Shuming "Pear Song"#No one understands your sadness

Pear song.

My twin sister fell in love with my husband and killed me with my family.She was ashamed to sit on my bed and wait for my husband to sleep with shame.My father and mother also hoped that she would be with my husband and Qinse and Ming Wanzi.Husband pushed the door and came in her sister’s red face to make him wide.She didn’t know that the man in front of her was even more horrible than her.

I floated in the air and watched Pei Yan pushed in. His iron armor was stained with heavier and he didn’t see it for two months.She suffered these but more heroic.My sister Song Ruchu held her dress nervously, and then stood up from the bed and walked from the bed to Pei Yan. She said softly: Jun, wait for you to take a bath.

Her voice is almost consistent with me.But our voice was different.Seven days ago, she said to me when I was about to die: A Li, in order to change the sound, I ate a lot.You feel like you don’t look like nature.

Because the cautious people like Pei Ye did not hear that the wife in front of her eyes had changed.Pei Ye opened the iron armor and opened his arms.She was originally not white, but in order to be consistent with my skin tone, she took three white medicines daily daily, and did not take the sun all day long. In the end, she was as white as me.Not only the sound and skin, but even my expression of manners, she learned 10 %.

She said that she spent two years to prepare, and she said she would have to be.Pei Yan looked at her: You changed the incense.Song Ruchu said softly and then said softly: Well, Jun Shang thinks about this fragrance.Pei Yan frowned: heavy, not as good as you used before.

After changing back Song Ruchu, he said: Pei Yi turned to He Yingchi to walk around.Song Ruchu was happy to follow the eyes of her eyes. She was naturally happy that she was not found. I didn’t want to go to the bath.Because I know what will happen next.

Pei Yan entered the military bank at the age of twelve, and now she has+three years, with a square blood.The first thing in bed is also different from ordinary people. Although I don’t know if there are women in the past two months outside, it will be difficult for me to bear it every time he comes back from home for many days.He didn’t cherish me, but he was still careless: your parents sent you to ask you to please the king.

Later, I advised me to meet her some. When I heard the words, Fang made her less violent.But in fact, Song Ruchu was originally going to marry Pei.But when Pei Yan took the army back from the north, her saddle was sanctified with five heads.Although she told Tianzi that she was cut off on the way, she knew that the five people represent the five families of the Tang and Pei family.

The Song family is one of them. The Pei family flows into the river because of impeachment of blood, and Pei Ji naturally wants to retaliate.So the five families presented rare jewelry and peerless beauty, and begged her to calm down.Song Ruchu is the peerless beauty.She was worried that she would be tortured by Pei Ye and begged her father and mother not to send her. Her parents loved her, and eventually let me marry Pei Yan instead of Song Ruchu.

Although Song Ruchu and I were twins, the warlocks broke our words when we were born.So after birth, I was found to be a stars, and they were going to drow to me.Auntie couldn’t bear to survive after being forced by his life. I was taken care of me in the deepest courtyard of the Song family.

From the other, people only know that Song Jia’s eldest daughter in her palm is Song Ruchu, and I do n’t know that there is a daughter named Song A Li.Like Xiaocao, he grew up in the narrow yard in that side, and the Song family did not name me.A Li was obtained for me.I said that holding me to the small courtyard day, the pear blossoms in the courtyard are just the most beautiful, so she called me A Li and A Li.

After my short life, my soul floated to the edge of the bath without control.Pei Ye has entered the pool, and she was sitting in the permeated heat.Song Ruchu saw the frightened look after seeing, she was scared, I felt ridiculous.When she killed me, she was not soft at all.I floated beside Pei Yan and stretched out her hand in front of her.

Although I have been a little afraid of her, now I hope she can feel me, or find that Song Ruchu is not me.My corpse also cares about the ants bite in the garden of Songfu.If she can help me revenge in my three -year love, I am grateful for her.It would be good if she did not want to dig out my body out of fire. I like warm places.I don’t want to lie in the dark forever, but unfortunately she has no sense of me, and she closed her eyes.Song Ruchu stabilized his heart, biting rosy lips to prepare his lower teeth.

