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My aunt was postponed for several days. The first reaction of women who had sex with sex would be: Am I pregnant?Buy a pregnancy test stick to test it.

One test, not expected, two bars, this should be pregnant?So he ran to the hospital and did not expect to finish the examination. The doctor said that he was not pregnant.Where is this something wrong?

In fact, the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is not 100%.If you test at home, the accuracy of the test results can only reach 50%-90%.Because the test time, usage method, etc. will affect the test results.


When do you use the pregnancy test?

You can test whether you are pregnant in about 14 days after sex.

The reason why pregnancy test paper is carried out 14 days after sexual behavior is because it is a hormone secreted by nourishing cells -the value of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).Only to form gradually, so HCG couldn’t be measured in the first few days of pregnancy, and it was not obvious until about 14 days.

It is generally recommended to use morning urine detection in the morning, and the accuracy rate is higher.


How to use the pregnancy test stick?

1. Pay attention to the production date on the box, do not use expired test cards.Before testing, you must read the instruction manual carefully and follow the steps of the manual.

2. Restore the reagent bar and urine sample specimens to room temperature (20-30 ° C) before use.

3. Take the reagent bar from the original packaging aluminum foil bag and should be used within 1 hour.

4. Insert the reagent bar into the urine specimen according to the direction of the arrow. Note that the urine surface cannot exceed the marking line of the reagent bar.

5. After about 5 seconds, take out flat release and observe the results within 30 seconds to 5 minutes.


What do you think of the result?

These test results generally appear:

Unhappy: Only one bar appears in 3 minutes.

Preliminary diagnosis of pregnancy: In 1-5 minutes, both bars (control line C and detection line T) are both colorful, and the detection line (T) color is clear;

Perhaps pregnancy: two bars appear in 1-5 minutes, but the detection line (T) has a lighter color.It is recommended to use morning urine after 3 to 5 days.

Effective or failure: No line appears.It may be caused by the expiration and test methods of the product.

Although the results of the pregnancy test strip are basically accurate, the errors caused by the discontinuation time, the concentration of urine, and the accuracy of menstruation are still not eliminated. It is best to cooperate with the hospital for examination to ensure that the results are more accurate.

Another important reason to go to the hospital for pregnancy is to test the pregnancy. In the first examination, in addition to determining whether the expectant mother is pregnant, the doctor will also confirm whether it is a normal pregnancy. Generally, if there are some obvious situations that are not conducive to pregnancy, doctors can early as early as possibleDiscover and give corresponding suggestions in order to take corresponding measures early.

Urine test (pregnancy test):

Can you get pregnant early


Usually about 14 days after the same room, choricular gonadotropins can be detected in urine, also known as "urinary pregnancy test".Under normal circumstances, positive urine pregnancy tests can be judged as pregnancy.

B ultra -wave check:

The most reliable and accurate


The earliest in the 5th to 6th weeks of pregnancy, it was used for one to 2 weeks of menstruation for 1 to 2 weeks. During the examination, a circular aura can be seen in the uterus through the B ultrasonic, also known as the pregnancy ring.After 6 weeks, the fetal buds and rhythmic fetal hearts are usually seen.

Ultrasonic examination can also determine whether embryonic development is normal, helping pregnant mothers who are not prepared to check the gestational week.B -ultrasound can also detect ectopic pregnancy early.

Blood test HCG level:

The earliest accurate judgment of pregnancy


The blood test can be performed in about 10 days after the same room, about 5 days earlier than the urine test, which is the earliest method for checking pregnancy, and the accuracy rate is higher.HCG appeared in the blood test 10 days after the same room, and then began to appear in urine.


It is important to discover signs of pregnancy early

Some women have not prepared for babies. Due to various reasons, they are pregnant and may face a choice of miscarriage.

If you choose a miscarriage, you can see the pregnancy sac in the uterine under the B -ultrasound. The longer the pregnancy time, the risk of the surgery will increase accordingly.Therefore, it is recommended to decide as soon as possible to decide abortion within 50 days of menopause, and artificial abortion or drug abortion can be selected.The increase in gestational weeks needs to choose the appropriate abortion method under the guidance of a doctor.

For women who want to be a mother, it is even more important to capture early pregnancy information. Once you confirm your pregnancy, you should pay attention to adjusting your lifestyle, avoiding the use of drugs that affect embryos, and avoiding the effects of second -hand smoke and alcohol.

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