Sandy’s "spicy belly dress" in May!What is the stomach in the net?Bear: I can’t see it at all

Reporter Liu Yiting / Comprehensive Report

Sandy (Wu Shanru) was married to her boyfriend Mr. Wang, who had been dating for 5 years earlier this year, and confirmed the good news of 5 months of pregnancy in September.Share a series of photos on the platform of the "Cosmic Man" platform a while ago. At that time, we wore a medium -empty and exposed waist. I couldn’t see that it was a pregnant woman at all, which also exclaimed everyone: "This belly is unreasonable!"

Sandy was dressed in the belly in May.(Photo / Ig from Sandy)

Sandy took a photo with the cosmic people yesterday. After sharing the cooperation with each other happily: "Cosmic people, thank you for your beautiful music, so that our universe friends can find simple happiness." She mentioned that when she went to the platform that day, she went to the platform.Everyone joked that it was a retro signing concert, and she couldn’t help sighing: "Yes, now it seems that no one is popular in the square together, waving looking forward to listening to the song to sign on the stage ~ It is mainly because the physical record is gradually declining because of digital digital.Right, but our age is to participate in the signing concert! "

Sandy photo cosmic people.(Photo / Ig from Sandy)

What is particularly noticed is that in a few of them, Sandy was wearing a short red version of knitted shirt with a pregnant belly and high -waisted denim wide pants.It also attracted Dasao (Li Yanyu) exclaimed, "Where is the six -month -old belly?" Xiong Xiong (Zhuo Yutong) couldn’t help but amazed, "You can also show your belly, you can’t see it at all, too powerful."

Sandy’s stomach disappeared shocked everyone.(Photo / Ig from Sandy)

In this regard, many netizens also exclaimed too unscientific, "Is it really pregnant?", "I am not pregnant, my belly is larger than you", "This belly is unreasonable, ah ah ah, so beautiful", so beautiful ", so beautiful", so beautiful ", so beautiful", so beautiful ", so beautiful", so beautiful ", so beautiful", so beautiful ", so beautiful", so beautiful ", so beautiful", so beautiful ", so beautiful", my stomach is so beautiful ", my stomach is so beautiful.""The figure is so good." Some people even joked that "I reasonably suspect that pregnancy is a fake news." The photos set off a lot of discussion.

Sandy is pregnant with excellent pregnancy.(Photo / Ig from Sandy)

In fact, the photos posted by Sandy were taken on September 25. At that time, the cosmic -man -signed concert platform was pregnant for more than 5 months and excellent status. Even the cosmic member Akui could not help but say:"I just care about it in the background. Usually, pregnant women will not be comfortable, but when she looks at her, she is very energetic." She said, "I rarely exercise, physique!" At that time, many people noticed herThe abdomen was super flat, and she shyly said, "Okay, slowly see (pregnant belly)."

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