Pei Yan suddenly opened, watching what she looked at her body?Song Ruchu asked: Pei Daodao heard that the king was not there these days, you returned to the Song family.Song Ruchu kneeling was ill, so after a few days, he asked Jun to sin to mention my mother. I still couldn’t help it in my heart.

In order to let me survive, she forced the Song family to kill the Song family, but when Song Ruchu wanted to be with Pei Yan, she cheated me back and let Song Ruchu kill me.I would like to ask her why she loved me, but killed me again.

After listening to Song Ruchu’s explanation, Pei Yan said: It is not only your mother is sick, and it is okay to go back.I was stunned, Pei Yan never said that to me before.On the day of the wedding cave, he said that I was given to him by my father and mother, then I was all his.From then on, he could no longer have himself as him, and his death was also him. He was worn by him.That night he squeezed my face coldly: Even though you were born, he was pity, and don’t think about the king of the king.He said that in the past three years, he did not have much speech with me, let alone let me go home.

Xie Jun was pity, and Song Ruchu said and walked to Pei Yan, took a cotton towel to wipe his body.Suddenly, Pei Yisui’s voice came from the outside: Jun Shang Tianzi was impatient and knew.Pei Yan got up and left.Song Ruchu watched Pei Ying’s backhaul and stomped his feet. It wasn’t the time to call the Emperor Tianzi. Song Ruchu returned to the room to make a happy circle.At this time, my maid Ye Er came in at this time, congratulations to Wen Jun’s successful concealment.

Yan was sent by the Song family after the death of my grew up two years ago.At that time, I thought my family hurt me, and now I know that Song Ruchu is preparing for me in advance.They had a plan to kill me two years ago.

Song Ruchu pulled Ye Er: What smell you smell me?Ye’er carefully smelled: Miss you have no other taste except Pear incense.

Song Ruchu is a little uneasy: Really?But Jun went close to me and smelled the agarwood I used before, and I didn’t understand.

Pei Ye was not good at it on weekdays. How did he smell Song Ruchu’s difference at once.Ye Er said: It may be that the agarwood you used to use before was very good. The fragrance could not dissipate for a while. If you want to smoke for a few days, you can completely cover up.It makes sense.Song Ruchu ignited a few pears, and then took out a villain with a needle: Falling the ground forever, there is no reincarnation.The villain wrote my name.

Song Ali: I want to teach her to tie the villain.She spoke to the villain after a while.Sister and sister, don’t think you don’t believe it.When you have three years of Jun, when I only look at him, he is really half like God, but he is much better than the nerd of the book that his father and mother found me, not better than all men in the world.

After I married Pei Yan, she could no longer live as Song Ruchu. Her father and mother sent her to a hidden place and recruited a scholar for her as a husband.But now I do n’t know how the life of the book is killed like me.She twisted the little man’s head: You should thank me how can you marry the people who enjoy him and his glory and wealth if you are not me.Now all this is just the original owner.

She was afraid that Pei Yan would make me marry, and then she saw me lived well in Pei Ye for a year.And when Pei Yan walked into the center of the court step by step, she re -admired that she couldn’t eat, sleep, and mad.

How long does it take to return to five A Li on Yan Erjun?Song Ruchu asked again: Ye Er replied: In addition to the long -distance travel, Jun Shang, as long as he is almost in Miss Er in the palace.Song Ruchu glanced at Ye Er: So what?Three -year love, not without a while and a half girls.It can be seen that Jun Shang just uses her to solve it.She said it was right, Pei Yan said to me, don’t think of his son -in -law, so I have been taking medicine.I don’t want to give birth to a child who is like me.The night was gradually deeper, and Pei Yan hadn’t returned yet. Song Ru first slept first, and let Ye Ji wake her up when Pei Ye returned.I drifted out of the room and sat in the direction of the palace.

