Song Huiqiao threw off 34 pounds of fat by eating tofu, but the tofu weight loss method needs 3 points to pay attention to

Some people recommend using less meals when losing weight. I feel that they do n’t eat much each time, and they can control calorie intake. In fact, our current life rhythm is very tense. It is difficult for you to do it in your workEat less and eat less, and if you do not have a meal for a whole day, the total number of calories is unknowingly eaten when you eat multiple meals, and more serious, more and moreStudies have shown that frequent feeding in one day will allow your insulin to frequently come out to work to suppress blood sugar. In the long run, it is easy to cause the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which will bring serious health risks to our body, even if you eat less and eat moreIt is useful for weight loss, and it cannot be used for health, not to mention that the effect is not good. Eating less meals is already an old way to lose weight. It has been thrown into the garbage dump.Is there any other effective way to lose weight?

Song Hye Kyo is a star in South Korea. She once used the tofu weight loss method to successfully lose 34 pounds of weight. Let us see how to make Song Hye Kyo’s 17 kg of tofu weight loss method:

Song Huiqiao only eats eight full of breakfast and lunch, drink a bowl of soup first, eat fish and grain mainly for meals, and eat only tofu for dinner, and there are very strict requirements for dinner time. The breakfast and lunch are at 8 o’clock and 12Click to eat, dinner at 6 o’clock, this is the last meal of the day, and you can’t eat anymore after dinner.During the meal, you must also strictly control the food that does not eat high calories, do not eat snacks between meals and meals, and perform 15 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Drink plenty of lemonade.In this way, Song Huiqiao actually lost 34 pounds of weight.

The reason why the tofu weight loss method can achieve weight loss is because the tofu weight loss method can help us inhibit the absorption of fat and reduce cholesterol. Tofu has the advantages of low calories and zero cholesterol, and it is also the source of very high -quality plant protein.The soybean saponin containing can help us break down neutral fat and discharge excess triglyceride and cholesterol in the body. It is a very good ingredient during weight loss.

When we use tofu to lose weight, we must also pay attention to some details:

First, pay attention to diversification of food

The tofu weight loss method only eats tofu during dinner, instead of only tofu all day long. You should also pay attention to the diversity of ingredients during breakfast and lunch, so as to ensure the balance of nutrition and eat only one kind of food for a long time.It will cause your nutritional imbalance and may be able to lose weight, but it is not good for your health.

Second, pay attention to the flatulence of the stomach

Eating too much tofu may make some people’s digestion and prone to flatulence, because soybeans contain oligosaccharides, and some people with sensitive gastrointestinals are prone to flatulence and snoring.

Third, pay attention to the choice of tofu

There are many types of tofu, such as thousands of pages of tofu, frozen tofu, Japanese tofu, etc., can these tofu be eaten when we lose weight?In fact, the calories of thousand pages of tofu are actually very high. Thousands of pages of tofu are processed tofu. During the production process, a lot of oil is added, resulting in its calories reaching 215kcal.The calories are only 87kcal, so when we lose weight, we should choose low -calorie tofu and eat less processed tofu. This is the same for other ingredients. Try to eat food itself and eat less processing food.

When we eat, we can divide the dishes into four equal parts. A piece of dark vegetables, a light -colored vegetable, and a protein are about half a box of tender tofu. The meat should choose fish or white meat as much as possibleClass, a carbohydrate should be replaced with white rice with brown rice or grain grain rice as much as possible to reduce the speed of lift and supplement minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.

It is also necessary to not be able to use the tofu weight loss method. If you have no kidney function, you need to limit the intake of protein. Because tofu is rich in protein, you need to consult the opinions of professionals in this case.At the same time, don’t try to replace the staple food with tofu,

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