Song Yi went to the hospital late at night to check his body. Netizens shouted: Are you pregnant?What about her boyfriend Bai Jingting?

Recently, some media photographed a group of female celebrities Song Yi in a hospital. It is understood that Song Yi conducted a full body examination at the late night hospital this time, which could not help causing doubts from netizens.The filming did not come to the scene, causing many people to be curious. Song Yi came to the hospital late at night?

The relationship between Song Yi and Bai Jingting has always been a heated discussion in the entertainment industry. The two were exposed by netizens last year that they were in the same hotel and tourist place.There was no official announcement. Subsequently, Song Yi posted a photo of himself on Sanya on the social platform, and exposed photos of Bai Jingting in his mobile phone album. Through these details, netizens asked them to get married in place.

Although their two were not married or even the two had no official announcements, and the two were very low -key.Bai Jingting was busy filming, and Song Yi has not updated his social platform for a long time.Until June 6.Song Yi unexpectedly appeared in the hospital late at night to do inspection by the media, which caused more attention and guessing.

Some netizens believe that: Song Yi may be a normal check, there should be no big problems, and her fans are very concerned about Song Yi’s health, and more hope that she can ensure her body.go.Other netizens think that Song Yi may be pregnant when he goes to the hospital. Many netizens have ridiculed them. "Did Song Yi be a mother? Or are they going to be promoted to a dad and a nanny" "Congratulations on the two happy events."Also" there are some netizens who are doubtful if Song Yizhen is pregnant, why did Bai Jingting shoot in the outside world and do n’t come to accompany?Is there something to ask between them?

Facing netizens’ speculation, neither Song Yi and Bai Jingting made any response.The relationship between the two of them is expected by netizens. No matter what they want the two of them to be happy and happy, we all support them regardless of the quality of the news.

Netizens think that Song Yi came to the hospital to check his body at night?Do you think they have any good news?Is Song Yizhen’s pregnancy?

What do you think?

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