Sister, please don’t hesitate to help you get pregnant easily.

How to raise high -quality follicles?Do you have to eat the medium -coenzyme Q10 once?

How can we make bubbles round and big?In addition to drinking more warm palace soup and black soybean milk through recipes, in fact, it is also a good way to eat some nutritional supplements properly during pregnancy.

Today I will specify from my experience in preparing for the first child and now the second child to prepare for the second child. What kind of nutritional supplements I have eaten to improve my egg quality, let me be pregnant in one and a half months.

I eat this capsule -type coenzyme Q10, which adds vitamin E and resveratrol. I also bought Victoria C with it with it.The three combinations of coenzyme Q10 dimensions C -dimensional E are really a combination of Wang Fried, and the effects are doubled, especially for older pregnancy, premature ovarian aging, polycystic or intended to be a test tube sisters. We recommend this combination here.of.

I said from four aspects to tell the coenzyme Q10 respectively.

· 1. What is the coenzyme Q10?In this way, the coenzyme Q10 is a three -dimensional charging treasure of our cell line. We all have cells in our body. Is the coenzyme Q10 spread all over our body?A large number of studies have shown that the lack of coenzyme Q10 can lead to immature follicle development and reduce the chance of conception.

· Second, why supplement the coenzyme Q10?Sisters who want to be eugenic and eugenic are higher in demand for coenzyme Q10. It can increase the number and quality of mature follicles and increase the chance of conception.For sisters who are prepared, it is necessary to supplement the coenzyme Q10 in an appropriate amount, and it can improve the problem of decline in ovarian function caused by age to a certain extent. At the same time, it also has the ability to protect ovarian reserves and improve fertility.

· Third, coenzyme Q10 is divided into two types: oxidation type and alist type, but according to medical research, it is best to choose a restoration coenzyme Q10, because it can be absorbed by the body without any conversion.

Fourth, how many milligrams of coenzyme Q10 need to be supplemented during pregnancy, it is recommended to add 200 mg daily. The one I eat is 200 mg.However, it should be noted that everyone’s physical condition is different, and the amount that needs to be supplemented is different. For example, the older hormone level is abnormal. Sisters with abnormal AMH value indicators must supplement the coenzyme Q10 with the guidance of the doctor.

Finally, I emphasize that eating with Vitamin C with Victoria E can enhance nutrition absorption.

Having said so much, I don’t know how to choose a coenzyme Q10, you can ask me in the comment area.Or you can copy homework directly to buy confidence in Kangle Avicin Q10.I wish everyone a successful pregnancy!

Follow me and prepare for pregnancy together!How to raise high -quality follicles?Reject polycystic X folkmental development is immature, and the follicles are round and large. Do you want to eat coenzyme Q10?

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