Should pregnant women take medicine after pregnancy, what should I take?What kind of medicine should you not take?

In clinical practice, due to the enhancement of people’s awareness of protection, a sense of self -protection is gradually formed, especially pregnant women. These expectant mothers would rather suffer from taking medicine after being sick for their children.Perhaps the self -repairing effect of expectant mothers has increased and immunity is enhanced. Most pregnant women can survive.However, there are also some expectant mothers who can’t pass, and the disease is getting more and more powerful, which has caused a lot of problems in the child. Even abortion, the expectant mothers who lost their children are painful, and the damage caused is irreparable.

Of course, self -protection awareness is very good, but it should not be stiff, and the consequences that are not in the past are very serious. ThereforeAlso avoid the serious consequences of stiffness.You still have to see a doctor in time to avoid serious consequences.

So, what kind of medicine does expectant mothers have to take?What medicine can’t take?Can I take medicine after pregnancy?Let me talk about my own opinion:

First, minor disease, take medicines in time to eat homologous medicines.For example, the cold and cold have a cold. You should take medicine early and you can eat: ginger, green onion, pepper, pepper, pepper to boil together for 15 minutes. After drinking, cover the quilt to rest, sweat, just sweat.Wind and cold, you can eat: Dandelion, Erhua, mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, etc., boil for 15 minutes together, drink the back cover and be rested after drinking.Because these drugs are all -medicine, they have no effect on pregnant women and fetuses. You can use it with confidence.

Second, major disease.For the treatment of major illnesses, pregnant women need both to take it lightly, as well as doctors prescribe medicine.What is "the two are light compared"?Is it necessary to compare each other, is the side effect of the drug, or is it an urgent need for disease?If it is an urgent need for diseases, it must be applied; if it is a pregnant woman with a serious illness, and this medicine is necessary, it is used!The side effects are very large. At this time, we must weigh the advantages and disadvantages. For the needs of life, you must use it.For example, pregnancy hypertension, blood pressure 180 mmHg, will cause abortion without taking antihypertensive drugs. At this time, it must be used.Another example is gestational diabetes and more than 10 blood glucose, hypoglycemic drugs must be used, not only to endanger the fetus, but also endanger the life of pregnant women.

Third, antibiotics and their chemicals should not be eaten as much as possible.Such as tetracycline, chaincin, chloromycin, pyrone (fluoroprotic acid series drugs), etc. These antibiotic drugs are likely to cause fetal malformations, damage hearing, deafness, slow skeleton development, and dysplasia of teeth.

There is also too much damage to liver and kidney chemicals.Such as antiviral: diamondhomine, especially virusazole is disabled.In addition, there are anti -tumor drugs, neurotic drugs (including central nervous drugs, plant neuropharmaceuticals, antidepressants, etc.), diuretic drugs, hormones (including glucocorticoids, estrogen, progesterone, insulin B, etc., especially in particular, especiallyEsheols must be disabled).

In short, Western medicine is not urgent need for pregnant women, or must be used as much as possible.

Fourth, in Chinese medicine, medicines that are blood -breaking, qi, and toxic drugs in pregnant women must be disabled. Unless Chinese medicine is urgently needed in the life of pregnant women, it must not be used.Pregnancy drug taboo song tactics:

Poistic leech and tapeworm, Wu head aconite and Tianxiong,

Wild mercury and Bashuo, Achyranthes bull -breal barley and crickets,

Angle 芫,

The vermiculite nitrite yellow pearl, the Huaihua Morning Morning Sapgorn is the same,

Pinellia Nanxing and Tongcao, Qu Mai dry ginger and peaches,

Dry sand dry lacquer claws, ground biliary grain and cane insects.

In short, pregnant women should disable and use Chinese medicine carefully to summarize to poison, blood circulation and blood stasis, qi and wind -driven drugs, bitter cold and heat -clearing drugs, cold blood detoxification drugs.

Recently, clearing heat and cooling blood detoxification drugs have prevailed. Many doctors, including Western medicine, believe that there is no toxic and side effects of clearing heat and cooling blood detoxification, and pregnant women can use it boldly.As everyone knows, these drugs have the most easily caused abortion, such as Coptis, Rhubarb, Gardenia, Dragon Grass, White Mao Gen, Big Qingye, Banlangen, Gouts, locust flowers and so on.Double Huanglian and Banlangen of the pharmacy should not be applied to pregnant women.Chinese medicine said: There is a certificate that is used.No matter what disease and medicine, as long as you have this certificate, you need to use this disease. There is no need to stick to it.Be accurate.

Fifth, Chinese medicine for fetal preservation medicine.For patients with habitual abortion and patients with ectopic pregnancy, they must try to take traditional Chinese medicine to keep fetal medicines as much as possible to avoid the use of western medicine.Most of the fetal antifiers of western medicine are estrogen or progesterone, which can easily cause miscarriage. Yesterday, a pregnant woman had a miscarriage because of the hormone drugs for tire protection. The pregnant woman was crying and it was sad.

The fetal medicine protection of traditional Chinese medicine must also be dialectical and accurate, so as to be accurate, otherwise, the dialectics will not be clear, which will also cause unnecessary trouble.

In short, for pregnant women, if you have a disease, you can’t stand it. You must not refuse to use the medicine because you are afraid of affecting the fetus. You must go to the doctor and take the medicine under the guidance of the doctor.Do not lose your good opportunity because of a small loss!Many pregnant women have already done their heads in this regard, and they have refused to take medication. This is very wrong.


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