Six kinds of foods are "built -in" progesterone. Women often eat, supplement estrogen, regulate endocrine

There are a variety of hormones in the human body. It is precisely because of the coordination of these hormones that can maintain the stability of the endocrine system, such as growth hormones, thyroid hormones, adrenaline, sex hormones, and so on.

For female friends, there is still another vital hormone called progesterone in the body. Women who have experienced breeding experience should understand that there is a vital role in normal pregnancy. After women’s pregnancyInsufficient progesterone will not only increase the probability of miscarriage, but also affect the health of itself and the baby.


If you have insufficient progesterone in your body, it may cause the overall endocrine disorders. At this time, the level of hormone metabolism is low, and insomnia is prone to insomnia.

Therefore, if you always suffer from insomnia for a period of time, you need to be vigilant, because this is likely to have a great connection with the lack of progesterone. I hope you can nourish in time and correctly.

Menstrual disorders

In daily life, most female friends are very concerned about menstruation, and many girls will also regard menstruation as a healthy couple watch.

Similar lutenone is similar to estrogen, which will affect the level of menstruation. Therefore, if there is a case of laxone, it is likely to accompany the problem of menstrual disorders.

Gain weight

Can progesterone also participates in the body’s metabolism, that is, if there is sufficient progesterone in the body, it can accelerate the body’s metabolism and accelerate the consumption and combustion of fat.

Therefore, if there is a lack of progesterone, it is likely to cause weight gain, so this also hopes that the majority of female friends can take it correctly.

Be old -fashioned

Under normal circumstances, the progesterone in young women is very sufficient, so when there is insufficient progesterone, people will also look older.

Therefore, if a female friend finds that herself has become old for a while, it should also be vigilant, which may be related to lack of progesterone.

1. Soybean

Soybean is rich in soy isoflavones. This is a substance similar to a sublellone. Therefore, if female friends do not want progesterone to lose too fast, you can eat some soybeans or soy products in daily life.Effect.

2. Quail egg

Although the quail eggs are not large, the nutrients contained in them are very rich. If female friends want to supplement progesterone, they can also eat quail eggs in moderation, which may help care for the health of the uterus and ovaries. At the same time,It is also helpful to maintain hormone levels in the body.

3. Walnut

As a kind of nut, many people heard that eating walnuts can have the effect of replenishing the brain. In fact, the effect of eating walnuts in supplementing progesterone is also very good. Therefore, female friends do not want progesterone to lose too fast.You can also eat some walnuts in moderation, which may achieve the expected results.

4. Eggs

I believe that there should be eggs in the kitchen of each household. Study data shows that the eggs contain several nutrients that the body needs, so eating eggs can make the body get more comprehensive nutrients. In addition, eggs are supplemented by supplementingThere is also beneficial to progesterone.

5. radish

As the saying goes, eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer. Do not old doctors prescribe prescriptions. Radish itself is a relatively high nutritional value. You can eat some radish in daily life.It also has some help, I hope you don’t miss it.

6. kelp

As a seafood, kelp tastes very delicious. After cooking, it can also satisfy people’s appetite. The kelp contains a large amount of trace elements. Female friends daily life symptoms.Help, I hope you don’t resist too much.

-Do pregnancy

Research data shows that nearly 4%of women are unable to get pregnant due to the lack of progesterone. Many female friends have miscarriage or fetal suspension after pregnancy because of lack of progesterone.It really plays a vital role. For a long time, the deficiency of progesterone will affect the pregnancy rate of pregnancy.

–Decline of memory

Many people rack their brains and do not expect that there is any connection with the memory of progesterone with the memory. If there is a lack of progesterone, it may affect the nerves of the brain.Affects memory and the phenomenon of poor memory.

-The decrease in sleep quality

People need to take out 1/3 of their lives in their lives, and spend it in sleep. This shows that high -quality sleep is very critical for care for care and physical health to maintain physical function. Insufficient progesterone in women will affect sleep.The quality makes people insomnia and dreams, and it will also disrupt the original stable biological clock.

In summary, progesterone is a very important substance in women, so I hope that female friends will develop good behavior in their daily lives and try to maintain sufficient luteum as much as possible.

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