shock!The "unreasonable trouble" after pregnancy is actually a thyroid expert in "irritation is non -biological" experts remind: Pregnant mothers need to see these symptoms in time

"Recently, I feel that I have changed. I can’t help but be angry with my lover. I often feel mood. Sometimes I do n’t even want to talk about it. I do n’t like to tell people. My lover says I am inexplicable."Ms. Li said to the doctor at the Western Medical Clinic of Western Hospital of Anhui Maternal and Child Health Hospital.The lover accompanied by Ms. Li added that after pregnancy, Ms. Li’s spleen has changed a lot, she did not provoke her, and she didn’t know why.Through further examination, Ms. Li diagnosed as: pregnancy combined with thyroid dysfunction.

What is going on?Li Huaiyun, director of the General Medicine of the hospital, introduced that after the pregnant mother suffers from hypothyroidism, due to the decline in the overall hormone level, the brain has a fatigue, and the patient will appear dizziness, drowsiness, silent, and indifferent expression.People, because of the disease, are not weird and unreasonable for pregnant mothers.

Li Huaiyun told reporters that "thyroid dysfunction will not only lead to infertility, but even if you are pregnant, it may affect the growth and intellectual development of the fetus, and even cause dysfunction, miscarriage, premature birth, embryo, low development, etc." The fetal brain developmentThe need for thyroid hormone, in the early stages of pregnancy, the thyroid function of the fetus itself has not yet been established, and the thyroid hormone required for the development of the brain depends entirely on the mother’s supply. At this time, it is also an important stage of the fetal brain development.It is impossible to provide sufficient thyroid hormone for fetal brain development, which can affect the development of the fetal brain and even cause irreversible damage.If pregnant women suffer from hyperthyroidism, they may cause premature birth, slow development in the palace, and even dead tires, or hyperthyroidism in newborns.

Experts appealed that from the perspective of eugenics, women who are preparing to get pregnant if they find that they suffer from thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, it is recommended to receive the professional treatment of the doctor first.Pregnant.

Li Huaiyun particularly reminded that the cause of thyroid disease has not yet been clear, and the incidence of women is higher than that of men. "Emphasized women and men", especially women in childhood age are high -incidence people.If there is a weakness during pregnancy, the skin is dry, consciously afraid of cold, puffy, diet but weight gain, emotional downturn, and even changes in personality, you should pay attention to the possibility of hypothyroidism.When the eyeballs are full and slightly bumpy outward, the loss of appetite but decreased, impatient, fearing heat, sweating, palpitations and other symptoms, there is a possibility of hyperthyroidism.You must go to the hospital in time. The treatment needs to be early, effectively reduce the damage to the body and baby, and avoid abortion, premature birth, and even small symptoms of pregnant mothers.A healthy lifestyle and good emotions.

(Tang Meng, a reporter from all media reporters in Hefei Hefei)

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