo is the lead singer and singer of the Rock Orchestra Breakerz, and he often sees him in Japanese variety shows.His grandfather is still the former 74th Japanese Prime Minister Takeshita. His father was a reporter of the Daily Political Department. His sister is still a well -known cartoonist. The family background can be said to be very powerful.

Due to his own face value and top -fitting family history, DAIGO is also a prince in Japan, and he has always ranked among the artists like princes.

Interestingly, DAIGO played the big river that was integrated with the Cyrone Altman in the movie "The Legend of Ultraman" (2012).

At that time, the wedding of the two was also the headline of Japan for many days.DAIGO spent 500 million yen to create a luxurious wedding banquet, and banquet the entertainment industry, heavyweights of politicians, and even Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe specially recorded the film blessing for them.

At the wedding, Daigo sang the song "KSK (wedding し て くださ い), please marry me", and proposed to proposal for the second time. Jingzi also moved to tears on the spot.

In 2016, DAIGO opened an IG account for the first time, and took a photo with his wife. The two leaned on their heads, compared with the gesture of "Yeah", and wrote the text "I can’t help but start to play ins. The first photo.Just take a photo of our husband and wife as a memorial, remember to follow me! "

Life after marriage is also as sweet as honey.For example, on the birthday of Jingzi each year, it will be equipped with the corresponding amount of roses.

At the first anniversary of marriage, I also shared sweet photos on IG.

DAIGO will also share some small daily life on INS."Because after watching the magic girl, he said that he also wanted to be a magical girl and cried. I said that I couldn’t be a magical girl because I was a man, and we cried with her. Although we couldn’t be a magical girl, But think about her as a beautiful girl, I am Ultraman. I can bear it. "I can imagine how sweet the two should usually be daily.

DAIGO often shows affection in variety shows!He published a famous saying: "The healing department in my heart, there is only one person in the world, that is my wife."

When asked what the most wanted Christmas gift was, my wife said to me "welcome home."

When asked about whether it changed for two years on the show, his answer was: "I still can’t get used to the amazing beauty of his wife." This bowl of dog food is a bit high.

The "Beautiful Sailor", which has a career and love, will have her first child with "Ultraman". Let us bless it again ~

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Picture source: Weibo, Instagram

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