Several large -scale movies, how many have you watched?

The creativity of this drama originated from "The Love of the Love" by Tanasaki Hunichiro.The storyline, describing a battle of revenge for 20 years.

At the beginning, the true reason from an early age, met with a new home in the next home.Girls and the same age, know each other, and become friends.However, the truth is true, and it is often taken by the open -minded Lily.In adulthood, the lily of greed (Takaoka Early Ji), and once again captured the lover of Shinuko (Nakayama Misui) -forgive 1 (Tanabeki Ichi).Lily became pregnant, forgive Yi to marry, and the two had one son.This son, since its birth, has become a tool of revenge of Zhenyuzi.In the twenty years, the scene of revenge was officially opened.

Today, through the cultivation of Zhen Yuzi himself, Zhi Yan (Long Xing Liang) became an ideal beautiful man, deeply fascinated by Zhen Yizi …

The reason why the Naked Directors "can challenge the real and non -taboo is not only in its luxurious actor lineup, but also because there is a" cultural taboo spread pioneer "behind it -the village westward.In the 1980s, the economic bubble was at its peak, and Japan was full of unlimited expectations for the future.However, during this period, the adult film industry was still bound by old -fashioned sexual cultural norms.As an entrepreneur, Village West is determined to change this status quo and produce adult films in the true sense.As early as the female employee and female college student in the Juliana’s Tokyo ("Juliana’s TOKYO", he had already begun the challenge before he danced with a feather fan to dance crazy.The village west completely subverted the concept of Japanese pornography, and became a household name with the legendary AV actress Kuroki.Today, "All Naked Directors" continues the spirit of the village, challenging taboos again, showing real human nature and life.

"Boyaru" is a Japanese movie released in 2019. The director is the Saint -Kota Mountains, and the screenwriter is responsible for Yoshimoto.Starring Matsuda Longping, Nakagura Miki, Ozawa Masaru, etc., are exquisite in acting skills and amazing.

The storyline revolves around a small restaurant in Tokyo- "Boyaru Cafeteria", and has launched a touching story.Although the dishes are not perfect here, they have a unique flavor and atmosphere, which has attracted countless diners to taste it.In this small restaurant, many unusual stories have occurred.Among them, the emotional entanglement between the heroine played by the protagonist Matsuda Matsuda and the heroine played by Nakaguchi Miki is particularly noticeable.

The film shows the true significance of people’s pursuit of food and love in a warm and relaxed way.At the same time, it also reveals the confusion and struggles of people in modern society about love and marriage.It can be described as a masterpiece with both sound and cultural connotation.

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