She is regarded as a fertility tool by her husband, but her boyfriend is a treasure: Why is the woman I love worthless?

Li Zhong (pseudonym) and Wang Siyuan (pseudonym) divorced for three years. Today, he came to make remarry. Wang Siyuan could not avoid it. She came today to completely clear the boundaries.Once, she was asked to have a son by Li Zhong, so she was pregnant six times in six years, but she only gave birth to two children. She felt that she was just a fertility machine.Her physical and mental was destroyed and suffered from severe depression, and Li Zhong was absent in these dark moments.Wang Siyuan has been in pain for a long time, and his feelings have shifted. After struggling, the two chose to divorce.Now that Li Zhong is unwilling to face the present and persistently thinks that he still has hope. What should the two go from the last two?

After the divorce, Li Zhong was confident that his wife would return to him, because his wife’s family supported them to remarry.In the Spring Festival of 2018, Wang Siyuan returned to his hometown for the New Year. Li Zhong went to Wang Siyuan from his former discipline. Several uncles tanded Wang Siyuan to Li Zhong’s house. Wang Siyuan slept for one night at the sofa of his ex -husband’s house. He ran out of the door the next day.The maid’s family dare not return to the New Year in the hotel.

Wang Siyuan’s family worked hard to compare the two, and gave Li Zhongzi in various major events. This gave him a strong signal. The remarriage was already on track.However, the strong contrast with the family attitude is that Wang Siyuan’s rejection and disgust are written on his face, but Li Zhong said that remarriage is really not his own wishful thinking.The ex -wife Wang Siyuan gave him a half -year period, and he really went home afterwards.

Wang Siyuan explained that her daughter and her mother -in -law had conflicts. The grandmother blame her granddaughter to stay. In addition, her daughter was about to enter the entrance examination, and Wang Siyuan decided to return to bring her child.Before returning, Wang Siyuan had told Li Zhong that he was just bringing children, and it was impossible to remarry.But when Wang Siyuan returned, Li Zhong asked her to cook rice and live with her.Wang Siyuan refused to leave his luggage. The two had a dispute. Li Zhong moved Wang Siyuan and threatened her: "You believe it, I will kill you tonight", if it wasn’t for the community security, Wang Siyuan was veryIt was possible to be killed, saying that Wang Siyuan took out the photos of his injuries.

Li Zhong’s violence and intimidation made Wang Siyuan terrifying. He was scared to sleep at night, and he couldn’t stop crying in the middle of the night.Hearing his ex -wife to describe him as a nightmare, Li Zhong didn’t care, and smiled in his words. He thought that remarriage was aspirational.At the mediation site, he proposed to connect Wang Siyuan’s younger brother and asked the former sister -in -law to help him talk about good words.

Wang Siyuan’s younger brother hopes that his sister can remarry. After all, what should I do if they are in their thirties?Regarding the suffering of the sister in marriage, the brother did not know. He only knew that the sister had to divorce for the third party and asked Wang Siyuan’s new feelings. The brother showed a disgusted. Li Zhong obviously stood aside with his ex -wife’s family.It is emphasized that ex -wife and current boyfriend are not favored by others.

Li Zhong believes that his ex -wife and current boyfriend cannot have results. The other party is eight or nine years younger than his ex -wife and has not married.He found the family’s family, hoping that they would fight and send all cases of Wang Siyuan’s suffering from depression to the man’s family.Wang Siyuan despise her ex -husband Li Zhong’s behavior, and this will only make her more disgusted.

Wang Siyuan said that her boyfriend resigned for her uncle’s work and cut off the relationship with her family.Which step is the relationship between Xiao Luo and Wang Siyuan?At the mediation site, the host got in touch with Xiao Luo.Xiao Luo acknowledged that because of the disagreement of the parents of the two parties, he thought about giving up, but after being separated, Wang Siyuan was not good. How could his distressed woman worth it when they arrived at others, so Xiao Luo recovered Wang Siyuan.Wang Siyuan has been with him for more than three years. Her ex -husband often called to threaten her, and she would cry at night.Now Xiao Luo’s family has slowly accepted Wang Siyuan. The two are planning to buy a house to get married. If Wang Siyuan can’t give birth to a child, he can accept it, so he doesn’t want Li Zhong to bother their lives.

Hearing Xiao Luo’s words, Li Zhong was bitter and bitter, but he didn’t think he was out of the situation. He pointed out that he still had two strongest backing: family and children.Wang Siyuan could not leave his family and children, and greeted his new feelings without any heart.

The mediation officer suggested that Wang Siyuan’s family should take a good look at this episode and see the pain suffered in the 11 -year marriage of her daughter and sister.The teacher suggested that Wang Siyuan blocked his family’s opinions and clarified the child’s raising problem. He must grow up and deal with new feelings. The teacher felt that Wang Siyuan had reason to get a real emotional life.For the obsession, let go of the forgiveness, both should start to welcome a new life.

The teacher reminded Wang Siyuan not to affect normal life because of fear, but to eliminate the interference of external forces and choose new feelings with caution.And Li Zhong has to understand a truth. Even if he has done all the family members of Wang Siyuan, it is meaningless to do not get his ex -wife.

In this regard, Li Zhong began to face up to the problem between the two. Li Zhong said that he put this relationship, but just mentioned the child, he was ashamed of his heart.Li Zhong made specific requirements to Wang Siyuan, and the child must arrange it properly.The ex -husband was let go, and Wang Siyuan was very happy. She apologized to her ex -husband for derailment in her marriage. She also hoped that her ex -husband could be happy. In the end, the ex -husband presented a bunch of flowers to Wang Siyuan, and said to this marriage.

This is the following. The above "She was forced to give birth to a son, she was forced to be pregnant and 6 times, and her husband numb: continue to be able to pass on

"In the list.

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