A few days ago, I heard that Tianzi was seriously ill.

At this time, Pei Yan was called into the palace to think of it.At that time, he did not know if he would do it at the Song family.In the past few years, he has been eager to move. The Song family and the other four thought that sending Ru Shanbao and the beauty can make him regardless of the previous suspicion, but how can these compare with the hatred in his heart?

On that day, I returned to the Song family to tell them Pei Yan’s mind, but before I spoke, they poisoned me.The moon gradually fell, the east was white, and the sun had to hide the room.I’m a ghost, I’m afraid of the sun, I’m afraid of my favorite sunshine.

Pei Yi returned at noon.I hid in the corner, and I was hungry.The half -month before I died, I had no appetite to eat something and I felt uncomfortable.Later, when I came to the Song family, I drank the poison wine sent by Song Ruchu before entering, so I was also a starving ghost.Song Ruchu hasn’t eaten the anxiety of Pei Yan and others these days.

Now Pei Yan is by her side, and she has an appetite.Pei Yan did not move the chopsticks, but looked at her boring eyes and twisted her fingers. This was the habitual movement when he thought.What did he find?

Song Ru first asked.Pei Ye did not answer, but said: You look a good appetite.Song Ruchu immediately realized her inappropriateness. She should have learned me quietly and docile. She put down her chopsticks and lowered her head to make Jun laugh.

Pei Yan said again: I heard that you are uncomfortable last month, and the imperial doctors in the palace will come to the treatment of you.Song Ru had a panic in his eyes. I knew she was worried that she was seen by the imperial doctor. After all, although the appearance was changed, it could not be changed.And I am also confused.Last month, I have not died last month. Obviously, the person he said was me.

Although I have also been ill several times in the past three years, I have diagnosed the Pei family’s own medical officers.Now he let the imperial doctor come to my body so much.Although Song Ruchu was unwilling to diagnose and treat it, she dared not dare to adversity.So I kept asking Ye Er’s symptoms last month.

Ye Er recalled it: Last month, Miss Er was fine. Only some couldn’t eat something and eat some amaranth, but it was not tight in general.

Song Ruchu listened to his look so dignified: Why do you say this as if she was pregnant.I was surprised in my heart, but how could it be?I haven’t broken the medicine.Ye Er comforted: Don’t worry, even Miss Er is fine.She was dead, there was no disease.Yeah, I am dead, even if I have a pregnant fetus for two months, who can see that even if the corpse is dug out.

When I fed the imperial medicine, I arrived in the house when I was in accordance with the quasi, and went to the side of Song Ruchu and Pei Yan. I drifted over.Hearing the doctor who said to Pei Yan: The female king was not pregnant, but it was really Pei Yan suspected that I was pregnant, so he would care.If I really have his son -in -law, he can also get rid of it as soon as possible.Pei Yan sounded faintly, and the king didn’t have to worry about it.

If Jun Shang is looking forward to his son -in -law, this year, there will be a fortune doctor who thinks that Pei Yi wants a child. Pei Yan’s eyes moved: she is healthy and healthy.The doctor must return to Song Ruchu, who was looking at Pei Yan to the distance, and then ordered the ministers around him to go to Songfu Tong.The Japanese king accompanied the girl to Gui Ning. I have never taken the initiative to go to Songfu with him in the past three years.Once the Song House was found to lie to him, at this time, the Song family chickens were not left.

Song Ruchu knew that he was going to Songfu tomorrow, and he was very disturbed: I saw me for half a day when Jun Shang saw that he was not Song A Li?But soon calmed down again: No, he didn’t see it, otherwise he had taken the head of my item long ago.However, it must be what Yuyi said just now, which made Jun doubt.Secondly, you let people ask people now. She is the descendants of the wise Song family.

