She is a national first -class actor and has not given birth for 42 years due to filming!61 -year -old is only a mother as expected

The actor’s party is not as easy as ordinary people think. Although they can get fame and fortune, they will sacrifice something at the same time.

National first -level actor Song Chunli has paid over the price for her acting career.

Due to the filming, he had not been born for 42 years, and was 61 years old to be a mother as expected.

At that time, she was already pregnant. She was filming the outside scene of the movie "Dimmark". There were many action scenes, and the live conditions were very difficult.

The previous film and television industry was not available in any substitutes now. At that time, they all experienced it and played in person.

Song Chunli is very clear that if you continue to work such a high mild work, it may endanger children.

At that time, in her heart, the first thing was to complete the filming of the filming well.

It does not affect the shooting progress and does not delay everyone’s time.

So after discussing with her husband, she decided to go to the hospital for abortion surgery and wanted to devote more energy to the filming.

I never thought that this time the abortion directly led to her infertility for many years, and she never conceived her child again, and became a regret of her life.

Fortunately, in the acting career she had gained, she left a number of classic characters, which can not be regarded as not disappointing her dedication.

For example, in the corner of the queen queen played in the 2018 hot and ancient drama "Yanxi Raiders", it impressed people and was loved by the audience.

Song Chunli was born in a family of intellectuals. Under the influence of the family atmosphere, she was well educated since childhood.

Gradually, I started to like acting, often imitating others’ performances and imitating and painting.

That’s what happened, she has always dreamed that one day she can stand on the stage to perform.

At the age of 13, she joined the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and became a drama actor in the Cultural Troupe.

After many years of staying in the Literary and Cultural Troupe, under a chance, I entered the entertainment industry to start filming.

When he debuted, he was not young. Although he did not have the young and outstanding appearance, Song Chunli still played his own world in this industry with his superb acting skills.

For her, she is actually very suitable for playing some rural women’s images, so she interprets the film and television characters of many mothers and mother -in -law.

It was deeply impressed by the audience, well -known and recognized by people, and the title of "mother professional".

Song Chunli is a actor who is truly late. Although she is many years later than others, she has never stopped learning to improve her footsteps.

Stable and steady, not rush to achieve success, the spirit of "living to the old" is worth learning from the younger generation.

The results of hard work are also very considerable. I have won a lot of awards in their acting career.

From the beginning of the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress, to the Best Actress of the Later Baihua Award and the Golden Rooster Award,

In addition to the TV series, the film has also become a "double film", and the career can be described as rising.

Song Chunli’s husband is a university music teacher. The two have always been very loving and supported each other for many years.

Although Song Chunli has been busy filming and causing miscarriage to be unable to burn, her husband has never complained and in turn comforted her.

The two have been dependent on each other for many years. Until when Song Chunli was 61 years old, with the help of a good friend Deng Jie’s suggestion, she adopted a child. Song Chunli, who was over the years, finally became his mother as expected!

Today, her daughter has a storm and her academic performance is very good.

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