Sophomore Xiaomei was diagnosed with AIDS. After taking medicine for one year, he learned that he was pregnant and his family collapsed.

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Unexpectedly, it was incredible that it was incredible that it was told that he had suffered from AIDS.

Xiaomei was very collapsed, but she still chose to cooperate with medicine and treatment, and whether she was fat for dozens of pounds, after all, health is the most important.

But it is not this that Xiaomei is painful, but it is difficult to get rid of the illness and cannot be said.

Unfortunately, the school’s classmates still know.

Everyone was away from and isolated her. In the end, Xiaomei was forced to drop out of school and raised illness at home.

The family was anxious for Xiaomei’s illness, and she endured huge mental stress every day.

Just one year after Anxin’s treatment, accidental opportunities, Xiaomei chose to go to the first affiliated hospital of Nanchang University for examination. As a result, the incident changed dramatically. The test results were negative.

In other words, Xiaomei did not have any AIDS at all. What was the case that was confirmed to be AIDS?

When the Xiaomei family learned, she was both happy and angry.

At this time, Xiaomei’s father asked Ji’an Defense Pre -Disease Control Center to give a statement, and the Ji’an Defense Pre -Disease Control Center once again re -examination of Xiaomei’s blood drawing, showing that the result was negative, and he was told that he was misdiagnosed.

Xiaomei’s father collapsed on the spot.

No matter who encountered this kind of problem, it is impossible to relieve it. Even if you take one year of medicine, you have suffered great pressure and deeply affect Xiaomei’s physical and mental health.

With the continuous fermentation of the incident, the Ji’an Defense Pre -CD -ROM control Center couldn’t sit still, and it responded positively:

"At first Xiaomei did not tell that she was pregnant, and those who were pregnant would affect the test."

"Wan Fan finds two more hospitals, and confirm that this will not happen."

"Must be compensated, and I took so many medicines."

"This misdiagnosis is terrible! Find out why it is misdiagnosed!"

"Can this kind of diagnostic book be done casually, no matter what the explanation is? It has a great impact on girls’ physical psychology, and it also causes the harm that can not be made up for how much money is paid."

"This is the good news of Oolong."

"Such serious things have to go to at least three large comprehensive hospitals to conclude. It is better to be troublesome, and be cautious."

Indeed, there are nothing wrong with these words that netizens say.

Whether you check your body or face the results, you must be cautious and go to a regular hospital.

When he was 16 years old, he went to the hospital for examination because of illness.

As a result, he was frightened, and he said that he had leukemia.

His father took cold sweat on the spot and didn’t know what to do.

At that time, the doctor suggested to go to a larger hospital and check again.

Later, there was no danger, not leukemia.

This is really difficult to understand this thing.

The judgment of instruments, specimens, and doctors may affect the final result.

Therefore, in order to better know your physical condition, to clarify that the results are good or bad, you should have more tossing and go to a large hospital to see.

The illness is actually not terrible. The terrible thing is that once you get sick psychologically, it is a serious illness.


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