Seeing red in the early pregnancy is not necessarily a miscarriage, don’t do it.

In the early stages of pregnancy, many expectant mothers had seen redness and were very nervous, thinking that something had problems with the baby.

Clinical symptoms of bed bleeding

☑ Bleeding time

After the fertilized eggs, the bed happened about 6 days after fertilization. At this time, most expectant mothers did not have a particularly obvious response. A few expectant mothers would have some red or pink blood stains. This is called bed bleeding.If it has passed for more than a month or two, it is unlikely to be bleeding in bed.

☑ bleeding color

The color of bed bleeding should be distinguished from ordinary menstrual blood. Generally speaking, the color of bed bleeding is darker, usually pink or brown, deeper than ordinary menstrual blood.

☑ ☑ bleeding amount

The amount of blood in the bed is less, usually only a few days. Sometimes the bleeding of the bed is only a few hours of bleeding, or even a drop of blood.Because some women’s menstrual periods are very short and blood flow is small, she occasionally confuses bed bleeding and menstrual periods.

情况 The condition of stomach pain

Come to auntie may have abdominal pain because of dysmenorrhea, and there will be mild abdominal pain in bed, but the degree is much lighter than the aunt, and there will be no abdominal pain.

Different from other pathological bleeding


When the primer is bleeding, the placenta is separated from the uterine wall, and the uterus is stimulated, which will shrink the uterus, the cervix expansion, and the blood flows out of the uterus.This bleeding is mostly accompanied by lower abdomen pain, the amount of bleeding is from small to large, the color is from dark to red, and abdominal pain has gradually developed from hidden pain to more severe pain. It is different from bed bleeding.

Ectopic pregnancy

When the fertilized eggs develop to a certain extent, the fallopian tube wall will break and bleed.Because this bleeding is flowing in the abdominal cavity, there may not be much bleeding through vaginal bleeding.However, this kind of blood loss often causes syncope, shock, etc., and the treatment is not timely, which can cause patients to die.


The abortion of hydatidies generally starts at 2-3 months of amenorrhea.Bleeding is mostly intermittent and a small amount of bleeding, but some may have repeatedly bleed repeatedly.

In addition, cervical polyps, cervical cancer, front or low placenta, etc. can also cause vaginal bleeding.

Find other symptoms

☑ Do you feel nausea and nausea

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is very discomfort for mothers. This is caused by hormone levels. If pregnancy vomiting occurs, it is a sign of pregnancy. At this timeThere are other discomfort to consult a doctor.

和 nipple tears and breast pain

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers’ breasts will become soft and have a slight tenderness. In addition, the color of the nipples and areolas will deepen.This is also one of the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.

☑ Increased urination times

Another symptom during pregnancy is that your urination is more than before. If you exclude the possibility of other urinary diseases, you have to see if you are pregnant.

波 Pay attention to observe emotional fluctuations

After pregnancy, the estrogen of expectant mothers will increase, which will bring you emotional fluctuations. For example, the previous minute was still laughing, and the next minute in tears.There is no reason for these. At this time, you have to doubt whether you are pregnant.

眩 See if you feel dizzy

If you stand up too quickly, get up the stairs or feel dizzy at all, then you may be pregnant.

情况 Find a doctor to understand the details

You may have gone through a lot of symptoms listed, but you are not pregnant.Want to know if you are pregnant and whether the blood on the underwear is the best way to bleed bed bleeding is to see a doctor.Book your doctor or go to the family planning clinic where you are located, and you will immediately know the results.

Calmly cope with bed bleeding

When fertilized egg bleeding, generally does not need to be treated, and there is no discomfort. Just pay attention to daily health care. In addition, bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, sometimes not bed bleeding, must be alert to certain pathological bleeding, such as such as some pathological bleeding, such asEctopic pregnancy and so on.


In fact, seeing red in the early pregnancy may also be bleeding in bed. Such bleeding symptoms are normal, and pregnant mothers can not have to panic.If you exclude bed bleeding and menstrual period during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should be alert to bleeding caused by other reasons. It is best to seek help from a doctor and do a good job of examination.

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