She was forced by her family to marry a vegetative husband and husband’s new wedding night.

The picture comes from the Internet

"Butter! Do you want to let our family die! Now it’s just a matter of incomparable to get you marrying a vegetative!"

"Don’t look at me with that kind of eyes. You have to marry today, and you have to marry if you don’t marry. Even if you commit suicide now, the corpse must be pulled over to match the marriage!"

The cold eyes looked at the old man in front of him.

According to law, this old man is his father.

Not in her heart.

She has no family anymore.

Leng Yirou’s father raised his hand, and he slapped Leng Yirou.

"I just ask you the last sentence, or not marry!"

The cold and soft face has no expression, and slowly speaks:

"What are you so excited, I didn’t say it would not marry."

Seeing that Leng Yirou loosened, everyone’s expression changed.

Father Leng: "I knew that you were a poverty and rich, and Li Han was a vegetative. You are willing to marry it. In the final analysis, you also look at the rich family. This is the same as your mother."

Cold mother, accurately, is cold and soft stepmother,

"Husband, don’t say that, it is not easy to marry the cold to marry the past, so Li Han’s situation cannot have a child and a half daughter. In the end, there are no children. We have to help Leng Yirou.Woolen cloth!"

The cold mother looked at Leng Yirou again, with a disgusting smile on her face:

"Leng Yirou, don’t blame me as a mother, don’t help you, you marry first, serve Lihan, wait for Li Han to die, and you will divide the property of Li’s property to your brother and sister’s child.Otherwise, there are so many property in Li family, and no future generations will take over, all of them are blind! "

The cold father nodded: "This is natural. Li Han is a plant man. No matter how much it is, he can’t give birth to children. The property of the Li family must give us the descendants of the cold family."

Leng Yirou mocked secretly that his family was indeed a vampire.

I really calculated the bone sewing.

It is said that it is not too much to eat a unbelievable household.

The Li family is so important to the Leng family, including the 70%of the Leng Family Company’s shares. As long as the Li family withdrew the stock, the Leng family had to go out for less than three months.

Because of this, when the Li family proposed to perform the marriage contract, the Leng family panicked.

Everyone knows that Lihan is a plant man who can’t move at all. He will lie on the bed all his life and die at any time.

Who would like to marry such a person?

But as long as they marry cold Yirou, they will not feel distressed.

The Leng family has two daughters and one son. In addition to Leng Yirou, the stepmother’s daughter Leng Mumu, and the younger son Leng Tao.

What Li family wants is the daughter of the Leng family. If the second choice, you must marry Leng Yirou. You must not let Leng Mumu go to live a widow?

Usually they abuse cold Yirou, let her eat leftovers, and let her wash clothes with ice water. Her clothes are all cold Mu Mu.

The most excessive one was the sanitary napkin used by Leng Yirou with Leng Mumu.

They said that it was okay if it was dirty, as long as it was put on a layer of toilet paper on it.

For Leng Yirou, as long as she can leave the cold house, she is willing to marry a vegetative.

At least the Li family would not beat her, would not scold her, and would not abuse her.

When the Li family gave her face, when she came to get cold, she also brought a high -end wedding dress valuable to Liancheng to make her marry.

The wedding dress was inlaid with gems. When leaving, Leng Mumu and Leng Taotao stole two.

Leng Yirou knew, but she wouldn’t look back, just to send beggars.

Since then, he has broken up with the Leng family.

When he arrived at Li’s house, Mr. Li personally greeted Leng Yirou.

The old man was white hair, with a cane on his hands, and his way was trembling.

Obviously walking hard on my own, I also came to help Leng Yirou driving the door.

The old man was full of guilt: "Yi Rou, you will be my grandson in the future, you also know what Lihan is. If it wasn’t for my old bones, I can’t live too long, I will not delay you like this. Li Han must have to get it.There is a close person to take care of, otherwise when I die, he will not live. In short, we are sorry for you, your great grace, and the life of the Li family will not be able to afford it.Get back slowly in your life in your life! "

The words of Father Li, sincerely, causing cold Yirou to cry.

Leng Yirou held the hand of Father Li and said sincerely, "Grandpa, don’t do this, it is my blessing to marry Li’s family. I will take good care of Li Han. Since I am your granddaughter, I will do Li.The cold wife, I will definitely do my best. "

"Good, good, really a good child, I can marry your grandchildren who are so good, I am also old -fashioned."

Father Li sighed and continued: "Since you have entered the door, I should tell you the situation of the Li family truthfully. Now there are only three people left in the Li family, my wife, and Li Han.There was a car accident in the Li family. Li Han’s parents went. Li Han was rescued, but it became a plant man. After my wife knew this, I got cerebral thrombosis.I can move and move. With my current physical condition, I can’t stand it for a few years. In the future, the Li family will rely on you to support it. "

Leng Yirou shook his head: "Grandpa, don’t say that, everything will be fine."

everything will get better.

This sentence is also given to you coldly.

"Good, really good!"

Father Li turned his back and wiped tears secretly.

Leng Yirou couldn’t see it, and silently maintained the dignity of the elderly.

"Good grandson daughter -in -law, I can’t accompany you here. I have to go to the nursing home to take care of my wife. If she can’t see me, she will not eat." Father Li said.

Leng Yirou nodded: "Grandpa, you can rest assured to take care of grandma. I can take care of Li Han myself. I do it at home and work hard.No."

Father Li stunned this, "How can you do hard work? Is the Leng family not good for you?"

Leng Yirou shook his head, "Forget it, all have passed, now I have married, I am the people of the Li family, the cold family has nothing to do with me."

Father Li nodded: "Okay, I believe you are a smart child. No matter what choices you make, you have your truth. You just need to remember it, no matter when, the Li family is your backing.","

"Hmm!" Leng Yirou moved.

