Several of "getting angry", "reducing fire" is more effective

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the diseases are inside, and must be shape outside." That is to say, if there is a problem inside the body, it will be manifested outside the body.The following tests can help you simply judge where the body is "angry". Let’s take a look together.

Liver fire

(1) The eyes are often dry and astringent, and they will suddenly become red.Or there is no myopia, but always blurred vision and cannot be seen clearly.

(2) Face red, easy to be upset, irritable.

(3) There are always many secretions on the eyes.

(4) I always feel hard in my mouth.

(5) Drink a lot of water, but still dry.

(6) No matter how brushing your teeth, you cannot get rid of strong bad breath.

(7) Familiarity such as ulcers, gum swelling and pain often occur without any reason.

(8) There are often headaches and tinnitus.

(9) It was a long time before adolescence.

(10) Take a bath frequently, and the skin of the whole body is still itchy.

Response: Wild chrysanthemum bubble water

Wild chrysanthemums are the strongest in clearing the heat. Drinking some wild chrysanthemum tea properly, it is conducive to lowering liver fire and controlling blood pressure.Choose a small, yellow, and flavor, and drinking wild chrysanthemum tea for 3 to 5 grams at a time.

It should be noted that the grass chrysanthemums have different tastes and effects of chrysanthemums in the past, and the two cannot be confused.Compared with several kinds of family chrysanthemums from Gongju, Hangju, Chrysanthemum, and Chrysanthemum, the flowers of wild chrysanthemums are smaller and yellow, and the flowers are not very beautiful, and the cold cold is heavier.Wild chrysanthemum has the strongest effect of detoxifying heat and clearing heat and swelling, which is effective for alleviating sores, toothache, and bad breath.However, in general, do not drink wild chrysanthemum tea for a long time, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach yang qi, causing stomach discomfort, intestines, and sparse stools.


(1) Very prone to long sores, and the tip of the tongue is bright red.

(2) Frequent thirst, not enough water to drink.

(3) The face often becomes red and dark.

(4) I often feel hot and stuffy of the chest.

(5) There is always no emotional irritability.

(6) I often feel hot at night.

(7) For long -term constipation, the treatment effect is not obvious with various methods.

(8) There is a hot sensation when urinating, and the color of the urine is brighter.

(9) The skin is prone to ulcers, and the affected area has a large area of redness and swelling, and the pain is strong.

(10) The heart is healthy, but I often feel that the frequency of heartbeat is too fast.

Copy: lotus seed tea, bitter dishes

Eat more bitter foods such as bitter chrysanthemums and lotus seeds, so that they can diarrhea.The lotus seed heart is the blue green germ, bitterness, and fragrance of the center of the lotus seeds. It has the effect of soothe the heart and strong heart.At noon, you can also add your mind, and your heart is full of emotions.

Lung fire

(1) Frequent cough, coughing yellow sputum, and running yellow.

(2) Always feel dry throat.

(3) Feeling thirst and like to eat cold things.

(4) The nose is red, and the nosebleeds often flow.

(5) The tip of the nose and forehead is prone to small pustules or mules.

(6) The face became red as soon as possible, especially the two foreheads.

(7) The palms and hearts are much hotter than others, easy to sweat, and even feel hot.

(8) Frequent night sweats.

(9) Innovative discomforts such as low fever (about 37.5 ° C) often occur in the afternoon.

(10) There are often problems of dry stool.

Response: sour pear water

The lung fire is usually accompanied by a cold. If you cough yellow sputum, throat pain, thirst, dry stools, and cool food, you can basically diagnose the lungs.

Method: Wash the sour pear and cut into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and drink water.

In addition to drinking sour pear water and ensuring adequate sleep, you can eat white radish, celery, spinach, banana, apple and other cool foods in your diet.Eat less foods such as fat, chocolate, and sweets.


(1) There are strong bad breath, and frequent brushing can not be removed.

(2) Frequent gum swelling and pain, in severe cases or even gum ulcers.

(3) Bleeding at the root of the teeth when brushing.

(4) Burning pain in the stomach.

(5) The gums shrink significantly in a short time.

(6) It is often hungry when you eat and eat in full amount on time.

(7) Constipation will occur every other time.

(8) Nausea and vomiting, spit out things as stomach content.

(9) Always feel dry mouth.

(10) The tongue coating is yellow, or thick and yellow.

Response: 荸 荸, raw ravioli

There are often dry mouth, heavy tone, easy to stool, but always getting hungry too much?If so, it means that you may have a stomach fire.Stomach fire is very common, which is mostly related to diet. The areas and seasons with dry weather are easily "ignited."

Practice: The coriander is a good thing that is clearing and digestion. Since ancient times, it has the reputation of "underground Sydney".

Can be used to boil porridge,

Take 100 grams each of the coriander and rice.Peel the fresh coriander to cut the small pieces. The rice is pure, add water to cook it into porridge. When the porridge is cooked, put it in the coriander. Finally, put it in sugar and season.It can be taken in order for 3 to 5 days.

、 火 is a good thing for Qingxia inner fire and digestion. Since ancient times, it has the reputation of "underground Sydney" and can be used to boil porridge.

It has a good effect of relief and cold, which has a good effect of eliminating stasis and cooling blood and clearing the heat.Usually you can eat more chilled lotus slices or squeezed juice to drink, which has a good effect of lowering stomach fire.

Kidney fire

(1) Teeth often have no pain for no reason, and looseness occurs.

(2) The color of the tongue is bright red and there is no tongue coating.

(3) There are often dizziness for no reason.

(4) Drustering during the day, often insomnia at night.

(5) Night night sweats.

(6) Frequent tinnitus, even temporary deafness in severe cases.

(7) I often feel hot and mood in the evening in the evening.

(8) Do not do heavy physical work or high -intensity exercise, but always feel back pain.

(9) There is no reason to feel pain in the tibial part or heel.

(10) Severe hair loss, men will also have slippery essence.

Council: wolfberry, ground bone skin and brewed tea drink

Heel pain and so on.

Method: Usually you can use wolfberry and ground bone skin to make tea.In addition, you can also use 2 pork waist, 15 grams each of wolfberry and mandarin meat, and cook in the casserole until the pork waist is rotten. Eat the waist and drink soup.

In the above items, if you have 5 or more symptoms, you may show that your corresponding internal organs are in a state of fire.However, the fire in the body is also divided into reality. Do not take a lot of gunpowder blindly. If the short -term diet regulation and rest cannot change your symptoms of fire, it is also recommended to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

Transfer: Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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