Early the next morning, the carriage set off in He Songfu. The sun in the spring day was a bit burning. I could only hide in the shadow of Pei Yan.He was tall, and I was not burned in half in his shadow. I never thought that one day he would need him as shelter.When he arrived at the Songfu, his father and mother were waiting at the door long ago, and when Pei Yan immediately greeted him diligently.A Niang also grabbed Song Ruchu’s hand, and she was worried in her eyes.I am a little sad.In my memory, A Niang never saw me like this. Even the day I married Pei Yan, he knew that I might die, but she was still happy in her eyes, and was happy for Song Ruchu.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t understand at that time, I always thought that A Niang was also fighting for me.She must also hurt my mother, let me and my sister change back. I am also willing. Why do I have to kill me?I floated beside A Niang and asked: "Auntie can’t hear it. When she is alive, she still does not care about my begging. How can she remember me?Only Song Ruchu was full of eyes.Ah Da implicitly asked Pei Ye and Song Ruchu. After all, the current situation is critical, and Pei Ye should be in the palace.Pei Yan said that it was just a spring day, and the garden scene of the Song family was a must -have, so come to enjoy the shadow.

I know that he is by no means this, but I still take a spirit, because my body is buried in the garden, and my father and mother should have not shifted my corpse away. After all, the Song family is a big family.If you care about it, you will be discovered.Pei Yi slowly reaches the middle of the garden.Song Ruchu followed him nervously. A Niang patted her hand gently, as if she was motioning her not to worry.

Ah Da asked Pei Yi to recently leading the situation in the middle of the country. Pei Ye did not answer.Song Ruchu’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, and then bowed their heads with shame, and their father and mother were laughing, and they were relieved.

Pei Ye used to be dirty for me. He didn’t like me much, but I was a thorough part of him.He can have some fun if you want to dress up, or he dresses me more in his heart before enjoying it. He can be happy and thank you.

Song Ruchu said softly, Pei Yan smiled and continued to walk forward. The place in front of me was buried. My corpse was under that tea, but when I drifted, I couldn’t feel my corpse.I saw that the soil was newly turned over, and the corpse was removed. It should be made last night.After all, they still dare not bet.

Pei Ye crawled out of the dead people. They were afraid he would notice what, but where would I be now?Suddenly the wind, countless pear blossoms were blown over, the wind was cold in the wind, and the blood of pear blossoms was half spring and autumn.Pei Yan looked at the direction of the pear blossoms. At the end of the garden, there was a small courtyard, a pear tree in the courtyard, and the white flowers bloomed.Pei Yan walked towards there, and Ah Da Ai stopped him, saying that there was nothing to watch over there.Pei Yan said that he hadn’t seen such Yue Baifeng Qingqing, and it was okay to see it.

Song Ruchu pretended to be dizzy immediately: Jun Shangtian was too hot, his body was a little uncomfortable, and he wanted to rest.Pei Yan saw her sweat on her pale forehead, and hesitated to leave with her for a moment.I looked at my father and mother’s look, and I knew that my corpse must be in that yard.In the room, A Niang accompanied Song Ruchu to rest, while Ah Da took Pei Yan to drink tea: Mother, is that stars really pregnant?Song Ruchu asked A Niang nodded: Last night, we opened her belly, and it was indeed there.Hearing this, my stomach hurts, as if my soul has been opened.I didn’t expect that I was really pregnant.After taking so much medicine, I thought my body should not be able to regenerate children.Fortunately, we moved my hands first, otherwise I couldn’t pretend to be her.

Song Ruchu glanced at Aiang Niang nodded: Today, seeing Jun is also very good to you, and you have to seize the opportunity quickly.When there is a child, even if you see something on the king, you will pass by the child.

Ye Er also said: Slave also asked someone to ask for a lot of money.Yuyi said that Jun just asked Miss how your body was without anything else.Song Ruchu was a little unhappy: then he didn’t care about me, but cared about the stars.A Niang comforted her: As soon as A Li was dead, you will be alone in the future.You see, today you still have a flower on you, and you will be loving to the old.Swallow’s grandson.Song Ruchu smiled at this: Mother’s daughter now feels so happy.A Niang looked at her with a smile: My good girl was happy.I didn’t look at it anymore, I drifted out.But where can I go, when I live, the mother who can’t go back, the husband’s family who can’t merge, can not be relieved after death.