Father Li this is to treat her as a real family.

She was at the cold house and had never been treated like this.

Can gain such respect.

What if Lihan is a vegetative?

She didn’t mind, she really didn’t mind.

The housekeeper came to Lihan’s room with cold Yirou.

A young man was lying on the bed.

When Leng Yirou went in and watched, his heart was inevitable.

This man looks too good, even if he looks pale, it is still difficult to hide the handsomeness.

If he is not a vegetative, I do n’t know how many women are going to be fascinated.

It’s really fate.

Leng Yirou turned back to the housekeeper: "You go busy you, and I talk to my husband."

Say it.

In fact, it is Leng Yirou.

It was just that she had heard that the vegetatives actually had hearing, and even the peripheral parts of her fingers and toes could move slightly.

Leng Yirou pulled Li Han’s hand: "I will be your wife in the future, and I will always be with you. The cold family hopes to die, but I believe we can live all the time","

Whoever lives, who is hard, will win.

Grandpa Li was too old and his body was not good. One hundred years later, the Li family had only Li Han left.

If Lihan is gone, only Leng Yirou supports it alone.

If the Leng family is ascended as the mother’s family, Leng Yirou can only be in a weakness.

They can abduct her morality.

At that time, it will also take a lot of energy.

Leng Yirou wants to get more headache.

At this time, Leng Father called.

It ’s completely the order of the command:“ Leng Yirou, you have now been there, you have to show me a good performance. Do n’t embarrass the cold family. You must maintain the good impression of Li’s family.For a while, your sister is also married to have children, and the child will go to your name. After Li Han leaves, the child directly inherits the heritage of the Li family. Do you understand what I mean? "

Leng Yirou held the phone tightly.

After silent for a while, I said: "I understand what you mean, and I have recorded it. You’d better be honest, otherwise I will publish this recording. At that time, what will the Li family treat you, I don’t know."

Then there was a scolding of the cold father on the phone.



"The dog is raised!"

After a while, I said coldly and calmly: "Have you scolded enough? Don’t you forget, I am now the daughter -in -law of Li’s family. If someone bully me, what will you guess what will you do?"

The cold father still yelled: "Dead bitch, you are my daughter, you will always be my daughter, you leave my blood on your body, you will never be clear if you owe me!"

"I don’t owe you." Leng Yirou said: "Even if I owe you, I still clear it for so many years. I want to ask, where did you get my biological mother?"

Father Leng: "Dead! How many times have I said! That stinky bitch is dead!"

Leng Yirou: "No corpse, right?"

The sound of falling things from the Leng Father.

Leng Yirou rubbed his eyebrows and continued: "I can tell you very clearly now that as long as I am, Li Han, my husband, I will not die, and we will have children. As for the property of the Li family, the property of the Li family,You die, this heart. "

"There is a fart!"

The next step is the sound of falling on the phone.

Leng Yirou sneered.

It’s incompetent.

Leng Yirou looked at Li Han’s emotions, if …

She said that if, if she can really have a child with Li Han.

Whether it is a boy or a girl.

As long as it is healthy and healthy.

In this way, there is also a sustenance in the second half of her life.

In this way, no one can stab the family.

But is this possible …

And Leng Yirou can do what he can do as much as possible.

She opened a pot of water and wiped Li Han patiently.

Paralyzed vegetatives like Li Han wipe at least once a day. If they do not wipe for a long time, they will have bedsores. After a long time, after purulent, people should die.

He took off Li Han’s clothes.

At this moment, I can’t think of any difference between men and women.

It’s just a body.

Li Han also had light muscle traces. People who lay lying for three years have these. It can be seen that how perfect the man’s body was before.

Leng Yirou sighed while rubbing

"If you can give me a child."

"I just want a child."

"It’s just a child."

Leng Yirou bit his lips and moved his heart slightly.

If the end of the plant can move.


Her hand slowly stretched out.

Don’t blame her to give birth to such evil thoughts.

She is just too helpless …

Everything happened very quietly.

No matter what happened, Li Han would not open his eyes.

Leng Yirou still had tears in pain, but she could bear it.

Compared with the cold family’s abuse.

What is this pain …

At the time, Leng Yirou touched his belly.

She didn’t know if the seeds would germinate.

I just hope my luck is better.

After the bloody stains were cold, he lay beside Li Han.

It is strange that he won’t move or say it, but it can give coldness and softness.

Maybe I have suffered too much.

The next day, the housekeeper brought the news, saying that Mrs. Li’s condition worsened, and Mr. Li did not dare to walk away.On the side of Li Fu, I was annoyed and cold.

Leng Yirou didn’t think about it, and agreed directly.

The Li family trusts her so much, and she can’t live up to this heart.

The housekeeper told her that Father Li and Mrs. Li were very deep. From first love to marriage to gold marriage, let alone the emotional crisis, neither of them had no quarrel.

Really deeply affectionate.

Leng Yirou’s heart was very envious.

"Mrs. Little, breakfast is ready, please come to dinner." The steward said.

"Help me into the room, I want to accompany my husband." Leng Yirou said.

The housekeeper stunned and said, "Mrs. Little, if you are tired, you can also rest properly. After all, taking care of the patient is also a bitter thing."

How Leng Yirou took care of Li Han, and the housekeeper looked at it all.It really fulfilled the responsibility of a wife.Even the babysitters are so cold.

"It’s okay, I want to accompany him." Leng Yirou said.

The housekeeper ordered people to bring the rice into the room.

Leng Yirou talked with Li Han while eating.She believes that it is great.

Whenever she speaks, Li Han’s eyes move slightly.

"Li Han, do you know, I cook is delicious, you wake up, so I can cook for you."

"Li Han, the weather outside today is very good, the flowers are almost blooming. When you wake up, can you go to the park together?"

