Soon after his wife died, the husband dreamed of his wife’s complaint at night, and found that it was true the next day

Living in rural pillars is a bitter life. The pillar is in his thirties this year. He had a happy family, but since his wife died, he lived alone all day. Every time he mentioned hisWhen he encountered, the villagers would feel a little uncomfortable. Zhuzi lived in the countryside since he was a child. When he was born, he had never seen his mother. Later, he lived with his father.

Because the father’s legs and feet are inconvenient, you cannot work on the ground like ordinary people. In order to raise the pillars, the father usually sells early on the roadside.It is also very strict with him. He has been very obedient and sensible since the small pillar, and he will come to help after finishing his homework.

Looking at the growing up every day, his father’s heart was also very happy. He hoped that the pillar would have a head -up day. After graduating from college, the pillar would go out to work because the profession was not very good. At first, in order to find a satisfactory job to find a satisfactory job, he was a satisfactory job.The pillar was also running east. Later, with the help of the villagers, Zhuzi came to a mechanical factory as an apprentice. Although the monthly salary was not high, Zhuzi hoped to learn some technologies here.

After working for a few years, Zhuzi became a technician in the workshop, and his salary was more than before. My father looked at the pillar better day by day.Began to introduce him to the object. Later, after the introduction of the villagers, he met his current wife. At that time, both of them were born in single -parent families, so they cherished each other in particular.

When I got married more than a year, my wife was pregnant with her child smoothly. In order to create a better life, the pillar also earned money every night every night. Seeing that when the child was born, the wife was eight months pregnant for eight months of pregnancy.An accident occurred. When I was walking outside, I accidentally fell down the hillside. When I was taken to the hospital at the time, it was no longer possible. The wife’s departure had a great impact on the psychological impact of the pillar.

Since then, the pillar has rarely returned home. Every time he miss his wife, he will look at the photos of his wife in the wallet. After more than half a year, the pillar suddenly dreamed of his wife when he was sleeping at night. At that time, his wife keptHe complained to him. When he woke up the next day, Zhuzi decided to go home to see his wife. When he walked to the cemetery, he found that his wife said that they were all true.

After the wife’s death, the pillar did not go home. At that time, I saw that the wife’s grave was covered by many weeds.Later, he cleaned up the weeds on his wife. Since then, Zhuzi will come back every month to worship his wife.

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