In the evening, Song Ru was waiting for Pei Ji last night, but Pei Ji was still drinking in style.If I let me relieve it before the rain, he drinks him and drinks drunk, and I can sleep well.It is strange now. He obviously gave Song Ruchu in the daytime, why didn’t he come at night?I drifted away the style, he was sitting there, persistently not drinking tragedy.Also with him, there are also Chen Zhoufang.Zhou Fang said that Pei Ji went to the Song family today, and in front of so many people, the husband and wife were harmonious.In the DPRK, Pei must be sent to the two as one. In this way, the Song family was isolated by the hostiles of the Pei family, and it could not form any threat.

It turned out that this was why Pei Ji went to the Song family.I thought it was that he saw Song Yan’s shot, and I thought too much.Zhou Fang was still talking, but in the DPRK, Pei Ji was absent -minded.Zhou Fang also saw that the master had a heart.

Mei Ji said that the previous king of Japan had a dream, dreaming that the female king and a young child stood on the opposite side of the river, and the pear blossoms on the other side were very good.The king called him, but he ignored it, and he laughed.The lord wanted to have a home, but Pei Ji shook his head.On the day the king’s parents died, the king also dreamed that they were standing on the other side of the river.Zhou Fang was busy with comfort.Moreover, the female king just happened to be in the house at this moment, just a dream.Pei Ji took a sip of wine, maybe it’s just a dream.After promising for a while, he sent someone to stare at Song Jia again. After a few days back, he was unusual.

Today, Song Jia seems to be concealed.After Zhou Fang, I sat down and looked at him quietly opposite Pei Ji. If it wasn’t for me now, I wouldn’t dare to look at him like this.He just said that I dreamed that I and a little child were standing under the pear trees. Is it impressed when I died with my child? Did he care about me?The night breeze slowly blows, and there are people who focus on cheerful.The moon shadow accompanies the wine in the next drink.

After I had no shadow for a long time, he finally got up and walked towards Song Ruchu’s yard.Song Ruchu had fallen asleep, and he leaned on the corner of the bed with a smile.He is not good at waiting for people, when he is waiting for someone, especially when he is waiting for a person who kills and hiding in the rain.Yuer wanted to wake him up and wave his hand softly, let him sleep.Song Ruchu is really Fu Xing.You see, even if he is dressed as me, he can immediately have what I have never got.I want to tell him Pei Jiming that I was buried under the tree of Song Jiali, but I didn’t know how to enter his dream.

At this moment, he was asleep and his brows were locked.It seems that in Dreamy Eyes, I have seen him many times in the past three years, and sometimes he also cry in dreams.When I want to wake him up, he immediately woke up and held my neck hard. After seeing me, he let go.At that time, he said that he would not touch him when he was asleep, because he would kill me, and I was timid.After a long time, he heard that Pei Ji often encountered assassination in Beijing’s years, so he has been sleeping unstable.I thought about it, holding his face with both hands, and his forehead against his forehead may be able to enter his dream, but it was still useless.He has not even moved his eyelids like this, and I tried to find others and other ghosts these days.

I seemed to be trapped by Song Ruchu. As long as I was far away from him, I was dragged back by an invisible force.I don’t know what he did to me, would I always be held like this?When I was looking up and preparing to go out, Pei Ji suddenly held me and turned over. Obviously I had no entity, but he seemed to be able to hug me.Then he woke up.He looked at the empty arms, and after a while, he moved his head and moved his head slowly.