"Li Han, I heard the story of Grandpa and grandma today really touching. Although you haven’t thought about it yet, I think you are a very good person, you should be as good as grandpa to grandma to grandma.Bar?"

"Li Han, if you wake up …"

"Li Han … husband …"

Leng Yirou raised his head and tried to prevent tears from falling.

A month later–

Mrs. Li’s situation did not get better, and Mr. Li was still accompanying each other every day.

Leng Mumu entered the entertainment industry, and suddenly became popular.

There is only one thing hanging on her mouth every day: "My sister is married to rich people, but she forgets her righteousness, regardless of her mother’s family."

After speaking, she had to perform, how she was distressed.Leng Yirou only felt like a clown.

Of course, there are good news.

In the past few days, Leng Yirou always felt nauseous to vomit, and she secretly bought the pregnancy test stick.

The test results, she was pregnant.

Small seeds germinated.But she didn’t dare to go to the hospital or dare to tell anyone.

Li Han is a vegetative.In everyone’s opinion, plants should be infertile.

If Leng Yirou passes out pregnancy now, others will only feel that she goes outside to steal men, and even has a big stomach.

Her reputation and Li family’s reputation are not needed.

She could only hide this matter, wait until the child was born smoothly, and then took out the DNA report.

Prove that this child is Li Han’s biological flesh, so as to block everyone’s mouth,

Now she can only endure.

"Li Han, I really got pregnant, but I can’t get pregnant now, can I bless me, can I bless my children to be born smoothly?"

Leng Yirou leaned down and kissed Li Han’s forehead gently.

Even if he couldn’t move, he couldn’t speak. After this month, Leng Yirou still regarded Li Han as a relative and a husband.

Helplessly, what she had in her heart now can only talk to Li Han.

She would not tell the Leng family that the Leng family would only abuse her and suck her blood.

You can’t tell Grandpa Li, Grandpa Li, that the old man is not good and cannot accept the stimulus.

Leng Yirou wiped his body again.

His skin is getting pale.

Life signs are gradually weakening.

Even the heartbeat is gradually slowing down.

Even the top doctors said that the hope of Li Han woke up was small.

Let your family prepare psychological preparations.

But coldness is unbelievable.

Li Han was still so young, why did he die like this?

Why do the bad guys succeed?


Leng Yirou touched his belly.

Babies who have not yet been born should also have a dad.Therefore, she must do her best to keep Li Han’s life.

Three times a day, Leng Yirou helps Lihan’s joint joints.Avoid his joint necrosis.

Day after day, it was maintained for half a month.

Cold and soft pregnancy is getting worse. She has to bring a pack of plums at any time. When there is a pregnancy reaction, she quickly contains the last one.

Pregnancy is really a hard work.

Leng Yirou can be patient, but she can’t be a pregnancy check now, she can only pray in her heart, the baby must be healthy!

Leng Yirou wanted to let Li Han also expose the sun, so he put him on the wheelchair and pushed it to the courtyard for half an hour a day.

Li Han’s skin was not so pale, and gradually recovered some blood.

But still can’t move, can’t speak.

Leng Mumu, who entered the entertainment industry, became more and more popular.She constantly vilified cold Yirou.

Speaking of Leng Yirou married the mysterious rich, but forgotten the righteousness. Therefore, Leng Mumu could only enter the entertainment industry and assume the responsibility of supporting the family.

The crazy words of passing time.Everyone is guessing, who is the mysterious rich?

And Leng Yirou, why is it so unconcerned?

Leng Yirou pressed the news and tried to prevent Grandpa Li know.

The two elderly people are bad and cannot accept such stimuli.

And the outside world does not know that Li Han has become a vegetative.

This is the dignity of desperately maintaining the elderly, and coldness must also be kept.

In secret, Leng Yirou is doing something.

The Leng Family runs a company, and 70%of the shares in the company are all Lijia.

This situation is basically that the Li family has been raising the cold family.

If a large area withdraws on a large area, it will definitely cause a sensation in the society. More importantly, Grandpa Leng will definitely ask the reason.

Leng Yirou doesn’t want to let these things affect the elderly.

So she secretly operated, withdrawing the stock little by little.

With a day withdrew a little, it should be retracted 10 % during this time.

No wonder the Leng family jumps.

No wonder Leng Mumu will come out to control.

Leng Yirou responded to them, only sneered.

Waiting for it, one day will give them a price!

After another three or five days.The Leng family probably felt that Leng Yirou didn’t respond, so she wanted to force her to respond.

Leng Mumu revealed to the media that Leng Yihe married the richest man’s family.

She said that she hoped that her sister would remember her mother’s house after climbing Gaozhi.

The maid’s family doesn’t want anything, I just hope that Leng Yirou can go home to see.

Talking, tears in tears.

Now, the whole society has begun to condemn Leng Yirou.

When the housekeeper told Leng Yirou.

Leng Yirou’s eyes are cold: "I will deal with this matter, Grandpa Li, Grandma Li, please continue to keep confidential."

The housekeeper nodded.He can see that although this newly -entered lady, although she is usually speechless, there is a firmness in her eyes.

The most important thing is that she took care of Master Lihan very well.

This is not what ordinary women can do.

In his heart, he recognized the little lady Leng Yirou.

Leng Yirou felt that Leng Mumu still had some brains. At least it did not break out. Li Han was a vegetative affairs.

This is the last bottom line.

Once it bursts out, without waiting for Li’s family, Leng Yirou will do it first.

She will ignore any consequences and let the Leng family die without burial.

In the end, Leng Yirou decided to be interviewed by reporters.

As soon as the news was passed, Leng Mumu was frightened.

She really didn’t want Leng Yirou to show her face. She didn’t want others to see, Leng Yirou’s top beauty.

