Selina Ren Jiaxuan announced her pregnancy!It’s been three months since I will not register with my child’s dad

On March 13th, there was another good news in the entertainment industry. Everyone who was familiar with SELINA Ren Jiaxuan was pregnant!

This afternoon, Ren Jiaxuan posted on Weibo to share good news with you, I’m pregnant!

Ren Jiaxuan also took the nickname of the baby, called "small cashews", because she said that cashews were curved, with smiley eyes. As a mother, she hoped that cashew fruit was a happy child.

Ren Jiaxuan took a photo of the baby’s B -ultrasound and felt the existence of life. There were two health manuals. He and the child dad had two people and one person. I didn’t know whether the child was a boy or a’s gift.

Ren Jiaxuan discovered pregnancy during the epidemic. When she first started to see two bars, she couldn’t believe it. Let her boyfriend quickly buy a new test paper. Only two bars were believed to be pregnant.

Ren Jiaxuan realized that she was going to be a mother, and she cried excitedly. Her boyfriend Xiao Xu wanted to be a father and cried. She went to the hospital for examination and determined that she had been pregnant for 4,5 weeks, which was almost a month.

When Ren Jiaxuan was on the show, he announced the news of pregnancy, saying that she had been pregnant for three months, and although she was old, she was quite realistic during the early pregnancy. She also participated in the marathon yesterday and ran for nearly 3 kilometers.Also climbing the mountain with your family, the state looked good, and did not show coquettishness at all.

Maybe everyone has different constitutions. Actress Xu Ruohuan gave birth to her son at the age of 40. She was lying on the bed for most of her pregnancy when she was at the age of 40. She was very careful.

Ren Jiaxuan had a relationship with her boyfriend in March last year. Xiao Xu was 7 years younger than her, and was a fan of She. She must know that all her past was still confessed to her without hesitation.

After the two fell in love, Ren Jiaxuan took her boyfriend to participate in various rituals, which was quite generous.

Ren Jiaxuan has been pregnant for three months now. She still calls her child dad as her boyfriend, and she has never thought about getting married at the beginning of the relationship. It may also be the consensus reached by the two of them.

Ren Jiaxuan may be shadowed by the first marriage. When Zhang Chengzhong chose to get married when she was the most vulnerable, Ren Jiaxuan touched runny nose. Everyone thought it was true love.The two chose to divorce peace.

Although the two of her ex -husband Zhang Chengzhong can still communicate peacefully after divorce, they are still friends, but from her no longer daring to enter the marriage choice, it shows that she is more cautious about marriage.

The child’s arrival is a surprise for Ren Jiaxuan and boyfriend, which shows that they are all loveders. For the children, there is a responsible parent who can love her to love him.

On the day of Women’s Day, Chen Jiahua Tian Yan Zhen Renjiaxuan three good sisters reunited. Chen Jiahua was the first to get married and had children, and it was also the most tired. Now Ren Jiaxuan is also a mother, and now Tian Yanzhen is alone.

The three of them have made so many years of debut, bringing so many good songs to everyone, they are all excellent.

Regardless of whether they choose single or get married, as long as they are happy.

Bless them!

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