Six months of pregnancy is so painful that the culprit is actually stones

Xiao Deng, who was 6 months pregnant, was resting at home as usual. Suddenly there was a pain in his right lower abdomen, and his family was rushed to the hospital by his family.After the test of the obstetrician and gynecologist, after the possibility of premature birth, the "culprit" of Xiao Deng’s abdominal pain was found to be ureteral stones.

Why is it easy to get urinary tract during pregnancy?

1. The level of estrogen during pregnancy is relatively low, and usually increases blood calcium and increases urine calcium displacement.

2. The level of progesterone during pregnancy will increase, which will easily expand the ureter, weaken peristalsis, and slow urine flow, causing urinary retention, providing a hotbed for the formation of stones.

3. In the late pregnancy, the increase in the uterus of pregnant women will compress the ureter and bladder, distort them, and increase the risk of obstruction and infection, and then induce stones.

4. If pregnant women are combined with other diseases such as gout, diabetes, etc., it will also be more likely to lead to the formation of stones.At the same time, because the increased uterus is easy to rotate, the right ureter of pregnant women is more likely to occur.

Urinary tract stones during pregnancy can cause premature birth

In general, patients with kidney stones will experience waist and abdomen.The accumulation of kidney water caused by pregnancy can also cause abdominal pain, and severe kidney colic -like pain will be severe.

When infected with renal stones with infection or urinary tube mouthstones, there will be frequent urination, pain, and urgency.

The inflammation and pain of abortion and premature urinary systems may induce uterine contraction, cause bleeding, abortion, premature birth, and affect the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

Conservative treatment is the first choice

Conservative treatment is the preferred treatment method for hypothyroidism during pregnancy.Generally speaking, pregnant women who have less stones and do not have severe renal damage do not need to intervene too much.During the period, pregnant mothers should appropriately increase the amount of activity, drink a lot of water at the same time to ensure sufficient urine volume, and use medicine to relieve pain, anti -infection and other medicines, but pay attention to actively monitor the development of stones.

The B -ultrasound examination is preferred during pregnancy diagnosis during pregnancy. The accuracy of the B -ultrasound is high and no damage to the fetus. It can be repeatedly applied to disable X -ray and CT examinations.During pregnancy, urinary tract stones are determined according to the size of the stones, the parts of the obstruction, the infection, whether there is any renal damage, and the clinical symptoms to determine the treatment method, and the ongoing shock wave gravel is prohibited.

For pregnant women who are invalid in conservative treatment, surgical intervention is required.Surgical methods include: ureteral stent placing, transcipotentic renal fistula, and mirror mirror gravel, etc., can help stones discharge or strive for time to treat stones in the future. Of course, try to protect the safety of pregnant women and babies as much as possible.

Remember four preventive methods

Pregnant mothers can prevent it through the following four methods.1. Do a urinary system B -ultrasound before pregnancy.If you have urinary tract stones, you should find an urological doctor for evaluation before you get pregnant.2. Drink plenty of water.It can dilute urine and reduce the risk of stones. It is recommended to drink plenty of boiled water, drink less strong tea to avoid sweet drinks.3. Don’t urinate.4. Pay attention to diet.Eating more vegetables and fruits can not only reduce the formation of stones, but also help defecation.Eat less foods rich in oxalic acid, such as spinach, peanuts, beets, cabbage, celery, etc.Keep calcium intake and balance, and recommend more foods such as dairy products, tofu and other foods.(Wang Caixia Jiang Jingrun Chen Mijia sorted)

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