Although Leng Mumu is already very beautiful, because of her beauty, as soon as she entered the entertainment industry, she was sought after.

But it is still one tenth of the cold and beautiful appearance.

Before Leng Yirou, Leng Mumu would only look dull.

She only wanted to threaten Leng Yirou with public opinion, so that Leng Yirou provided more benefits to the cold family.

But never expected that things would develop like this.

She told reporters not to interview Leng Yirou.

Of course, the reporter would not listen to her.

She called again, so that Leng Yirou should not be interviewed.

Leng Yirou: "What you are afraid of, I want to do it."

No matter how Leng Mumu cried, Leng Yirou only couldn’t hear it.

Why are you used to Leng Mumu?

Just bullying cold Yirou from a young age?

Is she forced to wear her old clothes?

Just use the use of sanitary napkins for cold and soft?

It’s ridiculous!

Leng Mumu did not like things, she had to do it.

What the Leng family doesn’t like, she wants to do it!

On the day of the interview.

Leng Yirou first helped Li Han again.

Then help her take care of everything.

I drew another light makeup before going out.

The interview is about in the coffee shop.

Leng Yirou was still pregnant and couldn’t drink coffee, so he called a glass of water.

There is no exposure to pregnancy.

Only said, "Sorry, I will insomnia when I drink coffee."

The reporter nodded and smiled.

Then crazy helped Leng Yirou take pictures.

She has been a reporter for ten years and saw such a beautiful person for the first time.

So I took a few more photos with my selfishness.

When she looked back at the photo, she was still amazing.

Sure enough, it is the top beauty, and there is no need to repair the picture at all.

"Miss Leng is so beautiful, have you ever thought about entering the entertainment industry? After all, your sister Leng Mumu has entered the entertainment industry." The reporter asked.

Leng Yirou smiled: "From a young age, my sister wanted me to let her. What she liked, I couldn’t touch it. This is why I did not enter the entertainment industry."

The euphemism of the words is loud.

The reporter nodded: "That’s it."

"Miss Leng, I might ask for a personal question, I hope you don’t mind." The reporter said.

Leng Yirou: "I don’t mind. Since I have decided to be interviewed, there is nothing to mind."

The reporter raised his eyes and said, "I heard that after you marry into the giants, you ignore the mother’s family. Is this true?"

Leng Yirou smiled: "Why do I ignore my mother’s family? If I ignore my mother’s family, why will my sister enter the entertainment industry, and if there is no capital support, can she mix it in the entertainment industry?"

Leng Mumu was so vilified in her, and she didn’t mind slandering Leng Mumu a few words.

When he heard cold words, the reporter had a pupil earthquake.

Leng Mumu entered the entertainment industry because of capital operation!

Oh my god!This is the headline news tomorrow!

This interview is worth it, it’s too worth it!

"Okay," the reporter’s eyes couldn’t bear the joy: "I have the last question. May I ask you to marry into the giants. Is it really because your sister said, because of greed for vanity?"

Leng Yirou bent the corner of his mouth and slowly said:

"Because I love my husband, I chose to marry him."

"What’s more, through this marriage, my family also got a lot of benefits. I don’t believe you to check it. The shares of the Lengjia Company will know that after reading it, you will know that the entire Leng family is raised by my husband’s house."

I couldn’t tell the truth because the cold family would abuse her.

Nowadays, people are no longer at the cold house.

What else is terrible?

I am afraid of the cold family.

"I’m going home, otherwise my husband will miss me." Leng Yirou told reporters.

Remembering Lihan in my heart is one aspect.

More, Leng Yirou has begun to be nauseous.

Her pregnancy response was too strong.

She was afraid that she would spit out her face in front of the reporter.

The reporter got up politely: "Your relationship with your husband is really good. In this case, this is here for today’s interview, thank you very much."

After the reporter left, Leng Yirou rushed directly to the bathroom.

Then crazy pregnancy vomiting.

After vomiting, I washed my face.

The makeup on the face also spent, and I simply wiped it off.

When I went out, I stuffed a plum in my mouth.

Leng Yirou touched his stomach.

This baby is really naughty enough to be born, and she has tossed her like this.

When Leng Yirou returned to Lifu.

Everyone waited anxiously at the gate.

"Mrs. Little, you finally come back. These two hours you leave, Master Li Han’s heartbeat is getting weaker and weaker! We really don’t know what to do!"

Li Han’s heartbeat was weakened.

Leng Yirou’s heart also shrunk.

She hurried to Li Han’s room.

My heart is full of self -blame.

Why did she leave, why did she breathe with the Leng family?

What should I do if I have an accident?

The doctor was rescued by Lihan.

I couldn’t tell the truth because the cold family would abuse her.

Nowadays, people are no longer at the cold house.

What else is terrible?

I am afraid of the cold family.

"I’m going home, otherwise my husband will miss me." Leng Yirou told reporters.

Remembering Lihan in my heart is one aspect.

More, Leng Yirou has begun to be nauseous.

Her pregnancy response was too strong.

She was afraid that she would spit out her face in front of the reporter.

The reporter got up politely: "Your relationship with your husband is really good. In this case, this is here for today’s interview, thank you very much."

After the reporter left, Leng Yirou rushed directly to the bathroom.

Then crazy pregnancy vomiting.

After vomiting, I washed my face.

The makeup on the face also spent, and I simply wiped it off.

When I went out, I stuffed a plum in my mouth.

Leng Yirou touched his stomach.

This baby is really naughty enough to be born, and she has tossed her like this.

When Leng Yirou returned to Lifu.

Everyone waited anxiously at the gate.

"Mrs. Little, you finally come back. These two hours you leave, Master Li Han’s heartbeat is getting weaker and weaker! We really don’t know what to do!"

