Seriously fatal!There are more than 20 cases in the hospital one night, and many people love to eat

It is the season of crayfish listing

A lot of food happiness is back again

Be careful

People with allergies should eat crayfish with caution!

After 12 o’clock in the night

Skin emergency department of the second People’s Hospital of Chengdu, Sichuan

Patients who always receive allergies because they eat crayfish are allergic

Sometimes more than ten, even more than 20

This situation has lasted for 1 month

Someone also eaten it

Sended to the rescue room

After eating the crayfish, breathing is not smooth

Emergency medical treatment

Mr. Zhu (pseudonym), 24, died of a small half pot of spicy crayfish on May 27 with a supper with his friends on May 27.A few hours later, Mr. Zhu suddenly began to feel itchy and painful, and his body was full of red rashes, and he couldn’t help nauseous.

Friends quickly sent him to Chengdu Second People’s Hospital.At this time, Mr. Zhu’s lips were red and swollen, the whole body rashed, vaguely vomited, mild swelling in his hands and feet, and his chest tightness and breathing were poor.After active anti -allergic treatment, half an hour later, Mr. Zhu’s rash improved significantly and relieved breathing difficulties.

Meng Huimin, the attending physician of the dermatology department, said that this is a crayfish allergy caused acute urticaria.Entering the peak season of crayfish, now I encounter more than ten or even more than 20 allergic diagnosis every night, and may be life -threatening.

I ate 4 crayfish

Someone almost might

According to Yiwu Rong Media Center, recently, the 28 -year -old guy in Yiwu, Zhejiang, only eaten 4 crayfish, and almost asked for his life.

"After eating, at 10 o’clock in the evening, my stomach started to pain. I went to work at about 8 o’clock the next morning. Symptoms of jet vomiting appeared. After the vomiting, the whole person was weak and dizzy.I came to the hospital. "After being sent to the hospital, the situation of the small building was more serious. The doctor said that it was only half an hour later, and it might be life -threatening." When the patient came to the emergency, people were very collapsed, only 60/30 mm HgHis blood pressure, immediately consider that he may be an allergic shock. "


Why cause acute urticaria?

Dr. Meng Huimin explained that the crayfish contains "alien foreign protein". Some special groups are particularly sensitive to heterogeneous protein. After a large amount of food, heterogeneous protein accumulates in the body, thereby generating the corresponding LGE antibody.

And many parts of the LGE antibody exist in the human body, such as nasal, throat, trachea, skin and other lymphocytes, when the combination of allergens and LGE antibodies produces related antigen antibody reactions, it will cause skin wind groups, throat edema, blood pressure, blood pressure, blood pressureReduce symptoms.

Severe food allergies are enough to be fatal

If allergies develop rapidly

It will appear in a short time

Chest tightness, tightness, abdominal pain, dizziness

Even symptoms such as allergic shock

No timely rescue will be in danger of life!

Except for allergies

These people also

Try to eat less or not to eat crayfish!

■ Easy to digest bad people

■ People with high uric acid and gout

■ Patients with diabetes

■ Pregnant women, children, and elderly people with lower resistances

Crayfish is delicious although delicious

But don’t be greedy

Transfer: Golden Temple close distance

Source: Jiangsu Police

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