Six things that pregnant mothers should know about babies are not anxious after reading it

You may feel that you don’t need to know so much about childbirth.It helps to produce scholars and doctors to know how to help you.

There is a saying that the opportunity is left for those who are prepared.

From many mothers who have been to know, if you know what you will encounter in advance, it will be more calm and relaxed during childbirth. This is the most needed at the critical moment of childbirth.

Prepare 6 common problems for mothers.These are the answers that expectant mothers want to know most.They will make you feel safer during childbirth.Moms come and learn!

Some women will feel irritable on the day of delivery. This is a clear signal from the body, while others will have symptoms such as acceleration, fever or headache.

In addition, some people may feel loss of appetite or very hungry, and there may be diarrhea or severe constipation.

At this time, the cervix began to open slowly, more liquid flowing out, and the pelvis and lower abdomen began to feel the painful pain.The pressure in the vagina and bladder is also a sign of the upcoming delivery.

When bleeding or amniotic fluid increases, it is time to go to the hospital, and the pain has begun to become regular.

There is a golden law that can help expectant mothers judge the time of labor: the law is 4: 1: 1.Specifically: pain every four minutes, each pain lasts for 1 minute.This rhythmic pain has lasted for an hour.

Another sign of the upcoming property is the severe pain that expectant mothers began to feel unbearable.

The last and the simplest signal is that the prospective mother feels that she is about to see the baby. At this time, I should believe in my intuition!Childbirth may start soon.

Fear of childbirth is completely normal.Specific mothers can calm down by relaxing and prepare for childbirth.Here are some detailed information about delivery, which can help you overcome the fear:

(1) The pain of prenatal pain is gradually intensified, not suddenly, so expectant mothers can slowly adapt.

(2) There is a period of time between each pain.At that time, expectant mothers would not feel any pain (except for the final stage of delivery), and they could take a good rest.

(3) In addition, there is time limit for pain.Each pain means that the baby is one step closer to birth.When the baby is lying in your arms, the pain of childbirth is really over.

Many studies have shown that during the period of 20 to childbirth in pregnancy, women’s sensitivity to pain will continue to decrease because the body secretes a hormone similar to opium anesthesia.

Successful delivery does not mean that you must endure severe pain.A variety of methods and drugs can be used to relieve pain, such as acupuncture, breathing, analgesic drugs, and local anesthesia.

But this does not mean that women must endure uninterrupted pain for more than 10 hours.Everyone’s situation is different.

Comprehensive, when you are in a familiar environment and you trust with you, your birth will be faster.

Some expectant mothers have a shorter labor process, but the strength of the pain is higher, while the production processes of other expectant mothers are lighter, but it takes longer to complete the production process.Therefore, expectant mothers should let it go, don’t feel pressure.

The specific time required for delivery varies from person to person, and may be genetic.Therefore, you may wish to ask your mother to see how her childbirth experience.You can also understand the process of making aunt and grandma, which will help you.

Your sensitivity to pain has nothing to do with the duration of childbirth, but you can be convinced that the first cry will end.

There are many options.Some people think it should be the child’s father.Because the baby’s father is with you, you can experience the process of birth together.

However, there are also some prospective dad who can’t stand such scenes, so it is best to arrange them to wait outside the delivery room.

Others believe that they should be accompanied by female relatives or friends who have experienced fertility.Because they have experienced this process, they will give you some useful help without excessive nervousness.

During the cesarean section, if you are allowed to accompany the birth, the better dad is better to choose to get closer to the quasi -mother.

Even if you don’t stand directly in front of the bed, you need to choose the place where the expectant mothers can see, which is very helpful for the mood of the mother.

By adjusting breathing, relaxation and exercise accordingly, you can "start" delivery.This "semi -rest" is good, because we know that childbirth is a hard work, and women need time to recover briefly.

Can you fall asleep during childbirth?This is almost unimaginable, but one -fifth of women will do so during the pain period.Pain -relieving drugs can also help promote sleep.

During childbirth, expectant mothers do not have to bear all pain, so taking some painkillers or methods can help them feel better.

Breathing, relaxation, and exercise can help you go through the pain smoothly.For example, during the opening stage of the uterus, expectant mothers can sit on the fitness ball and bend their bodies backwards so that they can breathe easier.

This exercise is very simple and easy to use. Any woman can use it during childbirth without having to learn in advance.And this exercise is not only conducive to relieving pain, but also helps your baby to accelerate "decrease" like pelvis.

During the entire pregnancy, many women consider what to do when they lose a lot of amniotic fluid before childbirth.

In fact, it is rare to get rid of amniotic fluid diarrhea when breaking, so don’t worry too much.

In addition, you can rest assured that the doctor will check whether the fetal head has entered the pelvis before the due date.When the baby’s small head has entered the birth canal, the amniotic sac is broken, and the amniotic fluid flows into the birth canal, it is time to go to the hospital.

If the water is broken too early, it is many days earlier than the due date, and the fetus has not yet entered a place to be born, it is even more dangerous.

Because at this time, the umbilical cord will slip into the vagina first, and the fetal head will compress the umbilical cord and hinder the flow of blood.Therefore, at this time, the mother should lie to the hospital to ensure that the umbilical cord is not oppressed in order to continue to supply the fetus.

"To give birth, childbirth" has no need to go around for 48 hours.

LDR American family childization is a new childbirth care model strongly advocated by the international industry and sciences.The Eboen Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is in line with international standards, breaking the limitations of traditional domestic delivery medical services, and integrating Chinese pregnancy services with American LDR family -based childcare, forming an LDR childbirth service model with Edeson characteristics.

The nursing model of the LDR integrated delivery room of Edeson Maternal Hospital is provided by the maternal service as the center to provide various medical services. Within the golden hours of delivery and childbirth, the maternal does not need to go around in the LDR delivery room (except for the cesarean section).From the beginning to the end, you can accompany you.

The LDR integrated delivery room of Edeson Maternal and Children’s Hospital is seamlessly connected to the delivery operating room. The delivery operating room is always prepared for surgery. In the face of urgent and difficult cases that need to be transformed into a cesarean section surgery, it can quickly realize the cesarean section of the cesarean section, Ensure the safety of maternal and infants.

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