Li Han’s heartbeat was weakened.

Leng Yirou’s heart also shrunk.

She hurried to Li Han’s room.

My heart is full of self -blame.

Why did she leave, why did she breathe with the Leng family?

What should I do if I have an accident?

The doctor was rescued by Lihan.

"Doctor, how about my husband?" Leng Yirou asked anxiously.

"The situation is not very good, the heartbeat is gradually weakening, you see this electrocardiogram."

The doctor pointed at the instrument.

"No," the doctor suddenly widened his eyes: "His heartbeat has returned to steady again!"

"Is it steady?" Leng Yirou relieved.

"Yes, although I don’t know what the principle it is, his heartbeat is really restored." The doctor said.

"I know, it may be because the little lady is back!" The steward said, "It must be like this, the young master must feel it!"

"That’s it!" Leng Yirou held Li Han’s hand.

He didn’t move, and he didn’t speak, but he knew everything!

"Li Han, I’m back, I’m sorry, I should be with you, I shouldn’t leave so selfishly." Leng Yirou felt guilty.

She was really scared, and she was afraid of Li Han, and she was not around.

Then she will feel guilty for a lifetime.

After the doctor left, the housekeeper seemed to say something.

After a while, I finally said.

"Mrs., for Master Lihan, you have no life. I really thank you for your efforts. Thank you for your sacrifice. You can have a wife like you."

Leng Yirou smiled: "Don’t say that, I even married Li Han, and I have accepted it all. I don’t think this is a sacrifice, and the Li family has given me a lot. I have nothing to be uncomfortable.And I believe that Li Han will definitely recover. "

The cold eyes flashed.

As long as she insists, miracles will definitely appear.

The housekeeper sighed that it has been three years and it has been three years.

The top doctors in the world have no way to let Li Han recover.

They have already accepted this reality.

How dare you want too much.

It was just cold.

She could have found a normal husband.

Everyone lamented that the little lady was so kind, so strong, and such a character.

I have to sigh that the vision of Father Li is really good to find such a granddaughter.

After this incident, Leng Yirou became more certain, and Li Han was perceived.

Leng Yirou stroked Li Han’s face gently,

"Li Han, I know you feel, do you want me to stay with you, right?"

"I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I won’t leave you anymore."

"Do you know, the baby kicked me today. Although there is no pregnancy, I can be sure that the baby in the belly is very healthy and lively!"

"Li Han, do you say, what is good to give your baby?"

"Li Han …"

Leng Yirou lay on Li Han’s chest and cried.

These days, she is too bitter and bitter.

She supports all this alone.

Whenever Grandpa Li asked, she had to pretend to be strong, and said with a smile: It’s okay, everything is good.

However, the fact is that she is not very good.

She will always beware of the cold family.

Also worry about the baby in the stomach.

Taking care of Li Han, he didn’t dare to neglect, for fear that one was not careful, Li Han left her.

She does not want Lihan to fully recover.

Even if she open her eyes to see her.

Leng Yirou wiped a tear, not so.

She must be strong!

She can’t wait like this!

What must she do!

In the cold and long memory, her biological mother seems to be some medical skills.

Mom will hold her and read her medical book.

Mom is so gentle.

Suddenly one day, the mother disappeared, and then the stepmother entered the house.

With a sister, a younger brother.

It is Leng Mumu and Leng Taotao.

They said that Leng Yirou’s mother died.

But Leng Yirou doesn’t believe it. Where did my mother go?

Leng Yirou rubbed her forehead. She remembered that some of her mother left her with acupuncture.

Mom also left her a silver needle.

Leng Yirou kept his silver needle on his body.

She took out the silver needle and put it in the palm of her palm to see her.

There was also a bold decision in my heart.

She wants to give Li Hanjo acupuncture!

Anyway, Lihan has been like this, and the situation is worse, and it is not worse.

Even if she was wrong, Li Han would not die.

He doesn’t even hurt.

"Li Han, even if the hope is slim, I want to try it, I really want you to wake up!"

"Even if you can’t wake up, even if you open your eyes to see me."

Leng Yirou bit his lips, his eyes were firm.

Holding the silver needle and stinging fiercely towards Lihan’s acupuncture points.

Go down.

No response.

Leng Yirou tied another five or six stitches.

At the last needle.

Li Han’s eyelids moved a bit.

She hurriedly touched Li Han’s eyes.

She won’t see it wrong, Li Han’s eyes are moving!

"Li Han, do you feel right?"

"Li Han, do you wake up?"

"Li Han, answer me!"

Leng Yirou’s shouting, Li Han still remained motionless.

When the housekeeper heard the movement, he ran over immediately.

"Mrs. Little, what’s wrong?"

Leng Yirou sighed, "Nothing, I have a nightmare."

"Oh," the housekeeper was worried about explaining: "Mrs. Lady, you also relax and maintain your body. If you even collapse, the Li family will really not work."

Leng Yirou nodded: "I know, it’s okay, don’t worry about me."

Leng Yirou also understands.

At this time, if she collapses, the Li family will really collapse.

Leng Yirou held Li Han’s hand, "Li Han, wake up, help me, okay?"

It’s almost expected to be cold.

Her interview caused a huge sensation.

Especially, there is capital support behind Leng Mumu.

The meaning inside and outside is self -evident.

Leng Yirou is Leng Mumu’s sister.

They are all sisters, how could it be deceiving?

Leng Mumu’s reputation plummeted.

She didn’t dare to make trouble with reporters, so she looked for cold and soft.

"How dare you treat me like this, if you don’t explain clearly to the outside world, I will expose your scandal, you wait!"

Leng Mu Mu was anxious.

Leng Yirou laughed angrily, "What scandal, are you afraid of your exposure?"

In her life, how to scandals.

