Save the next weasel, and the woman who has never met a while outside is pregnant with her child

Zhang Huyuan is a savvy and capable general. In this era of war, it was the target of the forces of all parties.

Once Zhang Hu Yuan led his troops to copy the enemy’s old nest. When I saw a lone mountain, I saw a weasel on the cliff. The weasel was full of injuries.The weasel, put on the weasel back, and waited for the mountain under the mountain to make a simple treatment for the weasel wound, then put it in the woods.

This is just the case. Zhang Huyuan always sighed secretly, and lamented how he was fighting for a lot of victory. He had not left a half daughter after 30 years and five.One dozen for so many years.

This day Zhang Hu Yuan was looking at the battle map, and suddenly saw a weasel at the door outside the room and stared at himself. Zhang Huyuan recognized that the weasel was saved by himself.I don’t know where I will tomorrow, but unfortunately my woman can’t look at me like you.

After holding a weasel for a while, the weasel ran away, and looked back at Zhang Hu Yuan nodded three times.

It was coincidentally. Just that night, Zhang Huyuan dreamed of his woman and did that effort to give birth to a child and a half daughter.

In this way, no matter where Zhang Hu Yuan fights, the weasel appears once, but on the night of the weasel, Zhang Huyuan must have a dream.

In this way, it lasted for six or seven years. During a war, Zhang Huyuan was injured, and the wound was actually the roots of men.

How can Zhang Huyuan go back now? After a few months of struggle, I still feel that I went home secretly to see her own woman. Zhang Huyuan hid behind the room to peek at the house. He saw that a little boy in his own age was exactly the same as himself.A small Zhang Hu Yuan, Zhang Huyuan was strange.

What was going on in the end, at this time, I saw her woman shouting: Zhang Shulang, eating.

Zhang Huyuan was so stupid to see them after eating, so the child went to play. At this time, the woman packed the chopsticks and said, "Children and his father, is this child yours?Why do I dream of a weasel every time there is a weasel.

If it wasn’t for you, I kept myself like a jade again, where did the child come from?Amazing.

Hearing that Zhang Hu Yuan couldn’t help standing here. When the two met, the woman cried and cried. Afterwards, the woman talked in detail the child’s affairs. Actually, the weasel that the woman saw was saved by themselves, but the time was right.

In the end, Zhang Hu Yuan still didn’t believe it. Inadvertently gave the child to recognize the blood, but he was really his own child.

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