Then I heard him say, not to be confused by him.In our hospital, he was always sober.Even in so many nights, when he seemed to engrave me into Gu Xue and when the oriental light was raised, he returned to the northern king Pei Ji.I was still like Song Jianu, and when Tian was not yet light, there was a person in the palace again, saying that the emperor suddenly woke up.After Pei Ji entered the palace, the beam came.Thirteen years ago Pei Ji regained administration, he was exiled to the Beijing Military Camp with shackles.Thirteen years later, he stood on the highest place in Shishan Bloody Sea.Then he started to clean up cruelly.At that time, the five major families were killed by Song Jia. The king’s family should not be at the time of Song Bao’s family.I also have the fortune that the female king. I have seen it.I really have a face when I really have a face.But I heard that@可 As long as Wang is in the house, it will not be able to step on the bed.When I heard these words, A Niang was boasting Song Ruchu.The good daughter is now the most noble woman in the world, and even the queen queen can’t compare with you.

Song Ruchu is short of nature, what is the use of nobleness?Her daughter hadn’t seen Jun on the Jun for more than a month, and A Niang advised her to wake up patiently and say that she is currently dealing with the political affairs.Just wait for this time.Song Ruchu was worried that other women would replace her at this time.A Niang laughed, and said that no father and mother will remove you at present.A Niang, you are so nice to your daughter.A Niang said, who am I good to you?You are a big treasure with a big hand.I looked at them right because I didn’t grow up beside A Niang, so I can remove it at will just like others in his mouth?

Song Ruchu asked me again. A Niang said that she hadn’t dug it and read it, but it was mostly rotten into the nutrient of the pear tree.I looked down at my feet and felt that A Niang was right.A few days ago, my feet began to become transparent.I think I was starting to dissipate. I don’t know why I stayed on the world, and I don’t know how long I can stay, let alone why I died for so long, and I didn’t see ghosts to appear me.

Two years later, Pei Ji was finally back.Song Ruchu was carefully dressed in front of the mirror, and he admired himself in the second.In the past, I was really on the king. Did Ali come here for the initiative to ask?Yan Er returned yes, Song Ruchu dismissed his life, then he really broke.I used to look down at him.Yan Er also said: You monarch, do you want to change your clothes, and the lady rarely wear so bright.Song Ruchu had a cold face. He was not me, and I wore whatever I like.

But Yan’er Song Ruchu turned around and looked at him for two months.At some time, I still think he is smart, but now he is so unclear, he is not unable to know. He just eager to get rid of my shadow, and no one wants to be someone else.

In the evening, Pei Ji finally came, and a mysterious dark golden python robe also added Jin Gui on the sofa.He was originally a noble child, but he was covered in the inside by blood and hatred.Song Ruchu got up and greeted him, and his eyes were stunning and love.You are finally back, Song Ruchu’s soft snuggling in Pei Ji’s arms.

At this moment, Pei Ji was also stunned, afraid of high, and the beauty was pregnant.Anyone didn’t like it. He held Song Ruchi’s slender waist, and the cleverness in his eyes gradually dissipated, and he was a little gentle.He came back, and he responded elegantly.The next moment, I frowned again. Have you changed your incense yet?Song Ru’s eyes dodge a little, and changed.It’s like that after that time, the night is never used again.Pei Jing looked at him thoughtfully, and did not say anything in the end. He used meals with him and then left.As soon as he couldn’t send it out, he pulled all the beads on his body.I used it for so long, and I almost marinated myself.

Why does Jun Shang say that the taste is different.Second, are you lied to me, do you don’t want your family to live?He asked for a moment, Yan Er knelt down immediately, and the slaves would never dare to lie to the girl.Why is this?Yan Er thought about it, maybe because of leaving the country but the body incense. The slaves heard that everyone had their own unique taste.Song Ruchu, what is the fragrance of the village, isn’t he looking at his face?I am almost exactly the same as that stars, and I can’t recognize myself anymore.Song Ruchu didn’t know, and I didn’t know, Pei Ji never had any fragrance in front of me.I floated to Pei Ji, and he sat in front of the shore.

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