Threats her with this is a punch on the cotton.

"You have no scandal, it is your Leng family!" Leng Mu was anxious.

"What our cold house? You make it clear!"

Coldness is inexplicable.

Everyone’s surname is cold. Why do they say they are cold?

"Nothing!" Leng Mu’s tone sarcastic: "You just wait to see it!"

Then hung up the phone directly.

Leng Yirou only felt that Leng Mumu was crazy, so he didn’t ignore it.

She took off Li Han’s clothes and wiped her body carefully.

Strive for every corner, wipe it cleanly.

Those who are paralyzed for a long time are easy to taste on their bodies.

She must not make Li Han taste taste. Three years ago, Lihan should also be a commercial elite. He has his dignity, and Leng Yirou is willing to help Li Han maintain this dignity.

The nursing worker could not wipe the part, and the coldness could help him wipe it, because she was his wife, and there was no gap between them.

Love is a very complicated thing.

Although they are not as ordinary couples, they should be a kind of love for such silent companionship.

Late at night, Leng Yirou took the silver needle.

She will continue to help Lihan acupuncture.

No matter how hard, as long as there is a hopes, she will continue to do it.

But she didn’t want to let others know this, so she chose to do late at night.

During acupuncture, coldness and softness increased.

Even Li Han took out blood.

Leng Yirou had a little pain, but she had no way. Li Han had no response, and she could only continue to increase her efforts in this way.

Acupuncture is almost an hour.

Leng Yirou still wanted to pierce for a while, but her body couldn’t hold it.

Since pregnancy, the cold body has become very weak.

Frequent pregnancy, hot and hot.

The appetite is not good. She has not told anyone about pregnancy. In order to keep secret, she has been deliberately concealing the symptoms of pregnancy.

Now that I am pregnant for more than a month, my belly is still flat.

By two or three months, the stomach will bulge slightly.

It will only be more difficult at that time.

Now I eat cold and softly, try to be as nutritious as much as possible, but I dare not eat more. I am afraid that the children in the stomach to develop too much, and it is inconvenient to conceal.

She had already thought about it. When the child was born, Li Han hadn’t woke up yet, and she said that the child was adopted.

No need to explain the inside story with everyone.

They will not believe that this child is Lihan.

It’s better to say it is directly adopted.

Adopted children also have the right to inherit.

This can block everyone’s mouth.

What is the truth, no one cares at all.

Leng Yirou kissed Li Han.

"Li Han, our child, we must be born smoothly!"

Leng Mumu is not a good stubble.

She really broke the news to the media, saying that Leng Yirou was not her sister, and they were the same mother.

And the cold and soft mother’s family is not a good person. The cold and soft uncle is currently in jail.

The unscrupulous media ignored the life and lived, and reported it.

Shun Teng touched the melon, and it was also exposed.

The Li family has only one heir, that is, Lihan.

But Li Han was low -key and never appeared in front of the public.

Everyone speculated that Lihan may be an old man, and he is still an ugly old man, so he dare not show up in front of the public.

Facing these speculations, coldness is indifferent.

Li Han is not old or ugly. He is young and handsome.

You don’t have to explain to outsiders. This is enough to know that it is enough.

The most surprising thing is that she never knew that he had another uncle.

What method did her uncle commit?

Why do you go to jail?

No one has never told her these things.

Leng Mumu’s breaking news was too sensational.

Even if he deliberately concealed, Mr. Li knew.

He had to let go of his wife and rush back to Lifu.

Seeing Mr. Li, Leng Yirou was also surprised.

I haven’t seen it for a month, and the old people’s hair has been whiter again.

"Grandpa Li, you don’t have to come back deliberately. I can take care of Li Han. He is good now." Leng Yirou said.

"Well," Father Li sighed: "This time is really hard to you, but I am not for Li Han’s return. I want to know about the cold family. You are obviously abroad. Why is he going to jail?"

Leng Yirou shook his head: "I really don’t know about this. I just knew that I still have a uncle."

Father Li was surprised: "Yirou, don’t you know the cold family?"

Leng Yirou shook his head: "Grandpa Li, do you know what?"

Father Li looked sad: "When your grandfather and I are comrades -in -arms. When you are dead, you ask me to take care of his children. At that time, your dad had already entered, and you were born.

After your father took over the Lengjia Company, the company’s operation was not as good as one day. In order to allow you and your mother to have a better life, Li’s directly invested in the Lengjia Company. At that time, Li Han set up a marriage contract with you.

Later, your mother had an accident. You went abroad. In order to take care of you well, the Li family increased the shares of the Leng family."

Father Li’s words made Leng Yirou stunned.

There is such a story behind it, she never knows.

Leng Yirou sorted his thoughts and said slowly:

"So I am actually the cold family, and my dad is in the past. They grabbed my family’s surname, right?"

Father Li nodded: "Your dad was not cold, because your grandfather had a will, the property of the cold family could only give the name cold."

"It turns out." Leng Yi and hatred.

From this point of view, her dad, her stepmother, sister Leng Mumu, and brother Leng Taotao, these people are simply vampires!

After absorbing the blood of the cold family, now I have to suck the blood of the family again.

Leng Yirou clenched his fist, she would not let these people succeed!

Leng Yirou bit her lips, and her eyes were cold. She said to Father Li:

"Grandpa Li, the Li family entered the cold family, also to give me a better life. Now I have married, and the Li family withdrew from the shares."

"Do you really want to do this?" Father Li asked: "After all, they raised you."

Leng Yirou shook his head desperately: "Grandpa Li, you don’t know a lot of things. It is not that they raised me at all. I eat all leftovers and leftovers.I think they have killed me long ago. "

Father Li’s eyes glowed with tears: "Poor child."

