Sister, I am pregnant, the child is from Yue’s brother

When Qiao Yu found me, I was sitting in the library to modify the paper.

She sat down opposite me at a loss, wearing a sleeveless white skirt with a gentle voice, full of innocent and poor eyes.

I looked up at her and looked back.

The fingertips knock on the keyboard. I will graduate from a PhD, and I will complete the graduation thesis before June.

Moreover, the library is not a place to speak.

It is almost eleven o’clock to see the dissertation.

Qiao Yu was still sitting opposite, holding a book in his hand.

Her skin is fair, her eyes are not big, but her pupils are rare pure black, giving people a sense of unknown things.Like the school flower of the polar student.

I close the computer and prepare to have lunch.When she heard the movement, she quickly put the book back to the original place and followed me.

[Sister Xue, I really like Yue brother …]

When she said this, she had a heavy nasal sound, as if she would cry in the next second.

[Eat first.] I directly interrupted her words.

I walked out of the school gate a lot. In order to learn more for a while, every time I walked, I was particularly fast. Later, this habit could not be changed.

Coupled with the height of one meter seventy -two, she wants to keep a trips in sync with me.

She pant at a small mouth next to me, and fine sweaty beads appeared on her forehead.Beijing in May, the sky is already hot.

We sat down in a small restaurant outside the school. The environment here is good and the price is not expensive.

[Do you have any taboos?] I pushed the menu on the table.She bit her lower lip, blinked those clear eyes and shook her head.

I pulled the menu back to spread it, hook behind a few dishes I like to eat, and hand it to the waiter.

[When did this happen?] I put one hand on the table and asked softly.

She lowered her head and whispered: [One month ago.]

This time happened to be the time I quarreled with Zhou Yue, and that night he didn’t return overnight.

[Zhou Yue knows you pregnant?] I took the warm water sent by the waiter at the beginning.

She shook her head a small amount and didn’t speak.

[Qiao Yu, you are my schoolgirl, you also know that Zhou Yue is my boyfriend, why do you do this?]

I can never understand what a person can have, so that he can violate morality to intervene in the feelings of others.

She raised her head, her eyes widened, and she had tears in her eyes, like a shocked rabbit.

[Sorry, Sister Sijia.I know that it is not right, but I can’t control my heart about Yue.You know that I am a single -parent family, and I am missing my father’s love since I was a child. I don’t want my children to be the same as me.] The crystal tears rolled down from her face.

[Qiao Yu, Zhou Yue will not marry you.This is not the United States, aborting the law, you can kill this child!]

I don’t know if she really wants this child, but she just wants her mother to be expensive.But I know Zhou Yue, he must not want this child.If Qiao Yu insists on leaving him, she will regret it in the future.

She didn’t seem to be aware of the seriousness of the problem. She stood up and walked to me, and she knelt on the ground.

[Sister Sijia, I can see that you don’t love Yue brother, so I beg you, leave him, is it all?] After speaking, she wanted to make a lot.

I directly blocked her head to contact her head with the ground intimately, but she was very hard and shocked my feet.

The people around him also cast a look at the show. I bent over and wanted to pull her up, but she seemed to be stuck to the ground, crying and crying, as if I had to get angry.Crying to death.

As soon as I gritted my teeth, I pulled her up from the ground and pushed her back to the seat.He said high: [I will break up with him.]

When she heard this, her tears stopped, and she felt inappropriate to laugh. She could only blink of the watery eyes and looked at me innocently.

But I just want to laugh at her now, even if I leave Zhou Yue, Zhou Yue will not be with her.


When she came out of the restaurant, she said with a smile with a smile, and then waved her hand to say goodbye to me.The breeze blew her hair, and the sun was poured on her, which was beautiful like a painting.

I squinted and looked at her back, she was not the first woman to appear in front of me.

My name is Liu Sijia. At the age of 28 this year, I will graduate with a PhD.

Zhou Yue and I grew up together. The two are neighbors, elementary school, junior high school, and high school in the same class.

He has been a child of someone else since he was a child. He looks good and his mind is smart.You can see everything like a teenager.

If he is a [talent type] player, then I am [hard work].I paid a lot of time and energy to squeeze into the top ten, and it was not stable.

I look ordinary, and my sense of existence is not high. It is the kind of people who see familiar but can’t be named.Like other girls, I like Zhou Yue, who is shining.

But I don’t have the courage to confess, if I look better, or the grades are better.Maybe one day I was excellent enough. At that time, I would stand in front of him and say something to him: [I like you.]

In this way, I secretly determined that I must make myself better so that it can match him.

[The first age is Zhou Yue again.]

[Yes, he is so amazing.Study well and looks so handsome. Have you ever seen him playing basketball?It seems to have abdominal muscles!]

I picked up the water next to me, heard a group of girls talking about him, and then there was a cry of [wow].

Back to the seat, Zhou Yue handed me an apple. [My mother asked me to divide you one, you have a good grade this time, continue to cheer.]

He rubbed my head with his hands and returned to his seat with a smile.

[I envy you and Zhou Yue a neighbor.] My table was poked at my arm, holding my face and said.

I have not been excluded because of the relationship with Zhou Yue. Like most students, I have ushered in the college entrance examination blandly.

If you don’t have an accident, I work hard to meet him at the same university, but the accident happened.

A few days before the college entrance examination, his father accidentally had a car accident when he pulled the goods at night. Even if he took out all his home, he did not rescue him. For this reason, there were hundreds of thousands of debt.

Perhaps the death of his loved ones hit him too much, and he settled on the college entrance examination.After that, I did not choose to repeat it, and went directly to the society.

I entered Tsinghua University with the third grade of the province.I have persuaded him, hoping that he will come for another year, and I will wait for him in Tsinghua.

But he waved his hand and said that he would bear the responsibility of supporting his family.When he looked at me, there was a kind of unclear sadness in his eyes.

Zhou Yue is a stubborn person. He made a decision, and it is useless to persuade others.

This year I was eighteen, and for the first time, I went far away, and Beijing, which was more than 1,000 kilometers away from Xi’an, is also our first separation.


Although it is thousands of miles, we have never interrupted the connection.I will share with him which canteen’s meals are delicious and which teacher lectures are interesting.

He listened quietly over there, occasionally echoed.

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