Should I be removed when I encounter a wisdom teeth during pregnancy?

Do I have to pull the wisdom teeth?Not long ago, Ms. Li, who was more than two months pregnant for more than two months, had a great teeth and pain, and she used a lot of prescriptions at home.She found that the wisdom teeth at the bottom left in her mouth were tilting forward, and the penultimate one was already inflamed.She gritted her teeth and decided to pull it out.However, dentists said that they must wait until they can undergo traumatic surgery, and tooth extraction during pregnancy will have a risk of abortion.This is how the same thing?

Do I have to pull the wisdom teeth during pregnancy?

Mom is easy to get stomatal inflammation

Smart teeth refer to the four third -molar with the innermost up and down left and right of the alveolar bone in the human mouth.Because these four third -molaring teeth began to sprout at the age of 20, at this time, the physiological and psychological development of people was close to maturity, so it was regarded as a symbol of "wisdom coming", so it was called "wisdom teeth".

The wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan is the most likely to occur between the age of 20 and 35, and this age is just the age of pregnant women’s pregnancy, so pregnant women are easily plagued by "long wisdom teeth".In addition, pregnant women during pregnancy During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen in the body, the hyperplasia of the gum blood vessels, the enhancement of vascular permeability, coupled with the preferred food or sticky and delicate foods of pregnant women, and the oral cavity is not cleaned after eating, resulting in wisdom teeth moreEasy to become inflamed.

Do you want to pull the wisdom tooth and then get pregnant?

Studies have found that traumatic dental treatment such as tooth extraction can cause pain and other stimuli. It is easy to induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and children are prone to premature birth in children in the late pregnancy.So, do wisdom teeth be pulled out first to get pregnant?

In fact, not every wisdom tooth needs to be removed. For wisdom teeth with normal eruption and chewing function, it can be retained and protected.It is recommended to conduct a "routine" inspection of wisdom teeth before pregnancy. If necessary, remove the germination difficulty or abnormal wisdom teeth if necessary, so as not to occur during pregnancy.

If you find these oral problems until you are pregnant, you need to consult a professional doctor and choose appropriate time treatment.Because whether it is drug treatment or traumatic surgery, it has certain risks for pregnant women.When non -treatment is indispensable, you should also choose to be in the middle of pregnancy.

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