Leng Yirou couldn’t see the elderly sad, and immediately comforted: "Therefore, Grandpa Li, as I said, can marry Li’s house, it is my blessing."

Leng Yirou’s words moved Mrs. Li’s heart very much.

Leng Yirou’s girl is really good.

This time, he really did not choose the wrong Sun daughter -in -law.

But he believed in the wrong family.

To be precise, that family is not cold at all.

Even this surname stole his old comrades.

Occupied all the daughters of all cheap, but did not treat the real daughter of the Leng family.

How many people have experienced in his life, how many people have seen.

Unexpectedly, this time, it turned out to flip the boat in the gutter.

"Okay, Sun Daughter -in -law, then do it as you said. From now on, the Li family revoked the shares from the cold family." Father Li said,

"I really don’t have the mood to deal with it now, and I will give it to you to do it, and the Li family supports you."

"Okay, grandpa, I know what to do." Leng Yirou said.

Cold houses

No, that’s not the cold family.

The vicious man, as well as his vicious wife, and the two little beasts they gave birth to.

As long as Leng Yirou starts, don’t think about it.

"Grandpa Li," Leng Yirou said: "The revocation of the shares will definitely be revoked, but I don’t want to rush them so quickly, I’m afraid they will jump the wall in a hurry. Before that, I want to find out my whereabouts of my uncle, and there is himWhy do you go to prison? If he is innocent, I must save him. "

"Okay!" Master Li said powerful, "Your grandfather is a very righteous person, saying that the tiger father has no dogs, no matter how much I believe, his son will do a matter of adulterer."

"I think so too." Leng Yirou said.

She and this uncle, who did not meet, but she believed that there would be no bad guys in the real cold family.

"Sun Daughter -in -law, Li’s resources are allocated with you. What do you want to do? As long as you say one word, the Li family will help you do it." Father Li said.

Leng Yirou naturally understands what this means.

Father Li really trusted her too much, and even handed over the entire Li family to her.

Although she was Sun Daughter -in -law, Father Li treats her, just like treating her biological granddaughter.

Coupled with so many years of offering.

Although Leng Yirou did not enjoy it, the Li family really paid.

I really fed the dog.

No conscience dog.

Later, Father Li said a lot of thanks.

Thank her for taking care of Li Han.

Sentences are from the lungs.

Leng Yirou listened to his eyes.

I almost said my pregnancy.

In the end, I held back.

It is chaotic today. One thing is not as good as one thing.

In order to rush back to take care of Mrs. Li, Father Li did not eat.

Leng Yirou’s heart was also a man, and Grandpa Li was kind and dedicated, and he was also determined to treat love.

Looking at her own scumbag, people are more terrible than others.

Finding the things, cold and soft to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper promised Leng Yirou that he would definitely find the best private detective to deal with this matter. Even if he digs three feet, he will help Leng Yirou find it.

Leng Yirou made good things on behalf of him, so he hurried back to take care of Li Han.

She didn’t dare to leave Li Han for too long.

The last time I just left for an hour or two, Li Han’s life characteristics weakened.

Even if Li Han couldn’t speak, Leng Yirou could feel that Li Han needed him.

In the three years of paralysis, he may not have a trusting person.

Leng Yirou helped Li Han wipe his body and helped him move the joints on his body.

Under the careful care of Leng Yirou, Li Han recovered some blood.

It is much cleaner than before.

If he doesn’t know he is a vegetative, he may really think that this man is just asleep.

Cold Yorou took out the silver needle.

Continue to help Lihan acupuncture.

She was sure that Li Han’s eyes moved that day.

As long as she persists, it will be effective.

Even if it cannot be restored to normal people.

At least it can make Li Han live for a few more years.

At least the baby who lives in her belly is born. If possible, you need to see the baby grow up, see the baby studying in college, and see the baby get married.

I really think farther and farther.

Leng Yirou laughed at himself.

She is really a greedy woman, and she is more and more extravagant.

At the beginning, she just wanted to leave that home.

Then she married Li Han and completely separated from the devil’s home.

Later, she hoped to have a child with Li Han.

So she was pregnant, even if she couldn’t make it public for the time being, as long as the child was still in her stomach, she felt at ease.

Now she wants Li Han to wake up.

I really hope that God can pity her.

Cold and soft pregnancy reaction is really serious.

This makes it difficult for her to do one thing for a long time.

But acupuncture cannot be broken.

So she was full of words in her mouth.

The strong sour taste hurts her mouth.

She finally finished the last shot.

He ran to the bathroom to vomit.

She was just a nausea and nausea. When she really spit, she couldn’t vomit anything.

The process of pregnancy really tortured her.

If someone takes care, it will be better.

In order to keep secret, Leng Yirou couldn’t find someone to take care of her, and at the same time she had to take care of Li Han.

I didn’t feel bitter, this was what she chose.

As long as the baby can be born healthy, everything is worth it.

When Leng Yirou sat next to Li Han again.

She felt Li Han’s eyes moved.

So she reached out and stroked Li Han’s eyes gently.

Then Li Han’s throat moved.

A sound similar to "um" was made.

Leng Yirou couldn’t believe his ears.

Li Han made a sound!

She has been with Li Han for so long, this is the first time!

Including Li Han’s day when she was pregnant, no sound was made.

All her movements were silently carried out by herself.

"Li Han, are you talking to me?"

"Li Han, what do you want to say to me?"

"Li Han, I’m here, I’m always with you!"

Leng Yirou held Li Han’s hand tightly.

She knew that Lihan could hear it.

So she kept saying that attempting to wake up Lihan.

I don’t know how long it has been.

Li Han made a "um" sound again.

This time I heard it clearly.

The sound was made by Li Han!

He must work hard to make a sound.

Li Han must have something to say to her!

She did not hesitate for so long, and finally had effect.

Although it is only a little effect, these are already a miracle for vegetatives!

Leng Yirou moved to cry.

But she was pregnant, and she couldn’t cry for the baby in her belly.

Leng Yirou quickly turned out of the medical book and studied it carefully.

She is probably very talented, and she can understand as long as she reads it again.

Leng Yirou believes that as long as she continues to try hard, one day, Li Han will wake up!

The Li family’s work is very efficient.

At noon the next day, the housekeeper brought the news of cold and tenderness.

With the strength of Li’s family, it is simple to check someone.

I haven’t been checked for so many years because I haven’t doubted it.

Now when I look up, I bring a series of things.

Leng Yirou’s name is Leng Feng, who has been in prison for more than ten years.

The crime is the rape of the loss of money.

It is the property of the cold family. As for who rape, it has not been found.

Both charges are a bit outrageous.

How could she be stupid enough to lose her own company?

As for the crime of rape, in the photo, her face value is very high.

With such a high value, who will he rape?

Leng Yirou felt a little strange.

"Can I go to prison to see him?" Leng Yirou asked.

"He refused to see anyone," the housekeeper said.

Leng Yirou’s eyes were a little disappointed.

She is pregnant now, and it is reasonable to be able to go to prison.

However, the person in the prison now is her pro -uncle.

Under family, there is no taboo.

Unexpectedly, I refused to see her.

"Mrs. Little, you don’t have to worry about it. I have sent someone to fight. You are in the inside and will not eat much. According to the sentence period, there is one month, he can be released from prison." The steward said.

Leng Yirou took a deep breath.

One month, it will arrive soon.

Since she didn’t want to see her, she didn’t ask for.

It just uses this time to find out the truth.

One month is enough to wash the grievances.

The most important thing now is that she must keep calm, maintain a calm emotion, and let the baby in the belly be born smoothly.

"Please continue to help me find out the truth." Leng Yirou told the housekeeper.

"Yes," the housekeeper’s eyes were firm: "In addition to you, Mr. Li also wants to know the truth."

The Li family was paid by real gold and silver.

You have to know the truth.

What Li family wants to help is the real cold family, not the vampire who occupies the nest.

That night.

Coldness and crazy pregnancy.

After vomiting, she endured a bowl of porridge.

No matter how difficult it is, she must eat.

For the baby in her belly, she must be strong!

After a while, Leng Yirou wiped his body again.

She touched Lihan’s face.

"Li Han, if you can wake up, just be fine."

Facing two people together, it is much better than her alone.

Leng Yirou bit his lips.

Since this is the case, it is better to do nothing.

She took out the silver needle and simply disinfected.

Then pinched the silver needle, a severe needle, and directly pierced into the acupuncture point above Li Han’s head.

Then pulled out the silver needle fiercely.

The next second, Li Han’s eyes opened!

Cold and tender crying.

This time she was gambling right!

Li Han, her husband, opened her eyes!

Leng Yirou quickly held Li Han’s face.

"Li Han, can you see me?"

I saw Li Han’s eyes closed slowly.

Leng Yirou sighed.

Sure enough, is it still not?

But even so, she was content.

At least the moment of the cold opened her eyes, she had already seen her.

As a wife, this is satisfied.

Cold and softly comfort yourself.

Should she be satisfied?

She wanted a child, and Li Han had given her a child.

What else do you want?

It should not be so greedy.

Leng Yirou’s tears, but the tears were still in the embankment.

She cried on Li Han’s chest.

Then Li Han’s chest shook slightly.

Leng Yirou heard a clear male voice.

"Don’t cry."

What’s this!

Leng Yirou couldn’t believe his ears!

Is it Lihan’s voice?

Leng Yirou quickly wiped his tears and went to see Li Han.

Sure enough, he opened his eyes.

The two looked at it.

"Li Han, can you speak, right?"

Li Han’s lips moved slightly: "Yes."

"Great, Lihan, you can finally speak!" Leng Yirou hugged Li Han.

She looked at Li Han’s face deeply.

This man is so good -looking.

His eyes are so affectionate.

It’s as if there is only Leng Yirou in his eyes.

At this time, Leng Yirou had thousands of words, but she couldn’t speak.

As long as he looked at Li Han’s eyes, the grievances of so many days disappeared.

She slowly got close to Li Han’s lips.

Then the two people’s lips were tightly posted together.

Long kiss.

I do not know how long it has been.

The lips of the two were separated.

Although the two have already had a husband and wife, this time, Leng Yirou really felt a response.

Love and being loved are so beautiful.

Her persistence is worth it.

"Li Han, can your body move?" Leng Yirou asked.

"No." Li Han’s eyes were lost.

"It’s okay," Leng Yirou hugged Li Han: "I will always be with you, everything will be fine."

Leng Yirou understood that Li Han was much more bitter than her.

A perfect man was trapped here because of an accident.

How can he be sad?

What you can do in coldness is to accompany him and take care of him.

"Li Han, do you know, I’m pregnant." Leng Yirou whispered, and said ashamed.

She took the initiative that day, and she just wanted to try it.

Unexpectedly, I was really pregnant.

On the same day, Lihan should feel it too …

Even plants should be conscious.

"I know."

Li Han’s eyes moved slightly, he knew everything.

I also really admire the courage of this woman.

I dare to climb on his bed man’s bed …

How dare this woman …

He was angry that day, and he only felt that he was defiled by an inexplicable woman.

But this month’s get along, he realized how strong and gentle this woman was.

Even if the heart is made by ice, it is moved by stones.

Moreover, his heart was made of meat.

He never fell in love with any woman, but for Leng Yirou, he really had a little bit of excitement.

And this woman was pregnant with his baby.

He wanted to die in the past, but now he just wants to live and live well.

For cold and soft, for the baby.

Such as an invasion delete

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